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Rank With Other Successful Amazon Sellers And Become An Amazon FBA Expert: The Formula That Has Worked For Hundreds of Sellers

Learn how successful Amazon sellers operate their Amazon businesses, increase their revenue, and create long-lasting success — straight from an Amazon FBA expert.

Who Am I? Andrew Minalto — Amazon FBA Expert

I’ve been a part of the eCommerce  world for over 15 years.

I designed a course that helped thousands of people find success selling on eBay.

I worked as an order picker for years to afford to invest in my business.

I’ve taken chances on some products and failed — so I poured everything I’ve learned from those mistakes into my courses.

Why You Can Trust That My Amazon Success Story Can Also Be Yours

I dropped out of college when I realized that I didn’t need a degree to find success as an entrepreneur.

In just six months in 2020 alone, I made £145,985.00.

I sold 23,223 units on Amazon in just ONE month.

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of Amazon sellers increase their sales and revenue.

Why Amazon FBA?

Right now, Amazon is the best platform for online sellers to find success. Why is there so much potential? Consider the following:

Finding Success On Amazon

If you’re looking to quit your day job and become an Amazon success story, stick with me — the keys to the castle are within your reach.

Because that’s why you’re here, right? Not to hear me talk about my success, but because you want to find that kind of success and become an Amazon FBA expert, too. 

You understand that taking on an FBA business requires a lot of time and dedication, and if you don’t do it right, you’ll be investing large amounts of money with the potential for your new business to fail. 

But what if you had the resources to succeed at the tips of your fingers? After years of owning online eCommerce businesses on eBay, Amazon, and more, I’ve created a way to share my secrets to success with you — My Amazon Sharks Program.

AmazonSharks Can Help You Become The Next Amazon Success Story

There are plenty of other people claiming to be Amazon FBA experts who will sell you a course on how to start your business. But they often leave you high and dry to figure out how to actually turn a profit. 

The BEST investment you can make on your path to becoming an Amazon success story is learning how to successfully run your FBA business. Amazon Sharks not only teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA business but will help you learn the step-by-step process of making it highly profitable. 

Rather than… 

You should…

Learn from someone with a true Amazon success story, like me, Andrew Minalto —  Successful Amazon FBA expert, business owner, and creator of AmazonSharks

My program:

How Is AmazonSharks Different From Other Amazon FBA Courses?

When you take part in the AmazonSharks courses, you also get access to my personal support. Anytime you have questions or need advice, you can contact me to get assistance in overcoming any issues you are facing in your Amazon FBA business. 

My ultimate goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to become successful Amazon sellers, so I’m committed to providing you with personal support when you need it. 

I’m in the business of helping others create success. When you invest in AmazonSharks, you’re gaining access to 10 modules of quality information, 100+ video lessons, bonus modules, and lifelong updates — you’ll never be left in the dark about what it takes to run a successful Amazon FBA business. Before you know it, you’ll be an Amazon FBA expert, too.

The Latest And Greatest From My Blog

After I realized how beneficial my knowledge on Amazon and eBay could be for other people, I started blogging about it. I wanted to use the platform to share my thoughts and ideas with like-minded people who just need a little push to become successful Amazon sellers. 

Now, I have hundreds of blog posts curated to help you find success in building your business online.