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My 2019 Blog Reader’s CONTEST:
£250 Amazon gift cards for grabs!

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Christmas giveaway Andrew Minalto contest

Welcome back!

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy shopping for Christmas presents, and Amazon sales are great proof of that! Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed phenomenal results in my own Amazon FBA business. In fact, I have consistently been making 400+ sales a day!

Amazon UK FBA sales

That just shows how real the Q4 effect is for Amazon FBA businesses. And if you sell an item that can be given as a gift, I’m sure your business is hitting new records, too!

But this post is not really about me—it’s about you! That’s right. It’s time for my yearly blog reader’s contest. The time of the year when I say Thank You to my loyal blog readers with gifts! In total, I’m giving away £250 worth of Amazon gift cards to readers who take part in my contest. And the rules are dead simple.

Just like this time last year, I’m asking YOU, my dear blog reader, to help me out with ideas for blog posts I should write in the next year.

My main goal with this blog is to answer as many questions and cover as many topics as possible to help new sellers start or grow their Amazon FBA businesses. And that’s why it’s essential that I get direct feedback from you on the topics you would like help with and the questions you would like answered in the next year. 

Amazon UK Gift Card

So, here’s what you need to do to enter the contest: Just leave a comment below this post with suggestions for the topics and questions you would like me to cover in the next year. That’s it!

I will randomly pick ten comments to receive a £20 Amazon gift card. PLUS, I will also go through all of the comments and pick one great (the best or most valuable/detailed) comment. The author of that comment will receive an Amazon gift card worth £50. The more questions/topics you share in your comment, the higher your chances of winning that £50 gift card!

What types of topics/questions should you suggest?

It can be anything related to:

  • General selling on Amazon
  • Importing
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • And so on!

Please be as specific as possible! Don’t just say “how to import products from China.” That’s far too generic. Please use specific questions and topics, such as:

  • What is the best keyword research tool for Amazon UK?
  • Can we use a trademarked brand name as a business name?
  • What are alternatives to sourcing goods from
  • How many keywords should we put in a single ad group?
  • What’s the best way to create invoices for Amazon customers?
  • What does “major product defect” mean?
  • Can we use labels to brand a product?
  • How effective are order inserts when selling on Amazon?
  • How can we accurately calculate the landed cost of goods?
  • And so on!

The more specific your question, the better! That way, I can really dive deep into the topic and cover it in as much detail as possible in a future blog post. 

You can post as many questions as you want using just one comment. The more questions/topics you include, the higher your chances of winning that £50 Amazon gift card.

Lastly, make sure you use your name (can be just your first name) and your real email address when leaving your comment so I can contact you with your gift card details if you are selected.

Leave comment

Please submit your comments by Tuesday, the 17th of December, as that’s when the winners will be announced. I will contact each winner directly as well as publish a blog post to reveal the results, including a video of the draw.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to follow me on Facebook, sign up to my newsletter, and join the Facebook group to stay connected and get the latest news from me to help your Amazon FBA business reach new heights in 2020!

Andrew Minalto

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  1. Here we go!

    1. How to sell on Amazon FBA UK, Germany, Spain if you are not a resident of these countries and do not live there.
    2. Issue with philosophy of reinvesting profits back into business if one starts with small amount. How not to quit business if everything seems to be tiny.
    3. What closer countries could be used for manufacturing instead of China?

  2. Good evening Andrew,
    My 2 questions (1 short, 1 long!) are:
    1) If I board out the loft of my garage to provide storage space for my Amazon stock, is the purchase of the timber and other materials used classed as a business expense?
    2) What would you do in this situation… you use FBA to fulfil all of your orders, you discover that Amazon are sending out your product in it’s original product box which is a flimsy-ish cardboard box not designed for postage and has the product picture all over it (not ideal for a customer when her husband instantly sees the xmas present that was supposed to be suprise!!) – you discover all this through customer complaints and negative 1-star reviews saying how insufficient the packaging is and/or how the item arrived damaged because of lack of adequate packaging.
    You spend hours in contact with Amazon (both emails and phone calls) about solving this packaging problem and requesting to have the negative reviews removed as the problem is no fault of yours as a seller and just when you feel you’re getting somewhere – because you had a phonecall with an Amazon representative who actually understands and wants to help – you then get sent an email from a different Amazon representative (who then marks your case log as ‘answered’) saying your product is marked Ship in Own Container (SIOC) which you have never known before, and that’s it’s ‘fine’ for them to deliver the item in it’s original box. Also they inform you that they haven’t found any one star review for the ASIN in question and that ‘you may verify the same by the following link’, and the link they send you is for the WRONG product – not even for the ASIN you have been discussing with them all the while!
    I would dearly like to know how you would handle this situation. By this time (yes, this is what has happened to me as an Amazon seller) I have spent HOURS on this and simply do not know what to do next. It’s not the first problem I have had where Amazon support representatives just do not seem to have adequate resources/skills to successfully solve my problem and put my seller-mind to rest. I am not totally against Amazon, but I really struggle with their seller support process and would love to know how you would go about resolving this kind of situation.
    (To add to the complication – whenever I have arranged a removal order for this product, the original product box has ALWAYS arrived with me inside a larger Amazon box!!)
    Thanks so much, and have a great Christmas! 🙂

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Emily,

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

      1) Yes, they should be classed as a business expense. I don’t know the details/technicalities behind it, you should consult with your accountant about that.

      2) Yeah, that’s a difficult situation to be in… if Amazon support can’t handle this, I would simply pack the item in another/outer box. I mean – what else you can do, right? You have tried to resolve this issue with Amazon and they don’t care. All is left to take control in your hands and pack the item differently.


  3. My suggested questions are:
    – If you are just starting out on Amazon, what volume of sales should you expect in the first few days and months? How do you know if you are doing well or not?
    – How many new products do you launch each year?
    – PPC – Is it me or the price of a click has gone insane on Amazon (probably due to the Christmas demand)? Do you think that Amazon will ever follow the model ‘you only pay if the item sells’ which is what ebay does, for example?
    – Do you sell your products also in retail stores? If so, would you recommend starting with the smaller independent shops and gradually build out from there?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Sara,

      The contest has already ended but many thanks for your suggestions anyway.


  4. 1) PPC strategy for variation listings
    2) Also agree with Colm on driving traffic from other sources FB/Insta. Is it worth it?
    3) Can it work for a single SKU or do you think a whole ‘shop’ of stuff
    4) Strategies for identifying FB audiences
    5) Also interested in wholesale – could/should you approach established websites with our products – what kinds of ‘offer’ could you contact them with / what would they expect?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thank you Simon.

  5. Sue Robertson

    Hi Andrew,
    We are a husband and wife team designing and making our own products ( mugs, coasters & greetings cards mainly). We sell on the main Amazon site (not on “Handmade”) and we’ve had reasonable success with the “Amazon’s Choice” badge on about 3 of our products. We also sell on Etsy and Ebay. We have our own company EAN numbers for our products.
    Now my query for your suggested blog posts is:
    I know that Google does not like duplicate content but if you have the same product on 3 different sites is having the same title and product description on each site, (even though it has the same EAN number) damaging to your sales?
    How does the SEO work on the same product across all platforms? Does each listing have to be substantially different?

    Many thanks.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Sue!

  6. Marius Voicu

    Question 1: What’s happening to the products that I’m selling on FBA if they are destroyed by the warehouses staff, by the delivery drivers and so on? Amazon has to replace that. Do I get paid for just one or for both products?

    Question 2: Very similar to the first one. What’s happening to the lost items/parcels when they are out to for deliver? I’m a self employed delivery driver for Amazon for 1 year and 2 months by now and I’ve seen a lot of lost items from the packages or lost parcels that I had to marked them as missing. So the same question:Do I get paid for just one or for both products?

    Question 3: It might be covered on one of your old posts, but I’m still gonna ask: what is the deal with those deliveries that have multiple items, from multiple seller but they’re packed in the same box, like 1 parcel. The packing/delivery fees will be the same or less?

    Thanks for everything! And Happy Holidays!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Many Thanks for your suggested topics Marius!

  7. Hi Andrew

    I would love you to discuss the midset/conviction to take the first steps in FBA. How people can overcome the fear of failure and minimise risk to start an online selling business. I’m sure you have many followers/reads who are inspired by you buy still need comvincing to take the first steps which are the most daunting.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Amir for your suggestion!

  8. Colm Kilmurray

    Hi Andrew,

    A blog post of using facebook ads to bring outside traffic to your Amazon listing would be very interesting. I’ve been looking it up lately but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of sellers using Facebook ads to bring traffic to their Amazon listings alongside Amazon’s ppc. If you have any experience with this it would be a cool blog post.

    Thanks Andrew,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Colm!

  9. Hi Andrew

    Just a quick question- I know you have moved away from eBay and focus solely on Amazon now.

    However do you think it’s wise to test a new product in small quantities on eBay first before scaling up and moving to amazon?

    Thank you for all your help

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for the question Aysha!

  10. Hi Andrew,

    My question is if we start a new product with excellent quality and photos, but it does not go well because of negative reviews from the competitors, what is the best thing to do in this situation?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thank Zori!


    1. Can you please talk us through creating invoices for customers, both private and business customers. For VAT registered and non-VAT registered sellers. Amazon only allow us to upload invoices when we’re VAT registered it seems.
    2. Can you please advise us on the use of VIDEO in our listings – should we outsource this? Any recommendations? A step by step guide on this process and it’s benefits which could perhaps be added to the Listing Creation video on Amazon Sharks.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks, Jonny, good questions!

  12. Hi Andrew,
    This is not really a question but an idea for new members like myself.
    I know you have the FB group to ask specific questions, but as someone who has only this week just finished the course would it be possible to create a “Newbie Group” for people like myself. Somewhere that would act like a stepping stone from the course. I’m not sure how it would work or how much time it would take to organise. This would only be accessable to A.S’s unlike the FB group.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I don’t really think we need a separate group for “newbies” as you can still ask anything you want on the current group. And if the question can’t be posted publicly, you would send it to me directly anyways. It’s just – our current Facebook group is not that big and I don’t see much value in making 2 smaller groups out of it.


  13. Hi Andrew,

    How to successfully do fb campaign to promote products?
    How to choose right audience and design right ads for them?
    What strategies to use 🙂

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Andrew!

  14. Hi Andrew

    Hope you are well?

    My main question is whats the most efficent way (return on investment ROI) to market products outside ebay, amazon, and etsy etc?

    I have considered facebook ads, ppc, and SEO in the past.

    Kind regards,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thank you Rinay, good question!

  15. Pat Hennessy

    Hi Andrew
    Any thoughts about using UK manufacturers for your PL products and or selling wholesale to high st retail?.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Pat!

  16. Nazir Haji

    My questions are:
    a) How do we make our ppc campaigns efficient to reduce Acos?
    b) Is it a good idea to use a ppc automation tool such as the one offered by quartile and if so which tool would you recommend?
    c) How to pick the best storage option for stock before sending it to amazon
    d) Are there companies that will prepare your amazon stock and send it to amazon? if so which company would you recommend
    e) Is the new jungle scout the best tool on the market?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for your suggestions Nazir.

  17. How to combat loneliness/isolation when running your own online business?
    How to get an independent website ranking in google / is it worth it?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks, Liam, great questions!

  18. 1) What steps should you take to future-proof your brand when deciding on a name?
    2) Tips for entering a competitive niche
    3) Top 5 resources for information about branding and design
    4) Top 5 resources for learning more about PPC
    5) How to stay motivated when working alone
    6) Success stories from Amazon Sharks course
    7) How to leverage Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and other key dates)

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Many Thanks for your questions Claire! 🙂


  19. How do you select a product to to import that gives you a sustainable competitive advantage with good margins.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Scott!

  20. I’ll help you out with the question of general selling on Amazon

    1. Andrew Minalto

      What’s the question? 🙂

  21. I have a 10k in cash, looking to starts Amazon FBA business, can i lend 10k to my own registered business so later on it would be benoficial for tax on profits?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for the question Arunas. Short answer – yes, you can do that.


  22. What is the best way to get an Amazon seller account reinstated when you have exhausted all efforts and they completely refuse to change their decision? Any specific service you can recommend with overturning a ban? Too many sellers are banned unfairly without just cause with no way to reverse this. These people can’t take advantage of the course you have on offer because of this.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for the suggestion Oliver!

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