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NEW & Improved – 60 Day Blueprint Program goes LIVE NOW!

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With Christmas around the corner and New Year just a few weeks away, it’s time to start working on next year’s plans, don’t you think? And what could be a better thing than to start your own eBay & Amazon business?!

Today I’m announcing the new & improved 60 Day Blueprint Program (60DBP).

Reservations for January 2017 & other upcoming months starts RIGHT NOW!

I have re-worked the website so it’s now fully responsive and mobile friendly. But it’s not the website you’re interested in of course but the program itself.

From next year, the 60DBP will be extended from 8 to 10 weeks and now includes Selling on Amazon too! Just like how I recently updated my Easy Auction Business course with the Amazon module, I have extended the 60DBP so we have time to launch products on Amazon as well.

For people who are new to my services – 60 Day Blueprint is a personal 1 to 1 coaching program where I personally work with people to help them start a successful eBay & Amazon business. Each week we have a 1 hour chat session plus we work via email throughout the week on the latest updates/tasks.

As an added bonus you receive a FULL mega design pack created by my in-house designer, which includes: a logo, eBay template (fully coded), eBay shop header banner, business cards and other stationery designs. This design pack alone sells for £397 via Spicy Auction Templates but 60DBP customers get it FOR FREE!

I won’t be covering the details of the program in this post as you can go and read everything on the 60DBP website’s How It Works page.

There’s also a new video that covers basically the same thing, just in video format.

Even though the course has been extended to 10 weeks now, I have kept the price exactly the same as it was before and will still only be able to take just 2 people a month onto this program, due to the time and effort entailed from me.

But from now on, I will make information on the program’s availability public, right on the website. So you can head to the 60DBP website and see for yourself which months are sold out and which have available places. You can now also reserve your place in the program directly from the website, without even contacting me.

But if you do have any questions regarding 60DBP, please get in touch with me via my help desk here and I will be more than happy to help you out!

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I will be back with our annual Reader’s ONLY contest where 5 Amazon Gift cards worth a total of £100 will be up for grabs! So stay tuned for tomorrows post.

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