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3 SIMPLE Ways to MAKE MONEY with Amazon FUNNELS!

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Amazon Sales Funnels

Let’s talk about landing pages and how they can help grow and expand your Amazon FBA business by increasing your profits in a SIMPLE and CHEAP way!

Most of you have already heard about funnels and landing pages, but they’re usually associated with information products and NOT physical products.

The reality is that, in 2020, you absolutely MUST learn how to use landing pages and funnels in eCommerce.

Without them, you won’t stand a chance when competing with people who are using them to achieve much higher conversion rates.

Ok, if you plan on sticking with Amazon alone and don’t intend to interact with traffic outside the Amazon platform, you may not need this. But if you do want to try Facebook advertising, want to work with influencers, or simply need to set up a quick way for you to sell your products outside of Amazon, then you do need to learn this, and I will show you how to do it effectively on a budget.

Before we get into the actual details of how this all works, let’s clarify what landing pages and funnels are.

There are lots of definitions, but if you ask me, a landing page is simply a dedicated page on your website/shop where you publish content that is targeted towards the visitors to that particular landing page.

For example, you may have a flower shop where you sell all kinds of flowers and bouquets for special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries and funerals. To get the best possible conversion rate and interaction with the customer, you would create a separate landing page for each occasion and send people directly to the appropriate page.

Flower shop

In my opinion, that’s the most important job of any landing page:

To CONNECT with the visitor AND clearly define the next step they need to take, like place an order, leave an email address, upload a file or whatever it is you would like them to do.

Funnels, on the other hand, support landing pages. They are the silent, STRATEGIC plan you need to have behind any landing pages you create. The funnel consists of all the landing pages you have in your sales process, from the very first contact all the way to the sale, or any other action you want people to take.

Sales Funnel

So, those are the basic principles of how landing pages and funnels work. I won’t go into more detail here as tons of books have already been written on this topic. What we’re interested in today is how landing pages and funnels can help grow your Amazon business. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at three obvious elements that every Amazon seller should consider.

1. Brand Identity


I highly recommend that you create a simple website, even if you already sell on Amazon or are just starting out on Amazon. If you have created a brand for your product, you need to showcase it to the world, so having a landing page and Instagram account is the minimum you can do.

There will be people on Amazon who will search for your brand name on Google before they make their purchase to see how legit you are, whether you have any reviews, etc. If you don’t have any other online presence apart from Amazon, those potential customers won’t find anything on Google, and this may lead to a lost sale.

Another reason why you should build a landing page for your brand is that if you decide to join the Amazon Brand Registry (which you should do), the chances of you getting approved will be much higher if you have a website to show to them. On the Brand Registry registration form, you will see that the website field is optional, but from experience, I can tell you that it does help and minimises the chances of your application being rejected.

Lastly, if you do have a long-term goal of one day having your own eCommerce shop, the sooner you publish something on your domain name and index it on Google, the better.

Domain age is something that Google considers a ranking factor, and even though it’s only a small indicator, it can help you when you finally start selling from your own website. Ideally, from time to time, you should publish a post on your website so that Google gets “some food” and slowly ranks you in the search somewhere. This simply starts the timer on the length of time your website has been active.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

The next reason why you need a landing page for your Amazon brand is influencer marketing, which is the simplest way to get extra traffic, sales and reviews to your Amazon listings. Many people think that influencer marketing doesn’t work anymore. They say it’s too expensive or whatever! But it’s not true.

It does still work and will work FOREVER, as a recommendation from a friend is the oldest marketing trick out there. Now, if you do it the wrong way, then yes, it may not work. However, if you are smart enough to find the right influencers with the right audiences and get your financials/numbers in order, it really is the simplest and easiest way to promote your Amazon products outside the platform.

But here’s the trick: you don’t want to send your customers directly to Amazon. NEVER. Well, you can do that, but then you’re literally wasting your opportunity and leaving tons of money on the table. There’s a better way.

Instead, you should send them to a special landing page—ideally, one created specifically for each influencer you work with so that the copy is as targeted as it can be. Then, you can:

  • Pre-sell the item to the warm audience coming from the influencer;
  • Have videos, texts, testimonials and other rich media content to help better present your item;
  • Offer a special deal/discount for those influencer prospects; and
  • Collect email addresses to start building your very own list and audience!

The last one is the most important! You can set up your landing page in such a way that people get a discount code when they leave their email address with you, share your website on a Facebook, or send you a Facebook message, for example. All these strategies can be fully automated so they run 24/7 to build a list that you can then communicate with.

Fitness Landing Page

Another great angle you can use is to offer DIGITAL BONUSES! Since Amazon no longer allows PDF attachments on post-purchase emails, we can’t really automate the delivery of free bonuses, reports or videos anymore. With a landing page, you can:

  • Offer the FREE bonus BEFORE the purchase and stay 100% within Amazon’s TOS!
  • Collect email addresses at the same time, again 100% within Amazon’s TOS!
  • Increase the perceived value, which will also increase your conversion rates on Amazon.

Let’s not forget that CONVERSION RATE is basically the most important element in Amazon’s search algorithm, and if you can achieve high conversion rates from influencer traffic, you will increase your overall conversion rate and organic rankings as a result.

There are more benefits, but you get the point. If you plan on using influencers to promote your Amazon product, you absolutely MUST have a landing page in place! And I would even go as far as to create individual landing pages for each influencer you work with so that you can use visuals and copy that best connect with that particular audience.

You should also always ask the influencer to create some visual material (images/video) with the product, if at all possible, which you can then use on your landing page to further increase the conversion rate.

And, if you decide to take it one step further and start selling your products directly to customers without the Amazon platform, the exact same principles and strategy can be applied to your own sales channel.

3. Direct sales

Online Shopping

When you feel confident enough that you can generate traffic to your landing page and it converts on Amazon, you may start thinking, “Hey, why do I pay Amazon FBA fees and referral fees when I could sell directly by myself and keep the change?”

Yes, that is correct, but you can’t look at it in such a simplified way. Here’s why.

Conversion rates on Amazon will almost always be higher than on your own online shop. With some rare exceptions, that’s just how it will be. This is because people trust Amazon. They know that they will receive the item in a timely manner, they know that there will be a hassle-free returns process and so on. Many people, including myself, do what I call “batch shopping” Amazon, where they add items to their cart during the week, and if they’re not urgent, they will place an order when they have four or five items in the cart. This is just to help a little bit with the environmental issues, pollution and over-use of packaging.

So, taking all that into consideration, it may actually be a BETTER idea to divert your customers to make that purchase there! Not only do you get higher conversion rates, but you increase your sales velocity on Amazon, which helps with your organic rankings. And the best part is that by using a landing page, you collect your customers’ and leads’ email addresses, which you can then use to communicate with them to funnel future sales into your own sales channel, not Amazon’s.

There’s one angle, though, that you can use on your own landing page to OUTCOMPETE Amazon.

This is where FUNNELS come into play.

Upselling funnel

You see, when you send a person to Amazon, they buy your product there and that’s it. In the worst-case scenario, they will see a competitor’s product on your listing and buy that instead, so you lose the sale altogether.

If you sell the product on your landing page, however, you have 100% control over the process! You can create a smart sales funnel where you:

  • Upsell additional products;
  • Upsell bundles;
  • Down-sell after a customer says NO; and
  • Offer extra bonuses on the second, third and fourth page of the funnel to MAXIMISE the average purchase value you get from each transaction.

And this is truly the place where the magic happens. You can start with a £9.99 item and help that person to buy a bundle from you for £49.99 instead. This is something you will never achieve on Amazon, ever!

I will probably do a separate post on this in the near future as there are loads of effective strategies you can use in such landing page sales funnels! But for now, just understand that you never know which option—Amazon or direct—will make you more money without first trying them both out.

The good news is that you don’t have to rely on guessing! What you can and should do is create an A/B test for your landing page where 50% of your traffic goes to Amazon and 50% stays on your own platform to buy directly from you without Amazon’s involvement. You can easily create visually different pages for each option and test this AUTOMATICALLY! Let’s take a look at the simplest and quickest way to do this.

WHY ClickFunnels is
NOT the way to go!


There are a gazillion ways of creating eCommerce landing pages and websites on the web. Some of the most popular platforms are:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • OS Commerce
  • Squarespace
  • Etc.

Most of these can work to build landing pages. Sort of. The problem is that usually:

  • You need extra plugins to make it work properly (like with Shopify, WordPress, etc.);
  • They lack features (Wix); and
  • They’re simply not meant to be used for the purpose we’re after.

Most of these tools are ok to build a “standard” website or a blog, but what we need is a visually rich, flexible, conversion-oriented landing page that delivers instant results from every visitor we send to the page.

Luckily, there are alternatives that are more suitable for this task, and they’re called landing page builders. Some of the most popular platforms are:

  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • Ucraft
  • And others

Now, these are much better solutions compared to standard web editors, but they lack one essential feature: FUNNELS! And funnel building is an ESSENTIAL part of your overall strategy and success!

Without a funnel, you may prefer to send traffic directly to Amazon, as at least then you will have a higher chance of the traffic not “bleeding” out on your landing page because it’s not properly built and optimised.

Apart from super-expensive and complex solutions for large, multi-million-pound companies, for a very long time, for small businesses, there was one clear leader in this space: ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels testimonials

Over 100,000 businesses use ClickFunnels—including me! I use it for my Amazon Sharks website and membership area management. It’s a great system, and I have learned a lot from the founder of the company, Russell Brunson. However, there are few problems with it, especially if we look at it from the perspective of a small-time Amazon seller:

  • It’s a rather complicated, unintuitive system to use. Still to this day, even I sometimes can’t find something I’m looking for. Well, maybe I’m just weird.
  • It’s expensive. The full account costs $300 a month, which in my mind is simply too much. Obviously, it seems like it works for them because they have over 100k active customers.
  • It lacks features. There are specific things that I want to do with my sales processes and funnels that ClickFunnels simply doesn’t offer.
  • It has stopped innovating. I have been using the system for three years or so now and I haven’t seen any MAJOR new features be implemented or announced. It seems that they have stopped innovating.

Taking all this into consideration, I would not recommend ClickFunnels for my customers as I do think that $300 a month is simply too high a price to pay for what you get in return. I’m happy with the program because it has a nice membership portal integration for my Amazon Sharks course, but if that wasn’t the case, I would probably move away.

And here’s the thing—something ClickFunnels should realise—long-established companies that are overpriced and have stopped innovating are ALWAYS under threat of someone new coming into the game with a better, cheaper alternative, causing their customers to switch over.

In fact, this has already started to happen as there are many new start-ups that concentrate on funnel building software. While they’re not yet where ClickFunnels are in terms of functionality, but I do believe that it’s only a question of time before someone takes over. Maybe that someone will be a company called Get Response.

Why I use Get Response
for my Landing Pages &
Amazon Sales Funnels!


Yes, across the pond, in Poland, there’s a similar company that serves more than 350,000 customers—and guess what? They offer a landing page and sales funnel builder for a FRACTION of the cost that ClickFunnels charges.

In fact, you can get an account with them for just $15 a month. That’s a plan that many Amazon sellers can start with and use to build a fully functional sales funnel with up to 1000 contacts on their list! For just $15!!! Not $99, which is the price of the ClickFunnels basic plan.

Here are some of the main features Get Response offers:

  • Fully functional landing page builder with awesome templates and an EXCELLENT visual builder! The visual builder is so much easier to use compared to the one offered by ClickFunnels. You can quickly and easily move elements around and resize anything you want with the click of a button.
  • Funnel building! Again, the way Get Response visualises funnels is amazing. Everything is in one place and you can see at a glance what is working, your conversion rates, etc. The built-in A/B testing capabilities mean you can autorun tests on every step of the funnel.
Amazon FBA product funnel
  • Email marketing. All your customer/lead email addresses stay in the system. You can set up all the auto-responder messages there, purchase confirmations, send out newsletters, etc. In short, it offers a fully functional email marketing service included in the price.
  • Marketing Automation. This is next-gen email marketing on steroids. You can set-up automated, rule-based emails that will work 24/7, in the background bringing customers and prospects back to your website, content pieces, sales pages etc.
  • Fully integrated webinars! Webinars are so popular right now, and one of the easiest ways Amazon sellers can create FREE gifts and upsells to customers is by offering free access to a webinar. All of this is built into the platform, so you won’t have to use a separate service.

There are many additional, smaller features, but these are the ones that most of you will use. Yes, there’s no membership system built into Get Response like there is with ClickFunnels, but for most Amazon sellers, that’s not really a problem. And it’s not all about features when it comes to a software service like this. You want to work with a company that has an established track record, constantly works on new innovations, has proper support in place, and so on. All of this comes with Get Response.

The support you get is nothing but amazing! They have a 24/7/365 LIVE CHAT available right in your account! They don’t hide it away somewhere so you don’t use it. No, it’s right there on the page! I have used it a lot—especially in the beginning—and I have always been connected to a very knowledgeable support agent within 5 to 7 minutes, often just one to two minutes.

Live Chat by GetResponse

In the first month, I probably spent an hour or so on multiple chats. Can you imagine getting all that for just $15 a month???!!! They have a massive customer support team as each time I log on, there’s a different person replying. I guess when you have 250,000 active customers, you need to have hundreds of support specialists standing by 24/7 to assist them.

It’s not all roses, though. There are few features I wish Get Response would introduce as soon as possible, such as:

  • One-page checkout. Unfortunately, right now, the ORDER page, where the customer enters their credit card details, etc. is a separate page. You can’t have the order form directly on the landing page like you can with ClickFunnels.
  • Affiliate program. There’s no affiliate program feature, which would be super helpful for tracking influencer commissions. A quick workaround is to simply tag the link you give to affiliates so that you can track in Google Analytics how many sales each influencer brings in.
  • No coupon codes. It would be nice if we could create coupon codes for products here. Again, these could be used with influencers and for other marketing activities.

I hope that someone from Get Response reads this post and takes some notes! 🙂 I do believe that the platform can be even further improved, and I’m sure they’re already working on many amazing tools!

Ok, that’s about it. This post is already more than 3000 words long, and I could talk for hours and hours about how all of this works, what strategies to use, etc. But for now, I do recommend that you check the platform out—especially because they offer a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL! No credit card required. And you still get access to their support. You can create your own landing page, explore all the features, and use a fully functional system for thirty days and pay nothing. That’s how any business should roll, right?

There are tons of things I haven’t even talked about, like they have free courses on email marketing, landing page building, list building and other topics. Their blog also provides incredible information—and it’s all completely free!

GetResponse Sign Up

One quick warning: I understand that I have a lot of experience working with such tools, which you may not have. When you sign up for your account, at the beginning, it all may seem a little overwhelming. That’s fine. Just stick with it and start exploring the system module by module.

Watch the help videos on how the basic tools work, and if at any stage you feel lost, simply click on that Live Chat button and ask the support team for guidance! Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. In no time at all, you will master the program like a pro.

I really hope that some of this will help, and I also looking forward to covering more topics about landing pages and Amazon product funnels on the blog in the near future. If you have questions about anything I have covered in this post, please feel free to leave your comment below. I will personally get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Andrew Minalto

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  1. Awesome blog post Andrew!!

    Have you heard about Helium 10’s new landing page maker? I think it might still be in beta for some people, but I would love to hear an expert’s opinion on that and where it might be going in the world of Amazon.

    Again, thanks for the amazing content!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      I don’t use Helium 10 so can’t really comment on that.

      But yes, many services/platforms have started integrating landing page feature into their core offer, which is obviously great news for everyone! 🙂


  2. Can I use Get Response to get customers to sign up for a product warranty by entering their email addresses? And is it within Amazon TOS to include a product insert that links to that landing page?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Sage,

      Yes, you can easily set this up with Get Response and I think this would be fine with Amazon TOS too, as all the large brands/companies require online registration for warranty/extended warranty in exact same way.


  3. Hi Andrew,

    Wasted 2 days on this platform!

    customer service is good and helpful as You mentioned but it lucks too many features that ebay/amazon/etsy sellers are used to.

    1. You can not filter out UK customers from NON UK (basically You will ship all orders for the same price worldwide! You can not charge NON UK customers extra shipping cost on check out!
    2. If You sell 100 + products a day You are in trouble as You would have to manually upload them to Your royal mail account (OBA) . You can not download all files and then upload to Royal Mail. MADNESS!

    3. There is also no bulk tracking number upload option ! that means You would have to manually upload tracking numbers as well!

    Andrew Im Your fun, but it doesnt look good on You when You promote bad software!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think you have got the message wrong here… This is NOT a full-blown eCommerce software – for that, you use Shopify or something similar! This is a landing page and funnel builder, with email list/newsletter functionality and ability to create simple eCommerce, offers with integrated payments. You wouldn’t use this to run your eCommerce store! Again, for that purpose, you use Shopify or something similar.

      Get Response is a simple and cheap way to create landing pages and funnels for Amazon sellers, it’s not a replacement of a fully functional shopping cart. And I have never said it is. And this is not a bad software, as you say, you’re simply looking for the wrong solution here.


  4. Hi Andrew,

    First of all, thank you for an amazing article. I just want to know what do you think about Mailchimp as an alternative to Getrespose? Mailchimp sounds like a powerful tool.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Rambod,

      Thanks for your comment.

      As far as I know, Mailchimp does not have the Funnel feature? At least, last time I checked them, it wasn’t there. It has very powerful email features, that’s true.

      Also – there are now TONS of software, services out there – many of them are very good. It’s just, you have to pick one platform and then work with it. You can’t have them all, you can’t learn them all! 😉


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