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My BRAND NEW, All in One Support Central

February 14, 2014 by Andrew Minalto - 2 Comments
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supportHello Everyone!

Just a quick message to announce my brand new customer support portal!

Finally there’s one place where all your messages and communication with me are kept, making it even easier for you to get advice from me. I have made it super simple for you to contact me:

  • Clean, simple to use interface (Thanks to Kayako!);
  • No need for manual registration (it happens automatically);
  • You can reply to tickets DIRECTLY from your inbox (no need to login into support centre to reply to tickets);

And of course, this will ease up my day to day work load as now I’ll have all your requests in one place!

If you spot any bugs or have suggestions on how to improve my new support system, let me know your thoughts via the comments box below this post.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Stuartt Chambers

    Hi Andrew,

    I only came across your website within the last couple of hours and can’t believe just what you actually endeavour to accomplish – and seem to succeed!

    I’m afraid it’s eBay again – I think I’m OK with the eBay/PayPal link and the ‘does and don’ts’ there (thanks to your blog on this), but my situation is this:

    I’ve been registered with eBay + PayPal UK for a number of years, but quite adhocly with sometimes 18 months between intense spells of selling (camera collector etc). I finally retired and moved to France 5 years ago and now have need to sell a lot of my collection, but no matter what, I cannot find the complete answer to my situation:
    My registered PayPal address is that of a very good friend in the UK. My email address(es) tie in with both eBay and PayPal as do my two UK mobiles, but I want to stay registered with eBay UK, but sell from France worldwide through eBay UK. I don’t have a problem with stating that the item is in France and not the UK, but my question is: will it be acceptable to eBay/PayPal UK to change my registered address with eBay UK to that of my home in France, but with my registered PayPal address to that of my friend’s in the UK?

    Thank you,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Stuart,

      Not sure… you should def. change eBay address to France.

      As for PayPal, any problems changing it to France too?

      To keep things simple and within rules.


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