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2020 CRISIS: PERFECT TIME to start an Amazon FBA Business!?

Amazon Sales FBA Booming

Welcome back!

Millions of people around the world are spending their days stuck at home, experiencing the total boredom of 24/7 television, internet and negative news. Add screaming kids to the mix and you get a perfect life, right? Well, not for me. Right now, I’m working more hours than ever because Amazon sales are skyrocketing!

Due to all of the restrictions, people are beginning to do more and more of their shopping online. And this does not just apply to food. People are buying household items, furniture, clothing and other goods—goods that they would usually go to a brick-and-mortar store to buy.

Just take a look at one of my Amazon FBA businesses and how sales have increased over the last 10 days:

Amazon FBA Sales Booming

I’m now close to Q4/Christmas sales levels! If we take a look at Google Trends, it’s even more obvious why. For example, look at the “amazon” search term. Its popularity has now reached the same level as before Christmas 2019! Most likely, it will exceed that trend if the situation continues without major changes in April:

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COVID-19 for Amazon UK FBA Sellers: IT All ENDS NOW?!

Covid-19 Amazon FBA UK

Hello everyone!

I have been quiet for the last few weeks, and I’m sure you understand why. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world like nothing we have ever seen before. Everyone’s lives are affected and every business is affected by this virus. It’s a true global crisis, and for Amazon FBA sellers, this is the FIRST real crisis we have ever faced. For the last twelve years, we have seen nothing but smooth sailing and double-digit growth year after year.

The good news is that while the world’s economy is on the edge of going into a deep depression, eCommerce sales are actually increasing as more people have started to shop online for items they would usually buy in their local store. This especially applies to grocery items, alcohol and everyday essential items. We’ll talk more about this and how it can open up new opportunities for Amazon sellers later on in this post.

I have also received emails from my customers/blog readers asking if I’m ok. Yes, so far, I have been able to stay virus-free, and the same applies to my family and close relatives. I even travelled abroad in early March and, coincidently, I had planned a business trip to Milan (Italy) just a few days before they closed down the borders. I did cancel that trip, though, as I couldn’t risk bringing the virus back home.

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STOP chasing that PERFECT Jungle Scout Opportunity Score!

Jungle Scout Opportunity Score

Welcome back!

2 weeks ago, I published a post about the top three secrets that will make or break your Amazon FBA business in 2020! I knew that this post would attract many views because people are always looking for the secret—that magic ingredient that will create a successful Amazon business.

Most people think that the secret is to simply spend X amount of hours on Jungle Scout until they hit the jackpot and find a product with super-high demand, low competition and an opportunity score of 9 or 10. Well, let me tell you that this will never work. It is not the way to do proper market research on Amazon. Here’s why…

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3 SECRETS to Make Money on Amazon UK FBA in 2020!

Amazon FBA Secrets 2020

Everything is doom and gloom… Amazon doesn’t care about small businesses, Chinese sellers are running “fake review” factories, competition is rising every day, Brexit will increase importing costs and cause delays, PPC prices are skyrocketing, and on top of all that, the coronavirus will wipe out civilisation anyways!

Starting an Amazon FBA business in 2020 is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, right? There’s no point in even getting started in this game. It’s too late, and the market is too saturated. This is the vibe you get if you spend too much time on Amazon seller forums OR any forums where people go to complain about how life is unfair. But is it the TRUTH? Is it really too late to get into the FBA game and make money by selling physical products on Amazon?

Well, I truly believe that this is the story of the half-full and half-empty glass. It really depends on how you look at things, in general. There are people who always look for negativity, so for them, yes, I agree, the future doesn’t look so bright. But then there are people who, instead of moaning, look for solutions. They look for ways to get around problems and simply make it work.

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Here’s why I DECLINED an invitation to Amazon Vendor program.

Amazon Vendor Program

At the end of last year, I received an email from Amazon with an invitation to join their Vendor program. After careful consideration, I decided to decline their offer and not participate in this program. Why? Let’s find out!

Amazon Vendor program—what it is and how does it work?

First of all, the Amazon Vendor program not a public program, so you can’t join without an invite, even if you wanted to. Amazon manually selects sellers with a good track record and strong sales and then invites them to join the program. There’s a special job role at Amazon called Vendor Program Managers. These people handle the vetting process and actively look for brands they want to include in this program.

When you join the Amazon Vendor program, you basically give away keys to your brand on Amazon TO Amazon. Essentially, they become the seller of your product and you become a supplier. In practice, you sell your products to Amazon at wholesale prices and they sell the products for you. On your product listings, the seller will change from your name to Sold by Amazon.

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Chinese BRAND Goods on Alibaba: GENUINE or FAKE?

Chinese Brands Alibaba

I have put a lot of time and effort into this blog, and over the last ten years, I have constantly reminded everyone that Alibaba is NOT the place to go if you’re looking for branded goods. I have explained in detail how Alibaba scams work and what the top ten most popular scams are, and my number one rule always comes down to:

Stay away from branded goods! If you do, the chances of you getting scammed on Alibaba is reduced by 99%! 

Scammers like to “work” with branded goods because there is a high demand for them from uneducated people! These people continuously fall for crazy deals like “buy three PS4 consoles and get three free!” and other similar nonsense. That’s why scammers mostly stick with branded goods—it’s the easiest and most lucrative niche for them to be in!

Now, when I talk about branded goods and Alibaba, I’m always talking specifically about Western brands, such as:

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GET 150 FREE Product Reviews with Amazon Vine!

Amazon Vine Program Reviews

Sounds too good to be true, right? 150 FREE reviews for your Amazon listings? Yes, unfortunately, it is… The real number is closer to 75 to 100 reviews, but hey, it’s the best and quickest way to launch a new product on Amazon and get real user reviews in place.

What am I talking about? The Amazon Vine program. Previously, this program was only available to select sellers, but now it’s open to EVERYONE who is brand registered! And there’s even better news: Amazon is running a special promotion right now that allows all brand-registered sellers to enter five products into the Vine program (up to 30 units per product) for FREE!

So, what is the Amazon Vine program and how does it work?

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Importing From China: Shipping Marks EXPLAINED!

Shipping Marks

When you first start importing goods from China, you will face many new terms that you haven’t heard of before, like various shipping terms (DDP, FOB, etc.), payment methods, contract rules, etc. One of the questions I am often asked is about shipping marks—what are they and what information should we put in them? Let’s find out!

Basically, shipping marks are the details your supplier will put on the outer cartons/boxes that your goods are packed in. With bigger orders, this information can be printed on the boxes, while with smaller orders, suppliers usually use labels. In many cases, suppliers won’t even ask you about these shipping marks, but sometimes they will. If that happens, you will need to provide information to them.

Legally, you’re not obligated to put any information on these boxes. The supplier can send them to you completely blank, without any shipping marks. But that approach may not be the best, especially if your order is small and sent as an LCL shipment (less than container load).

Imagine that there are orders from twenty, thirty or more suppliers all in one container. Someone is responsible for unloading and sorting those goods at the port. Make their life easier and minimise the chances of your goods getting mixed up or lost by at least putting some basic information on your boxes.

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Fidget Spinners & Slime: WHICH product is BEST for Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA Product Longevity

Recently, a reader named Sara left a comment on the blog asking an interesting question: “How do I choose a product to sell on Amazon that will still be in demand for years to come?” Basically, she wanted to know how to pick a product that is NOT a fad or trend! Something you can build a long-term, sustainable business around.

It’s a very good question because many people who are starting out on Amazon are actually in the wrong mindset. They are looking for HOT or TRENDY products that are in high demand, thinking that these types of products are the best and most profitable. But they’re not! Here’s why:

  • Competition for such highly popular items is extremely high.
  • Ranking such products on Amazon is a very difficult, expensive and long process.
  • Margins for highly competitive items are small.

So, don’t be blinded by the super-high sales numbers you see in Jungle Scout! Sure, it’s great to see that top listings make tens of thousands of pounds in sales per month, but don’t think for a second that it will be easy, fast or cheap to get into those top search positions. And even if you do get there, chances are that your margins by that time will be non-existent.

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5 SECRETS to Supercharge your PRODUCTIVITY in 2020!

Improve Productivity

It’s the first week of January—time for BIG ambitions! Whether it’s a new business, diet or fitness regime, most of us start out the new year with the solid dedication and aim to make this year better than the last. But we all know that by the end of January, most of us will go back to old habits and continue on as usual. That’s life.

I know that this is different for each person, but for me, the first of January is the most exciting day of the whole year! I really do get motivated by this fresh start. I have already created a huge list of things I want to do this year, as well as set out my personal and business goals. And a big part of my overall plan for 2020 is to stabilise my personal lifestyle issues and improve my productivity.

In today’s post, I want to talk more about my personal strategy, my daily routine and the health hacks I have been using to improve my productivity and overall happiness.

I have been working on my own for more than 15 years now, and even though I do have a warehouse and some employees, I still have a separate office where I spend most of my days all alone.