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Become a Top Rated Seller on eBay in 30 Days!

One of the first steps to eBay success that we discuss in my personal coaching program, 60 Day Blueprint, is getting TRS status — that coveted Top Rated Seller status that gets sellers so many benefits you can’t get any other way.

It’s no secret that to make your eBay business a success, you have to play by Best Match rules, and TRS status plays huge role in that.

If you work in any competitive niche, you absolutely must try to reach and maintain TRS status. Otherwise, your listings will get lost in dozens of search results pages.

How many people, do you think, really browse past the first few pages? Not that many I’m afraid. Some might look at the first five. In fact, though, most people will check only listings on page one!

So what exactly is the TRS program all about? Let me first explain a bit about the Power Seller program.

Qualifying For The First Step Toward TRS Status

Basically, TRS status is the next level up from the Power Seller program. Looking at the TRS requirements carefully, you’ll see that it’s basically the Bronze Power Seller level by sales volume PLUS an exceptional customer service history.

Here’s what you need to become a Bronze Power Seller on eBay UK:

To meet basic requirements, you must:

  • be registered as a BUSINESS seller on or
  • have 100 feedbacks, 98 percent or more positive (from global transactions)
  • have been an active member for 90 days
  • have an account is in good financial standing
  • have no policy breaches in the preceding 90 days

If you meet all of these requirements, you also have to fulfill these additional requirements:

  • have a minimum of 100 transactions to UK and IE buyers per 12 month period
  • have minimum sales of £1000 per 12 months (to UK and IE buyers)
  • have an average DSR (Detailed Ratings Score) of 4.60 or greater

We’ll get into the exact steps you need to take to achieve these numbers later in the post. (more…)

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eBay Business Model #2 – Accessories

You can still make tons of money selling accessories on eBay if you focus on less commonly targeted items instead just iPhones and iPads. There are plenty of mad people — including me — who will purchase every available accessory for their prized gadgets, and the market for some accessories is far from saturated.

I’m continuing my series on eBay business models today with a look at less-than-obvious niches in the accessories category. I want to encourage you to think outside the box and look for undiscovered product categories that others aren’t bothering to explore.

Beyond The Obvious

There are already plenty of people selling iPhone cases, chargers and USB cables on eBay, don’t you think?

For most entrepreneurs, the biggest problem is learning to think outside the box so they can look for undiscovered niches. Many people try to sell mainstream items and then wonder why they can’t make any money on eBay. Competition is too high and the established players have already gobbled up a big share of the market for those super-hot and ultra-popular items. It’s almost impossible for a newbie to make any profit in those categories.

Take, for example, jewellery. Did you know that the jewellery niche on eBay has just a 10 percent sell-through rate? That means only one of 10 listings is successful. If you have watched my Easy Auction Business video course, you know that I recommend working with items that have at least a 50 percent sell-through rate.

On eBay, the jewellery category as well as listings for iPhone cases, USB cables and all the other small bits and pieces related to iPhones are already oversaturated. Competition is extreme, plus loads of sellers sell below cost to get new customers, build their feedback scores and clear out old stock. Why on earth you would want to work in a niche like this?

I’m sure there are some profitable iPhone accessories out there that people are making a killing selling, but chances are good that you haven’t found one if you’re reading this post rather than fulfilling orders.

Accessories can still be very profitable, however, if you think outside the box and look for more profitable niches than iPhone or iPad users.

For example, I recently bought a keyboard case for my brand new Yamaha PSR 910:

Yamaha PSR 910 flight case – £170

The case is made in the UK and cost me £170. The keyboard itself was priced at £1600, but I also spent about the same amount on all kinds of accessories like a stand, a case, mics, speakers, a mic case, a case for the cables and several other things. Don’t you wish you had a customer like me? Don’t you wish you were serving a niche like that one? (more…)

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And the Winner is…

Hello Everyone,

Just following up on my previous post on how to build a profitable eBay business selling replacement parts. As promised, the most interesting comment author will receive a special gift from me. That gift will be a book called “The Millionaire Fastlane” – an excellent read for any online entrepreneur. In a nutshell, it’s about building an online business FAST, then selling it off to live from passive income streams. Unlike many other business books, this one is full of real life examples and inspirational stories:

I’m giving away only one book but Many Thanks for all your comments!

The winner is Jim Bannerman wit his hilarious version:

I think this one is pretty obvious.

Whilst training for the Olympics, Andrew was attempting his famous back-somersault-double-twist-with-pike routine. Whilst in mid-flow and upsidedown, the pike slipped out of his hands, fell onto the trampoline with Andrew trailing slightly after. His slim but muscular body then landed on top of the pike, which being a fish was somewhat slippery. Andrew skidded on the pike and there was no going back. All hell broke loose with Andrew and the pike fighting for stability on the trampoline jump mat. The pikes dorsal fin is a sharp, razor like weapon and as the fish was bouncing around on the mat, its fin was doing its job with the resultant damage.

However, being the sort of person to never give up, Andrew practiced on a neighbours trampoline and ultimately won a medal at the Olympics for this very same jump. He decided to flog his medal on ebay for £30 and used this to purchase a new replacement trampoline mat.


Congrats Jim! Please contact me here so we can arrange how you’ll receive your gift (physical book/Kindle version available).

Just to clear the air here’s what actually happened to my trampoline mat:

Yep, it’s an old outdoor fire place which accidentally was built too close to my trampoline, lol. As I’m doing some heavy house renovation projects at the moment, at first it seemed like a good idea to get rid of some old floors, materials etc. using this antique Fireplace…but it turned out in a total disaster! Well, luckily no one was hurt and damage was relatively small. Lesson learned! 🙂

Thanks again for all your comments!

Best Regards,

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eBay Business Model #1 – Replacement Parts

Hello & Welcome!

In these blog post series I will cover different business models you can run on eBay. Some of these models can be incorporated into your existing eBay business, as well as operated as standalone businesses. In addition, most of these concepts will be perfect for building small, simple online shops.

Today, I’ll cover a very profitable, unexploited opportunity of selling all kinds of replacement parts for healthy profits! By replacement parts I mean items that can be used to fix a broken product or to replace a used part of the item. Covers, cables, plugs, shoe heels and thousands of other, highly demanded products are being sold on eBay every day.

What made me look more into this business model on eBay was a recent disaster in my backyard:

Yep, it’s pretty much dead trampoline jump mat! You can write your guess on what happened there in comments block below this post! Most interesting comment author will get a special, reader’s prize from me! (more…)

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Mondays – Perfect Days to Motivate Yourself!

I LOVE Mondays! And you should too!

Yep, for most people Mondays are worst days of the week, especially for those who have a boring  9-5 job. But not for me – I really like and enjoy Mondays as each Monday is a beginning of a new week – an opportunity to re-focus and be more productive than ever before!

I have read countless books on motivation, goal setting etc. but nothing works for me better than a good, inspiring video. Ideally, a video created by a successful entrepreneur. Today, I want you to introduce such a person – multimillionaire, owner of several successful online businesses and simply nice guy – Eben Pagan.

I have been following Eben’s success for years now, bought several products and have always been amazed on quality of information he provides. You can go on YouTube and simply search for “Eben Pagan” to find dozens of FREE videos where he shares business ideas, motivational tricks and many more.

These videos are really AMAZING and they do wonders with your productivity! Just try it for yourself and watch this short video:


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9 Ways to Come up with a Great Domain Name!

When you start a brand new online business, one of the first tasks you face is coming up with a name for your company. Be it an online shop, eBay account or Amazon shop – you need a name for your business. This also means that you want to register a domain name to create e-mail accounts and set-up a website.

Back in 1995 it was an easy task as there were only 71 000 domains registered! Fast forward to year 2012 and you’re facing a real battle as most common names are already registered, especially if we talk about .com domains. With more than 200 million domain names already registered, you really have to be creative to come up with something unique and suitable for your business.

Even if you start selling only on eBay ALWAYS register a domain name for your eBay business! First of all, this will give you opportunity to use a professional e-mail address (e.g., secondly – you want to secure your future business plans, launching an online shop, or at least a blog to stay connected with your customers.

Here are my TOP 9 ways to come up with a perfect domain name for your new business: (more…)

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Amazon Associates Cheque Pays for My Car!

As simple as that! This cheque (worth around £300) will cover this month’s car payment for Jonathan.

Jonathan was one of early customers who purchased my Second Income Generator 2.0 video course, only few months ago. After watching all 10 business concepts, he decided to stick with Amazon review websites as it was perfect for him, working a full time job and having very little money to invest in business.

Even though Jonathan didn’t have much experience with WordPress, by outsourcing some fundamental tasks, he was able to create 2 websites based around 2 different niches. After that, it was all about creating content and publishing it online. (anyone can do it!)

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Jonathan with his first cheque attached (scanned, not the real one!)- $471.43!!! (that’s combined for first 2 months of starting promoting products). I was really impressed how fast Jonathan achieved his first income goal – earn extra money in spare time to pay for his car!

So Today, I decided to share this with you as a motivation booster and give you a quick introduction on how this Second Income Generator business model works…


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No More eBay Fees!

I hate paying eBay fees!

Every eBay seller will agree on this one! But did you know that there is a simple, automated way to reduce or even eliminate your eBay bill every month? Yes! I’m talking about super profitable after sales marketing strategies online retail giants like Amazon, Love Film and Vista Print use to squeeze every penny out of their customers!

While you’re miles away from companies like these, you can simply learn from THE BEST and effectively use same techniques to make more money for your online business. And that’s what all this is about – latest Easy Auction Business update for April is now available for EAB customers!

In this short, 14 minute video I share with you exact same strategies Amazon and similar companies are using to reduce your eBay fees or even eliminate them altogether! So don’t delay and check out this new video now!

If you’re not an EAB member yet, sign-up for your life-time membership and receive monthly video updates for free!

Enjoy your weekend!

Best Regards,

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Hello Everyone & Happy Valentine’s Day!

This will be a short update on:

  • EAB
  • SIG 2.0
  • 60DBP – since last week, EAB video course is hosted online, via a secure membership area.If you have purchased EAB video course before, you get free upgrade to this new platform. An e-mail with instructions on how to do it was sent to your PayPal e-mail address (one that you used to purchase EAB). If you haven’t received this e-mail, please get in touch with me here with a date of purchase and PayPal transaction ID.

Not only EAB video course is now available online,  I have also added new material:

  • Brand NEW Wholesale directory covering thousands of supplier contact details;
  • 3 New Videos covering in detail Importing, one new product sourcing concept as well as Branding on a budget topic;
  • Brand new support ticket system, comments system and improved downloads/bonus area.

And even that’s not all! From now on, each month I will add one new video to members area, so stay tuned for some regular, killer content that will help boost your eBay profits like never before! For example, in March I’ll publish a video on how to find profitable products to sell on eBay using – on 15th March 2012, Second Income Generator 2.0 goes for sale! Basically it will be a brand new video course covering 10 different online business concepts and will teach you how to make money online WITHOUT selling physical products. I’m really excited about this launch as I’ll share with you some of my own projects, ideas and business concepts that will blow your mind away! Initially, ONLY 100 members will be accepted. As with EAB, new SIG course will be hosted online so you’ll get instant access to materials once payment is being made.

Remember, only 100 copies available in the beginning, make sure you sign-up on the early notification list on the SIG website! – YES, I’m re-opening my flagship, personal coaching program on 4th April 2012! Only 5 seats available this time, make sure to get on the waiting list and send in your questions prior launch day! All previous times, 60DBP was sold out within few minutes of opening making it the most IN DEMAND personal eBay coaching program in UK!

Prior launch, new case studies will be featured showing you what previous 60DBP customers have achieved! So get on the waiting list now and stay tuned for updates!

Lastly – Love is in the air today, so go out and show it to your loved ones!

Best Regards,

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My Best Planning Tools – Pen & Paper!

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year!

All the partying has ended and it’s time to get back to work, yahoo!

Right before the New Year, during the last week of December I was setting my goals and planned out year 2012 – what I want to achieve, targets to reach etc., all the usual stuff. If you haven’t done that already, DO IT NOW! I have said this many times over – without reachable goals in place it’s very difficult to work, especially on your own business, online. You really want to set clear goals and create a strategy on how you’ll achieve them.

While doing this “planning task”, I remembered how difficult this task for me was when I first tried doing it, several years ago. Not that I didn’t know what I want to achieve, not at all! Problem was that I was busy with researching and testing various time planning tools and thought my success in reaching my goals will directly depend on what time planning tool I will use. I know it sounds funny but I believe many people are experiencing same issue. Guess what? There’s no issue to deal with in first place!