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15 eCommerce Blogs to Follow!

I always love to find out what blogs people follow and today I’m going to do just that – share with you the blogs I personally follow and why.

Feel free to add your favourite blogs in the comment block below this post.


I know – not very original, right? Yes, indeed – most of you are probably already following this blog. It’s a great eBay related news aggregator and I almost always find out about the latest eBay changes from the Tamebay blog, quite often – even before the official eBay announcements.

eBay announcement page

This is the official eBay blog EVERY eBay seller should be subscribed to. I have subscribed to both the .com and announcement pages as changes are generally brought to the US first and then expanded to the UK – so it’s a great way of staying ahead on what’s coming. Also, if you list any items on then you should of course also be following the US related announcements anyway.

eBay Inc. official blog

Another cool resource… mainly focused around the site and PayPal. It’s not as active as I would like but still, from time to time, there are some cool stories and eBay related articles.

The Last drop of Ink

Run by Matthew Ogborne, this blog often features great tutorials on Amazon, cross channel selling, inventory management and other useful eCommerce stuff. (more…)

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NEVER copy directly from Word again!

This is a small eBay listing creation trick I learned many years ago.

Do you sometimes get weird formatting issues when building your eBay listings in Turbo Lister or eBay itself?

Chances are they’re caused by additional code that comes with the text when you copy and paste directly from a Word document, PDF or a website.

Take a look at these two examples:

1) This is how clean HTML code looks:

2) And this is how HTML code looks when you copy and paste your product descriptions directly from Word:


As you can see, in the second example, the code is seriously messed up as it comes with tonnes of rubbish that is not related to HTML at all. And this can cause all kinds of formatting issues such as wrong alignment, incorrect font size and colour that you CAN’T then adjust in Turbo Lister.

Luckily there is a very easy fix to this problem; ALWAYS paste any text into Notepad first and then copy from there to Turbo Lister or eBay. So the workflow looks something like this:

And this doesn’t only apply to Word but any other program apart from Notepad – say you copy something from Excel or a website – the copied material will come with even more formatting issues which you’ll be unable to fix later on.

So from now on, when you have any material written in a Word doc, website or other program, BEFORE adding it to eBay or Turbo Lister, paste it first into Notepad and then copy it again from there.

Hope this helps!


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How to Start an eBay Business on a budget!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday and from now on – Friday will be our Q&A day!

Every week I receive hundreds of emails from my readers, with questions on various topics – all of which I answer personally. But quite often, these answers would also benefit many people in similar situations so that’s why I’ve decided to start these public Q&A posts.

So if you have a question you’d like a more in-depth answer to, which will be published on this blog, then please get in touch via this contact form.

Ok, here we go…

“Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to ask for your help to see if you could help me…

I really want to start an eBay business but I don’t know anything about it. I have been trying to look for a wholesalers in Manchester but every one has said don’t trust them.

I don’t have a lot of money as I am unemployed and disabled. I am 54yrs old and I have a very young family to take care of so I really can’t afford to through my money away so I just want to start with something cheap to buy and maybe move up to better things when I make some profit.

And I would also like some help getting started on eBay. I have a normal eBay account and sell the odd thing from home but that’s as far as I can go.

I have bought some of Oliver Goehlers stuff but what a load of tosh lol a complete waste of money and I can’t afford to do that again. So could you help with any advice such as wholesalers in Manchester or Liverpool as I live in Wigan in between the two of them.


Hi John,

Thanks for sending me your story and questions.

Your situation is certainly not unique, and I receive many similar emails from people all around the world on a weekly basis.

Okay, so you say you have a “normal eBay account” and already sell some stuff occasionally. That’s a good start (you can’t really say that you don’t know anything about eBay as you’re already doing some selling)! (more…)

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Which shopping cart is the BEST?

That’s a good question and one that requires an in-depth answer. In today’s post I’ll cover my story on how I ended up with Big Commerce after trialling more than 30 shopping carts!

When I first started out in eCommerce, my cart of choice was Open Cart. It was simple to use, completely free and has a big community built around it… but I soon realised that function and feature wise, it’s very limited. And even though you can get hundreds of plugins, both free and paid ones, to work with Open Cart, in essence that just creates even bigger compatibility issues…

So I started to look for something more robust and feature-rich.

I knew that I wanted to go with a hosted shopping cart as I simply don’t have enough time to deal with all the technical problems that come with self-hosted carts. There are many advantages hosted carts offer over traditional, self-hosted solutions like:

Super-fast page loading times.

Most modern hosted carts use high speed, professional hosting and something called content delivery network (CDN). CDN is a way of distributing photos and other files from your shop to data centres all around the world. This means your shop loads fast no matter where your site visitors are and that’s hugely important for an eCommerce store, where you can get loads of international traffic and sales.

On-going support.

Live chat, email and phone support – I know that if something goes wrong with my shop, there will be professionals working 24/7 to help me fix it. I don’t want to have to rely on forums to help me find out what’s going on! I want to get professional help QUICKLY! And this is something most hosted carts offer.

On-going, hassle free updates.

This is what I love most about hosted carts – they do all the hard work for you in the background and just keep working on new features. We all know how fast eCommerce changes nowadays – there are new tools and marketing channels popping up every year – with hosted carts we don’t have to worry about making manual updates or compatibility issues as everything is taken care of for us.

Security, PCI compliance.

To take direct card payments on your shop, it must be PCI compliant. Now, to do this by yourself, with your own website, takes a lot of money and time plus you always have to stay updated with the latest changes. Hosted carts do this for you so you can spend your time on what matters most – traffic generation and sales. 

Security of your site is another issue. Sure, you can pay a £1000+ per year on Mc Affee services (or similar) to secure your site but why do that when you can get almost the same service practically for free? (more…)

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Andrew, are you a millionaire?

Let’s start with a brief recap of the history – I started learning about online business when I started selling at the age of 17 or 18 (can’t remember now exactly as I don’t have any records for that time) – so, nearly 12 years ago. As a teenager, with no family business background, I started from nothing, a blank page.

I didn’t have anyone to ask for advice about the best way to get started. Back then blogging, social media and other, easily accessible platforms were non-existent. The only place to go for advice was websites and discussion forums. And if you landed on a bad one, you got bad advice and made bad choices business wise.

Luckily I was stupid enough to start with PTC (paid to click), PTR (paid to read) and other similar programs. Why luckily? Well, because these programs were free to join and the only thing I wasted with them was my time, so no big deal. I just hope no one asks me to reveal how much I earned from them!

At roughly the same time I also started reading about internet marketing and affiliate marketing. I was fascinated by the endless opportunities these money making systems offered but I was simply too young and too dumb to make anything of it. But I give a big thanks to that first experience and introduction into IM, as without it, I don’t think I would have the successful info product company I do today.

Primark Warehouse

My first & last job @ Primark Warehouse

Anyway, back to the year 2003 or so – I landed my first job in a warehouse. That was in summer, after my first year at university (I didn’t go back to it and THANK GOD for that!).

The job was great, I actually enjoyed it very much and the pay was very good too (how much do you really need for partying @ the age of 19?) but all the time I was still thinking about a way to start my own business. I guess I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit as business has been something that’s interested me for as long as I can remember, right from the age of 6 when I made some extra pocket money selling homemade chips to family members!

And seeing all those shop orders and boxes full of products (clothing, shoes, and accessories for Primark shops) really raised my interest in wholesaling, retailing and importing. Particularly importing as seeing all those boxes coming from China, I constantly wondered how much they were buying these items for to be able to sell them in-store for such low prices?

But at that time I had no money for wholesale as I spent all my income on partying and paying bills as I was living on my own. (more…)

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How to integrate MailChimp with eBay?

Today I’ll be showing you exactly how to build an e-mail list from your eBay customers, using two simple (and free!) tools – a PayPal account and a MailChimp basic account.

To quickly answer the first question of how to connect your eBay account to MailChimp, well you can’t…

Unfortunately there’s no one-step integration possible at the moment. However, you can integrate your PayPal account with MailChimp which is essentially the same thing as most payments on eBay go through your PayPal account.

So to set this up, you need 2 things:

  1. A MailChimp account. The reason I’m recommending MailChimp for eBay start-ups is because the basic account is FREE to use! Yes, MailChimp is completely free for your first 2000 subscribers.
  1. A PayPal Premier or Business Account. Personal accounts won’t do the trick as they don’t have an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) feature enabled.

So once you have successfully opened your MailChimp account, here’s what you need to do: (more…)

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Why do so many people FAIL online?

It’s now September, and 2 weeks since my eCommerce Magnates course was launched. I’m fully back on track and will do my best to make this blog as lively as possible; I’ll be publishing loads of valuable articles, how to guides and videos.

So I thought this would be a perfect time to explore why so many people fail with their online ventures?

The reason behind 99% of failures is actually a very simple one – people don’t think long term and only want immediate success! After all, humans do a lot of dumb things for short-lived, immediate pleasure and ignore the long-term consequences – smoking, unhealthy eating, not exercising etc. and this mindset is the biggest cause of failures online.

This niche will make me rich!

No, I’m afraid it won’t! No niche automatically means that you’ll succeed and become rich as a result. Even if you have discovered a new product, it will take just a few months or even weeks for others to get in on it and start competing with you. Your niche or products alone DO NOT guarantee success!

Quite often people spend months and even years trying to find that ONE, perfect niche to work in. But little do they know that it’s NOT the most important element in the overall formula for success.

Of course the niche you chose should be suitable for your buying power, with enough demand and preferably not a huge amount of competition. But the niche itself will not determine whether or not your business succeeds – it’s only one part of the puzzle.

So what does separate online successes from failures?


As simple as that…

It takes time to build a sustainable business – be it a blog, eBay store or online shop. It TAKES TIME! (more…)

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eCommerce Magnates Bonuses Finally Revealed!

We’re just a few days away from the biggest eCommerce product launch of 2013!

Next Thursday, 15th August, 8PM UK Time – finally, after 3 years of waiting, eCommerce Magnates will go ON SALE!

I have spent the last 6 months working day and night to create what I believe is the best eCommerce training program out there! The course itself is totally unique as unlike other theoretical fluff & bluff type of courses, in eCommerce Magnates I’ll create a REAL shop in front of your eyes. Step by step with no details left out so you can simply copy what I do and achieve the same results.

I call it THE SIMPLE approach to building a world class online shop! Everything is covered in this course, starting from the basics of choosing the right shopping cart and ending up with detailed SEO, Marketing and Advertising guides.

The amount of detail and information I have put into this course is amazing – there are more than 200 pages of written material, more than 10 hours of high definition videos – all available for instant online streaming via PCs, tablets and even mobile phones! Plus I’ve also included an audio version for each lesson and printable PDF files for those of you who like listening or reading instead of watching videos.

Further details on the actual content of the course will be announced at launch but for now, as a small teaser, I want to reveal the bonuses that will be included. And these alone are worth far more than the course price! (more…)

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The Countdown Begins Now!

[leadplayer_vid id=”51E3DF415AF48″]

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I’m done with this, seriously!

That was exactly what I was thinking a few weeks ago, in the middle of working on one of the many videos I’ve created so far for the upcoming eCommerce Magnates video course. Yes, this is unfortunately some bad news to all of you who are eagerly waiting for the course to go on sale in June but I’m afraid it won’t happen, which I truly am very sorry for.

But I just don’t want to release an unfinished product and I definitely. don’t want to release a product that isn’t up to my highest standards. So I hope you can all be a little patient and wait while I finish it.

The biggest problem and the main reason why the launch day came too fast is the fact that the course has turned out to be much bigger than I initially anticipated. Looking at the current content plan/layout, the videos alone will run into 6-7, maybe even more, hours. And there’s obviously not much I can do about this as I really want to comprehensively cover everything in detail to make sure eCommerce Magnates contains everything you need to create a successful online shop!

To give you some idea of what to expect with the course, here’s a snap-shot of the member’s area: