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HOW to Send Stock Directly from China to Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FBA)!

Amazon’s FBA program is becoming more and more popular with marketplace sellers, and that’s really no surprise – it’s a big sales boost and also removes a lot of the work of selling online! It allows you to concentrate on what really matters – branding, promoting, sales, sourcing etc. while outsourcing all the tedious fulfilment tasks such as packing products, printing labels, posting items, processing returns etc.

Now the “normal” way to get set up with FBA is to package and label all your stock and send it to Amazon yourself, who will receive and sort it, but I get a lot of emails from people looking to get started with FBA who want to have their stock sent DIRECTLY from China to Amazon, without them ever having to see or handle their stock.

Now you may be wondering why, because surely that’s risky… and while that is true – if you can manage to arrange it like this, you save money on shipping and also save a lot of time and hassle for yourself.

And that’s exactly what today’s post is all about – sending stock directly from China to Amazon’s fulfilment centers in the UK!

Judging from a lot of the emails I get, many people seem to think this is as easy as simply putting the Amazon fulfilment center address instead of your own home/business address but unfortunately this is NOT the case… there are a lot of things you need to be aware of when sending stock directly to Amazon and you’ll need to use a freight forwarder to help you take care of all of the details (Woodland Global is the company I recommend for this).

So to start off, can you ship stock directly to Amazon from your overseas suppliers? Amazon’s answer to this question is no:

“Sellers with shipments that originate from overseas will need to arrange the import and customs clearance of the shipment, and then arrange for the delivery to our facility. Amazon may not be used as the consignee, importer of record or final address when shipping from overseas.”

What this basically means is that you need to arrange a freight forwarder for your shipment, so that they can clear your delivery through customs and then arrange the domestic shipping to Amazon. This is all fairly obvious, as if you simply posted items directly to Amazon from overseas, they’d be responsible for customers clearance and any import charges, which is of course not something they’re willing to do. (more…)

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Handmade at Amazon – Etsy Killer?

Today I want to talk to you about an exciting new addition to Amazon’s selling marketplace, geared towards custom made, one of a kind products – called Handmade at Amazon.

Handmade at Amazon is a new store that’s available on all 5 of Amazon’s European marketplaces (and the US store as well of course):

Now this may sound very familiar to you and yes, this is basically Amazon’s answer to Etsy! Now if you don’t know what Etsy is, to put it simply it’s the eBay for custom and handmade products.

And Etsy has actually turned out to be a huge success with consumers who are looking for something a bit different – something unique, something quality, something with a story behind it…

The opposite of the mass produced, cheap, generic products that are so common on eBay and Amazon basically. Now there’s nothing wrong with such products, of course not, but this is just a different niche and market and after the success of Etsy, it’s not a surprise that Amazon want to tap into it as well. (more…)

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Where to look for HOT/TRENDY products to 
sell on eBay & Amazon?

Welcome Back!

Do you want to sell HOT and TRENDY products on eBay & Amazon with little to no competition? But how do you find such products and where do you source them from? And is there even any profit to be made on high demand/low supply products?

I’ll be covering all these questions and more in today’s Reader’s Question post!

As always, each Friday I answer a question sent in by my blog reader and this week it’s Julia, who asked me this:

Hey Andrew!

I’m a huge fan of your work and read your blog almost every day! I have also purchased your Easy Auction Business and eCommerce Magnates courses and all I can say is – WOW! Both courses offer so much VALUE! I don’t really understand why you’re selling them so cheaply as you could charge 10x the price and I would still buy them!

Anyway, I wanted to ask you – what’s your opinion on selling hot, trendy products on eBay & Amazon? Specifically branded products that are in high demand when they’re usually launched?I have been selling on eBay for many years now, but mostly imported every day products from China and am just wondering whether there’s money to be made in such hot products?

If your answer is yes, where should one source these products? Especially branded ones as I have learned from you that Alibaba and China is a no go when it comes to branded products.

Thanks very much!

Keep up the good work.


Hi Julia,

Many Thanks for your email and your kind words, it really means a lot! 🙂

It’s a very good question, hence why I’ve chosen to feature it in our weekly Reader’s Question blog post. I mostly talk about importing from China, which obviously means buying un-branded or your own brand products. But what about hot, new & trendy products? Can you make money selling them on eBay & Amazon? The short answer is – YES, you can! BUT this business model is not as straightforward as importing from China and it does come with more risk!

So the first thing we need to look at is – what is the definition of a hot/trendy product? (more…)