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What’s the BEST WAY to pack BRANDED 
products on eBay & Amazon!

Welcome back!

It’s Friday and that means only two things – we have another Reader’s Question post and the weekend is almost here!

For people who are new to my blog – each Friday I publish a post covering a question sent in by my blog readers, so that more people can learn from them. If you have a question or two, you can send them in via my Helpdesk here and I will personally reply to you, even if your question isn’t selected for a future RQ post.

Today we’ll talk about packaging options for BRANDED products!

What is the best way to pack already branded products? Do you need to do anything at all?

This is exactly what Gary asked me:

Hi Andrew,

First of all – I think your blog is amazing, seriously.

I have been reading your posts for two weeks now, and the amount of information I have learned is unbelievable. I also purchased your Easy Auction Business course yesterday and that is a true piece of art too! So thanks again for everything you do here Andrew!

I was wondering if you can help with a packing issue for branded products. Quick story – I sell mostly liquidation stock, clearance stock, and some Argos returns on eBay and most items come with original boxes, manuals etc.

I was wondering – as you place such big importance on presentation, should I re-pack these items before selling/sending to customers? What would be the best way to pack and ship a branded item that already has a box?

Can I just put a shipping label on the box itself?

Thanks again for your efforts Andrew and I’m looking forward for your reply.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your email and kind words, it really means a lot to me! You made my day! 🙂

It’s funny that you asked basically the same question that someone else suggested in last year’s Reader’s Contest. This means that this question is important and relevant to many people, hence why I decided to use it for a Reader’s Question post.

So if you’re selling branded products that come with their own original branded boxes, you definitely don’t want to re-pack it in any way.

That wouldn’t make any sense to be honest as in most cases boxes for branded products are very well made; they look good and offer basic protection during the shipping process. So there’s simply no need to re-pack them! (more…)

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What’s the best way to BRAND a Temporary eBay Business?

Welcome Back!

Let talk about BRANDING!

You all know how much I love to talk about branding – it’s no secret that branding is my passion! With the recent launch of the dedicated Chat With Andrew website, I now offer Branding consulting services to everyone.

But today we’ll be talking about a specific branding situation when you only need a temporary solution. It could be in cases when you haven’t yet decided on your business model or the products you’ll sell. This will also apply to all people who have very small budgets and people who just want to try out selling on eBay.

Sometimes you already know that you’re only going to be selling products for a short time and then you’re going to change your eBay business concept, just like Mo explains in his recent email:

Hi Andrew,

Since I am planning to get branded products from USA (temporary), is it still important to come up with a branding strategy and name? Especially since later on I will buy a specific niche product from China?


Hi Mo,

Thanks for your question, it’s a good one! 🙂

Your situation is a perfect example of a business model that will be used temporarily – just to make some profit and build up your budget so you can start importing directly from China. So in cases like these – should you completely ignore BRANDING? Or do you need to do everything as normal, with a custom logo, template, packaging etc.?

The answer lies somewhere in between those two approaches.

I don’t think ignoring branding completely is a good idea, even if you’re only going to sell those products temporarily. You still want to gain that customer trust, ESPECIALLY if you’re selling BRANDED items! People are afraid of buying branded items due to there being so many fakes being sold so a good looking, reputable brand/listing gives that confidence that the item they will receive is real and genuine. (more…)

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Making a Part-Time Income Online – Good Enough?

Happy Monday!

Let’s put the technical stuff and business aside for now and talk about life!

I have been in the online selling business for more than 10 years now (actually I’m quickly approaching the 15 year mark – I’m starting to feel old!) and have worked directly and in-directly with thousands of people over this time. By working with directly I mean all of my Easy Auction Business, eCommerce Magnates, Second Income Generator, and Spicy Auction Templates customers and of course in-directly by answering tens of thousands of emails/messages and forum posts.

So I can safely say that I’ve seen it all.

Many people contact me with lengthy emails, explaining their life stories, complex medical conditions and un-employment situations. And I always try to do my best to give at least some advice to every person who contacts me. Of course, my time is very limited and I can’t reply to every email with an essay but still – even a short answer pointing them in the right direction is better than nothing, right?

One of the most common situations people write to me about is how they’re sick and tired of their job and how they want to start a full-time business, selling stuff online. And that’s great! Being an entrepreneur for so many years, it still always touches me personally when someone wants to make a big change in their lives and do their own thing. This is exactly what I did all those years ago, quitting my first and only day job at a Primark warehouse (you can read more about that on the About Me page).

However – there’s a problem. Not everyone is made to be a business owner, that’s just the truth. It does take certain skills, attitude, and way of thinking to become a successful online entrepreneur in this day and age as make no mistake – millions of other people around the world want the same thing and there’s simply not room for everyone.

On the other hand – I have seen some phenomenal successes achieved by “ordinary” people during my 60 Day Blueprint program. Sometimes all it takes is hard work and dedication and you can basically achieve anything you want in life. It has nothing to do with how smart you are (I don’t consider myself as super smart) or your previous work experience (even though a business environment helps) – it’s more about that attitude – hard work, patience and just working towards your goals.

So I’m not saying you can’t become that super successful online entrepreneur BUT there’s a small chance that you’re simply not cut out to be one. You may simply not have a big enough desire or you may not truly be willing to work as hard as is needed to survive in the business world. (more…)