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FREE Traffic & Sales Method for your Amazon Business!

Let’s talk about product images – yes, again! I’m sorry but if you still haven’t realised that product images are super important when selling physical items online, then you probably shouldn’t even be in this business.

I have talked about product photography EXTENSIVELY on my blog, covering topics like how to properly size gallery images, how to watermark your product pictures and much more, BUT I haven’t touched on one important topic yet – an incredibly powerful way of making product images work for you 24/7 – bringing in more customers and sales WITHOUT you lifting a finger! Or if you don’t mind putting in a bit of effort, you’ll see even bigger results!

What am I talking about? Google of course. And Pinterest/YouTube too (more on that later).

If you use Google as your chosen search engine (who doesn’t!?) then you’ll have probably noticed a pattern in the first page results when you search for a physical product… there are usually listings from Amazon or eBay (or both), some independent websites, one or two YouTube videos and a selection from Google Images:

It will not be the same on all searches but in most situations when you search for a product on Google you’ll get one or a few of these blocks:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google Images

I have already covered how to do SEO for eBay & Amazon listings on my blog but for today I want to cover images specifically – ones that show up in Google Image searches. (more…)

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Taking Credit Card Payments Over the Phone for eBay Orders!

Welcome Back!

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY! The post-holiday work week of just 4 days is almost over and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the weekend and some good outdoor action!

For people who are new to my blog – each Friday I publish a Reader’s Question blog post where I personally answer a question sent in by my blog readers. So if you want your question to be featured in an up-coming post, feel free to send it in via my help desk here.

Today I’ll be answering a very interesting question from Adrian:

Hi Andrew,

I hope you are well!

Super quick question. At the moment I only trade on eBay but a customer has asked me if she can pay by card over the phone.

I don’t have anything like this set up but have read on your blog about PayPal pro accounts.

I’m not sure whether it is worth setting up a PayPal pro account (a £20 monthly charge and then a charge per transaction as you know) for this one transaction or if there are any other options for me to accept a one off phone payment via phone?

The sale is worth a little more than £400 so I don’t really want to lose it!

I do plan to set up my own e-commerce website asap but that is going to take me a little while to read up on before starting!

If there are no options for accepting one off payments via the phone then I may need to direct her to PayPal instead.

I look forward to your response and thanks for all your help to date!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your question Adrian – it’s a good one! I actually can’t believe that I haven’t covered this topic on my blog yet!

First of all – let’s find out whether credit card payments over the phone are allowed on eBay UK. If we go to the Accepted Payment Methods page on eBay, we see that eBay only lists these methods: (more…)

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What would you call a GOOD profit per item on eBay? (and Amazon too!)

Welcome Back!

Another Friday, another Reader’s Question blog post!

Today I want to talk about profit margin and specifically what margin you can and should be ready to accept when selling on eBay. Pretty much the same principles will apply to Amazon too but if you’re running your own online shop, these numbers will be (well, they should be) different as the whole point in having your own online shop is to have much healthier margins compared to eBay and Amazon. More on that later.

So here’s the email Karen sent in:

Hi Andrew,

Hope all is well!

Love reading your blog, so thanks for that!!

Just wondering – was reading your latest post and it got me thinking – what would you consider a good profit per item on eBay? 30p? 40p? 80p?

What sort of profit per item should you aim for?

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your email & question, it’s a good one! 🙂

First of all – you can’t really talk about potential profit per item without taking into account things like:


This is probably the most important one – you can’t expect to make the same level of profit on an item that sells for £2 and an item that sells for £50 or £100. I mean of course you could accept just £1 profit on a £50 item but why would you want to? If you get one return or defective item out of 50 sales and have to refund, you wipe away all profits you made from the last 50 sales.

So you need to look at the target selling price to see how much profit you should aim for. (more…)