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Best Products to Sell on eBay for 2017 EXPOSED!

best-products-to-sell-on-ebayFor years people have been looking for those perfect products to sell on eBay, and in 2013 I wrote a guide on exactly how to find them. As expected, it quickly became one of the most popular posts on my blog.

Fast forward to 2017 and I think it’s finally time to update this guide to include all the latest tips and tricks to help you find the BEST products to sell on eBay.

I go into a lot of detail though, so I suggest you get yourself a cup of tea and really dig in to this lengthy post.

What to sell on eBay? This question has been asked MILLIONS of times but there still isn’t a simple answer. Well, I could tell you to sell iPhones and iPhone cases as they’re hugely popular on eBay BUT that would be bad advice, very bad advice.

Popular does not always equal BEST, or even profitable for that matter.

If you take a look at the iPhone case market on eBay for example, you can see that it’s over saturated with thousands of competing sellers, offering basically the same products for very low prices. Margins on these cheap cases are less than 50p per case, often just 10p or 20p.

iphone-caseNow, can you imagine running a profitable eBay business making just 10p profit per processed order? It’s really not worth the effort! To make £10 profit, you would have to process 100 orders. That’s just ridiculous.

Another aspect of such over-saturated markets is the presence of Chinese and Hong Kong based sellers who are in fact more than happy to make that 10p profit per order.

Now, I know that some of you may just want to ask me – “Andrew, what are your top 5 or 10 products on eBay that I can sell and make good profit?”

I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen, sorry.

No one will tell you – sell product X and product Y on eBay and make millions! Why would they? To reveal their best sellers? To give you everything on a plate after they’ve done all the research?

As much as I love my blog readers, it would be “business suicide” to start publishing the best products that I’ve found from my own research and testing. Not only would I suffer hugely by sharing this info, no one would really gain anything anyway. I mean just imagine the situation where tens of thousands of people are given a list of profitable products to sell on eBay – everyone would start competing and before you know it prices (and profit margin) will be driven to the ground.

It wouldn’t do any good for anyone.

So instead of just giving you false dreams, I will give you something better. Instead of the fish, I will give you a rod and teach you how to fish! Like this, YOU can learn to do proper market research and find these profitable products to sell on eBay for yourself. (more…)

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TOP 100 Best Selling Products on eBay for 2017 EXPOSED!

hot-ebay-productsVery often I am asked this question by people – “what are the best, hot selling products on eBay?”

As if it is some kind of big secret…

Well, for many people this may be a surprise but you don’t have to be David Copperfield to see the top selling products on eBay, far from it! You don’t even have to do any kind of manual research to find these hot selling products on eBay – it’s actually far, far easier.

All you need is a Terapeak subscription and that’s it! With that you can find the most popular products on eBay.

I have already covered how to use Terapeak’s Competitor Research tool to find the most popular products in your niche, sold by competing sellers, but today I want to cover the Hot Research function, which you’ll find within the in-depth research tab:

hot-researchThere are 6 ways to do Hot Research on Terapeak:

  1. You can do a manual search for a keyword and it will show all items related to that keyword. You can also select the data range from 1, 7 and 14 days.
  2. Hot Categories (click on the first icon in the Views menu).
  3. Hot Media (second icon in the Views menu). At this time hot media does not work for but it does work for
  4. Popular Keyword searches (third icon in t
    he Views menu).
  5. Best selling products, based on keywords used in the listing title.
  6. Best selling titles, based on actual listings and their sales data.


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Can you make money selling LUXURY products on eBay?

Happy Friday!

eBay is the place everyone goes to find something cheap, right? Or not? Is there any demand for more expensive, luxury products on eBay’s marketplace?

Those are all good questions and I will try to answer them in today’s Reader’s Question post!

Here’s the email I received from Vicky:

Dear Andrew,

Hope my email reaches you and doesn’t cause much trouble.

I have been following your blog for many months now and appreciate the free advice you give to us, so thank you for that. I have a dilemma on a product range I want to sell and hope you can give me some advice.

My husband is originally from Italy and have great connections to luxury leather product manufacturers over there. These are very classy, expensive leather accessories I could source in small quantities and sell on eBay and Amazon.

But I’m not confident that they will sell? As they’re not the cheap type of products most sellers import from China and sell for very low prices. The products I can source are basically handmade from premium leather with starting prices of around £50 going up to hundreds of pounds for more complex products, like bags.

So do you think Andrew that I can make profit selling these items on eBay and later on via Amazon too?

Any advice would be highly appreciated as I don’t want to buy products I can’t sell.

Best wishes,

Hi Vicky,

Your email doesn’t cause any trouble at all! 🙂 Actually I’m very happy to receive emails with questions from my blog readers as I LOVE helping people out plus these emails and questions are perfect for my weekly Reader’s Question blog posts.

Going back to your question about selling luxury products on eBay – the quick and simple answer would be YES, of course!

eBay is NOT all about cheap, Chinese made products! People also go to eBay looking for relatively expensive, even luxury products and with the right items and great presentation, you can actually make more money selling these compared to cheap Chinese imports (more on that later). (more…)