September 7, 2015 by Andrew Minalto - 8 Comments

Fear of the Minimum Order Quantity on Alibaba!

minimum-order-quantityOne of the biggest problems that many people face when searching for items and suppliers on Alibaba is the MOQ (minimum order quantity). It’s not uncommon for some suppliers to list their MOQ as 500, 1000 or sometimes even higher for very cheap items.


moq-beadsThe usual reaction from people in these situations is to simply scrap any such listings and suppliers. But you really don’t have to, at least not always!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from my many years of importing and teaching others how to import from China, it’s that the MOQ is negotiable.

In most cases it can be cut in half and sometimes even more than that – I’ve seen many occasions with my 60 Day Blueprint customers when the MOQ has been lowered from 500 to 100… it’s all about negotiation!

I did actually cover this at the end of my recent post about Contacting Suppliers on Alibaba, so check that out for a good introduction:

But the method I use in that contact template is only one option – the old ‘small test order progressing to larger orders later’. There are a few other tactics that you can use as well, if for some reason that one isn’t suitable or effective. (more…)

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Pre-Shipment Inspection in China – STAY SAFE!


I recently wrote about factory inspections and how they are an integral part of vetting any new supplier – you can read that post here if you missed it: Trip to China – £3000 vs Factory Inspection – £70.

And in that post I also mentioned pre-shipment inspections, which is what today’s article is all about, as in my opinion a pre-shipment inspection is crucial when placing a large order from China.

The first question that might come to you now is “but why do I need to do another inspection? Surely one is enough…”

Well the factory inspection and pre-shipment inspection cover two very different things.

I usually recommend doing a factory inspection after you’ve received samples from a company and before you pay any money towards a real order, and it’s basically a general audit/verification of the company – to make sure everything is 100% genuine and as they’ve presented.

Whereas a pre-shipment inspection will concentrate purely on the items you’ve ordered – making sure there are no errors and they match your specification.

A pre-shipment inspection should be done once your order is ready to be shipped, but before you pay the remaining balance, and covers things like:

  • Quality of the product
  • Quantity being shipped
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Etc.!

In simple terms, I view the factory inspection as the final scam filter, but the pre-shipment inspection is all about making sure your order is perfect. After all, as I touched upon in my UK Wholesale Scams post, not being a scammer doesn’t make that company a good supplier and there are still many things that can go wrong with your actual order. (more…)

August 25, 2015 by Andrew Minalto - 8 Comments

UK Wholesale SCAMS – Smarter than EVER!

uk-wholesale-scamsI talk a lot about importing from China on this blog, and for a good reason – it really is the best way to go if you’re looking to make real profit selling online (I’m talking about 100%+ mark-ups!).

However, importing from China can be a very taunting task for new sellers, even with all my guides and help, and for some people UK wholesalers can be a viable alternative when starting out.

The main benefits to dealing UK suppliers vs ordering from overseas are:

  • Low MOQs

Shipping costs are a big consideration when placing wholesale orders, as they can drastically affect your per item cost, but when ordering from a UK based company you don’t have to deal with air or sea freight and it becomes much more viable to place low value orders.

  • Quicker

As well as shipping being cheaper, it is also much quicker. This makes stock control and planning your inventory significantly easier and it also means you can hold a bigger variety of stock as you don’t need huge volumes of each item.

  • Branded Goods are Available

Unlike with mainland China where it is impossible to buy genuine branded goods, you can source such items from official distributors and wholesalers in the UK.

Actually getting them to sell to you or being able to make any money from such items is another question entirely though!

  • Easier and Safer

Generally speaking, scams are not as common for UK based businesses as with Chinese companies.

The reason for this is of course extremely obvious – nearly everyone knows that a large proportion of the world’s most popular products are made in China and they think that means you can buy directly from the factories there. As a result Chinese websites with too good to be true pricing on Apple iPhones and Sony PlayStation 4s are very common.

But contrary to what you might have heard, though it is much less likely, you can still get scammed when ordering from UK based businesses!

And that’s really what today’s article is all about – a guide on how to properly verify UK based suppliers.

First things first, although I’ve mentioned above how you can source branded items from the UK (unlike China where these are 100% no-go items) – they are still the most popular products for scammers and their unbelievable wholesale prices and buy one get one free offers! (more…)