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£1349 Last Month on eToro, Working Just 4h!

Hello Everyone!

This week I have prepared something very special for you – let’s put aside eBay, wholesale and eCommerce for awhile and take a look at one specific way of making money online I have been practising with great success for the last few months. Yes, I’ll share with you exact strategy that generated me £1349 in ONE MONTH alone, and yes – I worked on this just 4 hours in total (1 hour every week)!

Question: How to get extremely wealthy? As wealthy as Warren Buffett for example?

Answer: by using Money to Make More Money!

In some way it relates to eCommerce World as well – we buy stock for wholesale prices and sell for retail prices to make a profit. But Warren Buffett didn’t open a B&M shop or a fast food restaurant chain, no – he used money to invest in financial instruments, such as stocks and shares. I have always been interested in such financial markers, stock trading and generally, in “using money to make more money” concept. Years ago I was heavily involved in Betfair trading, which is actually quite similar to stock market day trading. But already back then I realized that day trading is not for me:

  • It was a very boring way of spending your day, glued to PC;
  • It was very stressful;
  • Potential earnings were some way limited, at least for my trading techniques.

But still to this day, from time to time, I was looking for opportunities to invest money to make more money. With increased profits from my info products business and eCommerce stuff, I wanted to find a way I could invest my profits into some sort of financial instruments to let my money make more money, hands free way!

Problem is that with most traditional financial investment instruments, such as stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts etc. your potential ROI is very small. Risks vary from one instrument to other but in general, in my opinion, reward for taking those risks is way too small! Invest in dividend paying stocks for 5% yearly ROI? 5% per year? I would better use that money to buy a pallet of un-branded Tablets, made in China and sell off in 3 months time for 20-30% ROI on eBay. Yes, selling physical products involve way more work than financial investments but again, 5%-10% yearly returns doesn’t sound appealing to me either!

And then it happened – six months ago or so, when I was searching for some creative ways to invest money, I found a concept that totally blew my mind away! Same concept that few months later made me £1349 net profit in one month alone!!! And today, I’ll share with you exactly how I did it… (more…)

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BRAND NEW “Chat With Andrew” Business Consulting

For a very long time my blog readers and customers have asked for a down-sized version of my popular 60 Day Blueprint program as not everyone can afford the £1997 price tag and not everyone actually needs a full 10 week coaching program.

Sometimes you just need expert advice for an hour or two – on specific topics and questions that you’re struggling with. This is exactly where my brand new business consulting services come into play!

Now you can “hire me” for just one or two hours and gain the huge benefits that come from my 10+ years of online selling and consulting experience.

Why waste days, weeks and even months on things you can solve within 1-2 hours? Why make the same mistakes everyone else is making when I can easily help you avoid them? There’s no point!

I have always placed a lot of value on expert’s opinions on things I’m personally not good at and I myself have taken many classes/coaching sessions over the years, spending thousands of pounds in the process! And while I don’t know absolutely everything, I truly believe that I can help you solve many problems and avoid many pitfalls by offering these services.

And to make this new service even more valuable, I have created 4 different “packages”, basically mini coaching programs, covering:

Let me quickly cover what each one involves:

Market Research – this is a 2 hour chat session where I will help you do proper market research – to find and verify profitable products to sell on eBay, Amazon, an online shop or even a market stall. I will make sure that the products we brainstorm are suitable for your buying power, have good Terapeak numbers and in general – have good potential of being profitable products that actually make you money! (more…)

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Happy New Year Everyone! My Personal Challenge STARTS NOW!

I know, I know – going back to work after all these holidays is hard. When you’re in the routine of work and taking care of everyday tasks, you just go and do what needs to be done but after two weeks of celebration, over-eating, over-drinking and joy, going back to work really sucks! I bet this week will see some significant productivity loss across all industries!

But life goes on and in a few weeks’ time, things will go back to usual. I will be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this dark winter time, with long and dark evenings and so little sun (if any at all) but thinking positively, winter is the perfect time to get important things done as you’re not tempted to just go outside and have a BBQ party on a Tuesday afternoon.

As usual, during the last week of December I did my own planning task for the year 2017 and wrote down all the important things I need to accomplish this year, scheduling specific goals to specific months, so I have a rough guideline of how this year will look from a business perspective as well as from a personal/family point of view.

Each year I do this and I also review the previous year’s schedule and it wasn’t a big surprise to me that while almost all of my business goals were achieved, I did screw up some of my personal goals. Last year specifically I wanted to finally get in really good shape, be more active and spend more quality time with my kids.

This is so important to me now seeing how fast children grow… Next month my little Charlotte will turn 7 and Oliver – 4. It seems just recently they were only babies but now Charlotte is asking for me to create a YouTube channel for her and uses FaceTime better than me!

Time really does fly by and now, more than ever, I realise that I need to connect more with my kids and spend more quality time with them as in a few short years, they will be teenagers (we all know how well that usually goes, lol). (more…)