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Readers’ Contest Winners Announced!


Following up on last week’s readers’ contest, today the lucky winners are announced!

Thanks for all the entries and suggestions of topics you want me to cover on this blog. Your insights have really helped me and I have already scheduled many of your ideas to be covered in detailed how-to guides in the upcoming weeks.

Here are some of the best topics I picked out:

  • Compare between hktdc.com ,alibaba , globalsources.com
  • Talk About quality inspection in china and what is the cheap and good company for that
  • Write everything about liquidations, which kind of products are good to buy, legit websites, etc
  • Outsourcing to the Philippines
  • Traffic generation in 2014
  • Article about credit card fraud for eCommerce shops
  • What replaces Google Keyword Tool
  • eCommerce website ‘terms & conditions’ section (more…)
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Readers’ Contest – Win £60 in Gift Cards!

Today we’re going to have some fun with this year’s first contest for my blog readers – and your chance to win an Amazon gift card, worth £20. In total I’m giving away 3 such cards for a total value of £60.

What do you have to do to enter this contest?

Suggest a question/topic that you want me to cover on my blog this year. As simple as that! Just leave your suggestion as a comment below this post and you’ll be automatically entered in the draw to win a gift card from Amazon.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

  • How can I embed a YouTube video in my eBay listings;
  • How to move my website to a new hosting company;
  • How to print shipping labels directly from eBay;
  • Selling high risk items on eBay;
  • Facebook advertising – is it worth the hassle?
  • And so on!

So what I’m after here is a list of questions you would like me to cover in detailed blog posts, how-to guides and videos. (more…)

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My Monthly Round-Up: October 2013

October – what a month it’s been! Super busy on all fronts and I’m very happy that I have achieved my targets for this month 100%.

Business has been going great, as expected really with the Christmas shopping madness approaching and people in general spending more time online after the slow summer months.

I also attended two trade shows (in Berlin and Warsaw) earlier this month + saw a UFO! But more on that later!

As for my blog – it was a very productive month over here too and I really hope the newly published 5 part Product Photography Guide will help many eBay/eCommerce shop owners create better product pictures.

In total, there were 10 posts published this month:

1) Product Photography – Part 1: Cameras

I started with a post on which cameras are best for product photography. There are many options available these days but for product pictures, there’s still nothing that beats a DSLR! The good news is that nowadays you can pick up a decent DSLR camera for as little as 300 pounds and if you’re serious about your business, this one investment will definitely pay you back tenfold over time.

2) How to compete with Chinese sellers on eBay?

I received an email from Roshan asking how to do business on eBay when there are so many Chinese sellers under-cutting everyone else. Well, the answer may surprise you – don’t compete with them as you don’t have to! In this post I have covered several strategies you can use to completely separate your business from Chinese competitors on eBay.

3) Info Products – A GOLDMINE for eCommerce Shop Owners!

Many people think that info products can only be sold on a content-only website or on specific publishing platforms, such as Amazon’s Kindle marketplace – but that’s far from true! In fact, almost any eCommerce or eBay shop owner can use info products to increase their conversion rates or even directly sell such products to their customers. (more…)

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My Monthly Round-Up: September 2013

It’s September 30th and time for another monthly round-up post!

I do these summary posts mainly to keep myself openly accountable on how productive I’ve been with this blog, as I won’t lie to you – sometimes with all my other business activities it can be really hard to find the time to write enough content.

So here’s a quick summary of the posts published this month:

1) Why do so many people FAIL online?

This was a motivational type of post in which I cover the biggest mistake people make when starting an online business. You can get everything wrong, learn from your mistakes and still do well as long as you follow this one, simple rule.

2) How to integrate MailChimp with eBay?

If you’re not already collecting your eBay buyers’ emails using an auto responder service, you’re simply leaving tonnes of money on the table. With the technology available today, you can “connect” your PayPal account with such a service in just a few minutes time and start building a customer email list which you can then use to mail out promotions and newsletters 24/7, on total auto pilot!

3) Andrew, are you a millionaire?

In this post I go back in time and give you an overview on how I started making money with eBay and eCommerce in general. Also, I reveal more about my financial principles, investment strategies and the overall lifestyle decisions I’ve made during the last 10 years of my online career.

4) Which shopping cart is the BEST?

There isn’t one! There really is not any one single best shopping cart out there, but in this review style post I analyse all the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular shopping cart solutions and pick a winner. If you’re just starting out and plan to build an eCommerce Shop, this post will be hugely important to you and you’ll find tonnes of tips on how to choose your cart wisely and avoid the most common shopping cart pitfalls. (more…)

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eCommerce Magnates goes BACK ON SALE!

YES! Today is THE DAY – eCommerce Magnates goes back on sale!

When I first launched the course last month, I limited it to 100 copies – which were all gone in less than 8 hours. So for all of you who missed out then, now is the time to get in and lock your lifetime access to what I believe is THE BEST eCommerce training program out there!

eCommerce Magnates is a video course hosted online, via a secure member’s only area. You get instant access to it after making a one-off (yep that’s right, one-off – no recurring payments here!) payment via PayPal so you can start building your online shop right away.

I host all the videos online so that anyone, anywhere in the world can follow my system 24/7! Yes, this course works anywhere in the world so anyone interested in starting their own eCommerce store can use this course.

How is eCommerce Magnates different from other courses out there?

1) It’s based on my 10+ years of real life experience. It’s not a cheaply re-written version of shopping cart help tutorials – not even close! In the course I show you exactly what you need to do, step by step, to build, manage and promote a highly successful eCommerce Shop.

2) During the course I build a REAL SHOP in front of your eyes! Nothing is left out and there is no guess work involved at all – which means you’re able to simply watch what I do and apply it to your own business and achieve the same results.

3) Incredible value for money! eCommerce Magnates sells for a ONE TIME (!!) fee of just £97 and I truly believe that what you get in return is worth at least ten times that! The bonuses alone are worth more than £500, never mind all the extra features I’ve included for free to ensure you get the most you can from this course:

  • All videos in HD resolution
  • PDF transcripts, MP3 and MP4 files at no additional cost
  • FREE, personal support with me directly
  • FREE lifetime updates (more…)
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15 eCommerce Blogs to Follow!

I always love to find out what blogs people follow and today I’m going to do just that – share with you the blogs I personally follow and why.

Feel free to add your favourite blogs in the comment block below this post.


I know – not very original, right? Yes, indeed – most of you are probably already following this blog. It’s a great eBay related news aggregator and I almost always find out about the latest eBay changes from the Tamebay blog, quite often – even before the official eBay announcements.

eBay announcement page

This is the official eBay blog EVERY eBay seller should be subscribed to. I have subscribed to both the .com and .co.uk announcement pages as changes are generally brought to the US first and then expanded to the UK – so it’s a great way of staying ahead on what’s coming. Also, if you list any items on eBay.com then you should of course also be following the US related announcements anyway.

eBay Inc. official blog

Another cool resource… mainly focused around the eBay.com site and PayPal. It’s not as active as I would like but still, from time to time, there are some cool stories and eBay related articles.

The Last drop of Ink

Run by Matthew Ogborne, this blog often features great tutorials on Amazon, cross channel selling, inventory management and other useful eCommerce stuff. (more…)

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eCommerce Magnates Bonuses Finally Revealed!

We’re just a few days away from the biggest eCommerce product launch of 2013!

Next Thursday, 15th August, 8PM UK Time – finally, after 3 years of waiting, eCommerce Magnates will go ON SALE!

I have spent the last 6 months working day and night to create what I believe is the best eCommerce training program out there! The course itself is totally unique as unlike other theoretical fluff & bluff type of courses, in eCommerce Magnates I’ll create a REAL shop in front of your eyes. Step by step with no details left out so you can simply copy what I do and achieve the same results.

I call it THE SIMPLE approach to building a world class online shop! Everything is covered in this course, starting from the basics of choosing the right shopping cart and ending up with detailed SEO, Marketing and Advertising guides.

The amount of detail and information I have put into this course is amazing – there are more than 200 pages of written material, more than 10 hours of high definition videos – all available for instant online streaming via PCs, tablets and even mobile phones! Plus I’ve also included an audio version for each lesson and printable PDF files for those of you who like listening or reading instead of watching videos.

Further details on the actual content of the course will be announced at launch but for now, as a small teaser, I want to reveal the bonuses that will be included. And these alone are worth far more than the course price! (more…)

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The Countdown Begins Now!

[leadplayer_vid id=”51E3DF415AF48″]

June 13, 2013 by Andrew Minalto - 4 Comments

I’m done with this, seriously!

That was exactly what I was thinking a few weeks ago, in the middle of working on one of the many videos I’ve created so far for the upcoming eCommerce Magnates video course. Yes, this is unfortunately some bad news to all of you who are eagerly waiting for the course to go on sale in June but I’m afraid it won’t happen, which I truly am very sorry for.

But I just don’t want to release an unfinished product and I definitely. don’t want to release a product that isn’t up to my highest standards. So I hope you can all be a little patient and wait while I finish it.

The biggest problem and the main reason why the launch day came too fast is the fact that the course has turned out to be much bigger than I initially anticipated. Looking at the current content plan/layout, the videos alone will run into 6-7, maybe even more, hours. And there’s obviously not much I can do about this as I really want to comprehensively cover everything in detail to make sure eCommerce Magnates contains everything you need to create a successful online shop!

To give you some idea of what to expect with the course, here’s a snap-shot of the member’s area:


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My Monthly Round-Up: March 2013

Welcome to my 2nd Monthly round-up post, covering the most important news from AndrewMinalto.com in March 2013!

March was yet another highly productive month for me and I’m very happy that I managed to continue publishing 2 weekly blog posts despite my on-going work on the upcoming eCommerce Magnates video course.

Plus we, the whole family, all got a nasty virus a few weeks ago that led to me being less pro-active than usual, lol, but still – I continued working, just on a slower scale. Thankfully though, everything is now all ok!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a Big Thanks to everyone who sent me warm wishes on the birth of my son, Oliver. Thank you, your support truly means a lot to me! To give something back, here is a pic that should make you smile for a while:

Like it? I thought so! And here’s another one: