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Hello Everyone & Happy Valentine’s Day!

This will be a short update on:

  • EAB
  • SIG 2.0
  • 60DBP

https://andrewminalto.com – since last week, EAB video course is hosted online, via a secure membership area.If you have purchased EAB video course before, you get free upgrade to this new platform. An e-mail with instructions on how to do it was sent to your PayPal e-mail address (one that you used to purchase EAB). If you haven’t received this e-mail, please get in touch with me here with a date of purchase and PayPal transaction ID.

Not only EAB video course is now available online,  I have also added new material:

  • Brand NEW Wholesale directory covering thousands of supplier contact details;
  • 3 New Videos covering in detail Importing, one new product sourcing concept as well as Branding on a budget topic;
  • Brand new support ticket system, comments system and improved downloads/bonus area.

And even that’s not all! From now on, each month I will add one new video to members area, so stay tuned for some regular, killer content that will help boost your eBay profits like never before! For example, in March I’ll publish a video on how to find profitable products to sell on eBay using Terapeak.com

SecondIncomeGenerator.com – on 15th March 2012, Second Income Generator 2.0 goes for sale! Basically it will be a brand new video course covering 10 different online business concepts and will teach you how to make money online WITHOUT selling physical products. I’m really excited about this launch as I’ll share with you some of my own projects, ideas and business concepts that will blow your mind away! Initially, ONLY 100 members will be accepted. As with EAB, new SIG course will be hosted online so you’ll get instant access to materials once payment is being made.

Remember, only 100 copies available in the beginning, make sure you sign-up on the early notification list on the SIG website!

60DayBlueprint.com – YES, I’m re-opening my flagship, personal coaching program on 4th April 2012! Only 5 seats available this time, make sure to get on the waiting list and send in your questions prior launch day! All previous times, 60DBP was sold out within few minutes of opening making it the most IN DEMAND personal eBay coaching program in UK!

Prior launch, new case studies will be featured showing you what previous 60DBP customers have achieved! So get on the waiting list now and stay tuned for updates!

Lastly – Love is in the air today, so go out and show it to your loved ones!

Best Regards,

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My Best Planning Tools – Pen & Paper!

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year!

All the partying has ended and it’s time to get back to work, yahoo!

Right before the New Year, during the last week of December I was setting my goals and planned out year 2012 – what I want to achieve, targets to reach etc., all the usual stuff. If you haven’t done that already, DO IT NOW! I have said this many times over – without reachable goals in place it’s very difficult to work, especially on your own business, online. You really want to set clear goals and create a strategy on how you’ll achieve them.

While doing this “planning task”, I remembered how difficult this task for me was when I first tried doing it, several years ago. Not that I didn’t know what I want to achieve, not at all! Problem was that I was busy with researching and testing various time planning tools and thought my success in reaching my goals will directly depend on what time planning tool I will use. I know it sounds funny but I believe many people are experiencing same issue. Guess what? There’s no issue to deal with in first place!


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It’s NEVER Too Late! (I messed it all up AGAIN)

People make mistakes. I’m not an exception and this is THE DAY again I’ll admit from the bottom of my heart – I have made a mistake, literary – messed it all up! (this is not my first time either, lol)

It all started with the brand new TheWholesaleForums skin saga – the whole thing just reminded me how several years ago I invested more than £10k in a project that miserably failed. I lost my money just like that. It was an online website/service AND it was all my fault because I didn’t conduct a proper market research prior started working on the project.

Surely, with today’s experience I would never even started that website but back then I simply thought something will work as expected because I want it to work. because I thought that’s how it should work. In a word – I WANTED to believe it’s going to work, without any proper market research, surveys, testing etc.

But guess what? I didn’t spent months on that project, spending even more money or wasting more time – I just accepted the loss and moved on. I saw that the whole idea, concept is wrong and won’t work – and it won’t change because of my good intentions or plans I had lined up.

Did I gave up? NO! I faced reality and moved on. And that’s something I really believe in – sometimes in life it’s better to accept loss and just move on. Sometimes quick fixes doesn’t work. Sometimes you just have to let things go. Be it a business, website, relationship or a badly started craft project.

So, today I realized that my whole information websites BLOG concept doesn’t work. At least it doesn’t work as good as it should, as good as I was intended it to work in first place. I’m talking about LACK OF FOCUS! Do you know how many blogs I currently own?

12… maybe even more, I can’t even remember all of them. Some I haven’t updated for months. Some – have old skins, some – haven’t been moderated etc. etc. In  a word – it’s a TOTAL MESS and it can’t continue like that. I have very limited time each day to spend on this stuff and if I have to divide my attention to 12 blogs, several newsletters, video newsletters, multiple forums etc., it simply can’t work.

Take a look at this list:








Now, these are the best looking blogs and websites I’m not ashamed of showing you (yes, there are more!). In addition – I also have EAB video newsletter, Chat With Andrew Q&A sessions, CWA videos, eCommerce Magnates video newsletter and what not! BRRRRRRRRRR – it’s scaring s**t out of me!

And then there’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linked, Google+ (I haven’t even started to use, SHAME ON ME!). It’s simply too much. No one can manage so many different blogs and online diaries with a punctual regularity, while bringing best possible content out there for you – my loyal subscriber & blog reader!

So I have made a decision – I will publish all content – newsletters, articles, videos, tests etc. on just one website – and it will be this, AndrewMinalto.com blog. From now on, I’ll leave all other blogs alone, probably put a re-direct to this blog so that new people can found me easier.

It’s not only a decision about cutting on platforms I use to communicate with people, it’s also a re-branding for my whole info products business model AND the only way to publish higher quality content, on a regular basis in future. That was actually my MAIN REASON why I’m doing all this – I want to publish high quality, useful content but I can’t do it in 10 places simultaneously.

I’m NOT closing or discontinuing any products or websites in my network, not at all!

This all re-vamp is based around all the blogs I have, not websites and products. It’s totally cool that I have a separate website for each product or service, they work totally ok. Blogs are giving me major headache and the way I communicate with you, hence this consolidation.

Yes, I have lost time, money and resources by “diluting” my efforts across so many blogs BUT as I said – I’m ready to take that loss, change direction and look forward to a brighter future! In up-coming weeks I’ll upgrade this blog with some nice community plugins so that you can make most out of it and basically will concentrate my content creation efforts on this ONE blog! Let’s see how it all turns out in a year or two.

If you have any comments at all – feel free to post them below this post – I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about this whole situation! (I’m sure, many of you can relate to this somehow). By the way – my yearly subscriber survey is coming up soon with great prizes – so stay tuned by subscribing to RSS feed or follow me on Twitter!

For The Brighter Future!


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Your Best Friend & Your Worst Enemy – HOSTING!

As long as you’re not noticing hosting, you’re with a good provider!

That would be the single, best describing phrase of a good quality, reliable hosting company. And it’s true – we do not actually feel how good or bad hosting service is as long as it runs smoothly. Problems arrive when your website is down for several hours of even DAYS, as it happened to me few years ago.

In today’s E-Commerce Magnates video newsletter #2 I cover exact tips & strategies you should follow to choose a good hosting company for your online business:

  • Web hosting overview
  • Parameters
  • Hosted Shopping Carts
  • Pricing
  • Reliable hosting companies

This article covers all the basics you need to know when choosing a hosting company & hosting service package for your online shop.

As usual, a 10 minute video is included as well.

Enjoy The Summer!

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E-Commerce Magnates Video Newsletter #1

Hey Everyone!

Today is the day when my brand new video newsletter goes LIVE! 🙂

E-Commerce magnates video course is still in pre-production stage but while you’re waiting for official release in November, later on this year, each month I’ll publish a monthly video covering topics like:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Product Sourcing & Wholesale
  • Niche Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversion rates
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Social Marketing
  • And Many More!

In Video #1, I share my Top 10 rules to follow when you register a domain name.


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Happy New Year Everyone!


I know it’s totally belated but anyway – Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all the best in year 2011 – make it even better than last one! More sales, more profits & success in both business and personal life!

I have been off for the last few weeks because of my operation (long story) but slowly starting to recover now. A few weeks bed time and I’ll be alright!

So – what’s going on with EAB, SIG, 60DBP and other websites?

SecondIncomeGenerator.com – since last week, the course is back on sale again. I have reserved further 50 copies so if you’re interested in making some extra cash online WITHOUT selling physical products, check it out!

60DayBlueprint.com – my best selling personal coaching program re-opens next week, on 27th January @ 8PM UK time. I’ll be taking only 3 people on board so make sure you’re online when website re-opens. Both eBay & E-commerce programs are available.

https://andrewminalto.com – I have finally finished work on the 2011 Update for the course! More than 80 minutes of extra tips & tricks, updated information added to the course. As always, all current members had a chance to receive the update for free.

That’s it for now – Thanks for reading & I’ll see you soon!