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BRAND NEW “Chat With Andrew” Business Consulting

For a very long time my blog readers and customers have asked for a down-sized version of my popular 60 Day Blueprint program as not everyone can afford the £1997 price tag and not everyone actually needs a full 10 week coaching program.

Sometimes you just need expert advice for an hour or two – on specific topics and questions that you’re struggling with. This is exactly where my brand new ChatWithAndrew.com business consulting services come into play!

Now you can “hire me” for just one or two hours and gain the huge benefits that come from my 10+ years of online selling and consulting experience.

Why waste days, weeks and even months on things you can solve within 1-2 hours? Why make the same mistakes everyone else is making when I can easily help you avoid them? There’s no point!

I have always placed a lot of value on expert’s opinions on things I’m personally not good at and I myself have taken many classes/coaching sessions over the years, spending thousands of pounds in the process! And while I don’t know absolutely everything, I truly believe that I can help you solve many problems and avoid many pitfalls by offering these services.

And to make this new service even more valuable, I have created 4 different “packages”, basically mini coaching programs, covering:

Let me quickly cover what each one involves:

Market Research – this is a 2 hour chat session where I will help you do proper market research – to find and verify profitable products to sell on eBay, Amazon, an online shop or even a market stall. I will make sure that the products we brainstorm are suitable for your buying power, have good Terapeak numbers and in general – have good potential of being profitable products that actually make you money!

Product Sourcing – in this 2 hour chat session I will help you find and verify suppliers for products you want to sell. This includes searching for suppliers LIVE, during our chat session, verifying them and giving you further instructions on how to approach suppliers, how to order samples and how to effectively negotiate pricing on future orders.

Branding – if you struggle with coming up with your brand name, look no further! In this 2 hour chat session I will personally brainstorm brand names for your business, check domain availability, check whitelisted names against the Trade Marks registry and do an overall Google search to make sure the name is fine to use! All branding and product packaging questions can also be covered in this chat session.

General Advice – lastly I offer 1 or 2 hour chat sessions where you can ask any questions related to eBay, Amazon, ecommerce, importing, shipping, selling online, SEO etc. etc. This service will be ideal for people looking to fix and improve existing businesses as well as for newbies who feel overwhelmed by all the information available online and just can’t figure out where to start.

As you can see – there’s a lot of flexibility in what we can do and cover in these chat sessions and if there’s something you want my help with that isn’t specifically covered, then the General Advice service is ideal for you.

You can get more detail on what each service covers at ChatWithAndrew.com

Best Regards,

P.S. As always – if you have any questions about my services and products, feel free to get in touch with me via my help desk here. I will personally answer all queries within 24 hours, Monday – Friday. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I have 100K € to invest in an Online Business which I have a huge passion in it, but do not know where to start due to the flood of information out there! Should I start with ebay or Amazon or Online shop or Affiliate Marketing? I have some experience in selling on ebay and Amazon.
    What would be the monthly ROI with such an investment due to your experience? I seek your advice.

    Best Regards

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Nazar,

      I will reply to your support ticket personally.


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