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eBay Negative Feedback Removal Explained

February 18, 2013 by Andrew Minalto - 215 Comments
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No, don’t worry – that’s not your eBay account. And I hope yours will never look like this.

But let’s be honest – maintaining 100% positive feedback on eBay is hard, very hard, especially when you start dealing with hundreds and even thousands of transactions per month. We all make mistakes from time to time and on eBay OUR mistakes can cost us a lot – negative feedback and low DSRs which in the end can result in a lost Top Rated Seller status or even a suspended account in the worst case scenario.

So what to do to avoid bad feedback?

First of all – do whatever it takes to minimize the chances of buyers even starting to think about leaving negative or neutral feedback for you. This means:

1) Offer high quality products.

2) Create detailed and accurate product descriptions.

3) If dealing with used goods, always describe the item’s condition as it is. If there are scratches on an item highlight them with a photo, don’t hide them! (This actually increases your credibility in a buyer’s eyes).

4) Offer fast, preferably next day delivery whenever possible.

5) Pack items in suitable packaging materials (Jiffy envelopes, boxes, mail bags) so that you keep the chances of items being damaged during the shipping process to a minimum.

6) Communicate with buyers – answer all e-mails and messages within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

7) Leave positive feedback once the buyer pays you (Selling Manager Pro does this for you automatically).

8) Always honour your returns policy; go the extra mile if people are a day or two late and still accept returns after 16 days, if your returns policy says, for example, 14 days.

9) Replace damaged, faulty items at no cost to the buyer (it’s your fault at the end of the day, not the buyer’s, so you have no right to ask him to pay even the shipping fees).

10) Whatever disaster strikes at your end, keep your buyer informed! Say you run out of stock and this creates a 3 day delay in order processing. Email buyers and let them know about this problem AND ask what they want to do – wait a few extra days OR receive an instant refund. Never assume that the buyer will be ok with delays in order processing – always, always ask first.

11) Lastly, and most importantly – your customer is always right, even if he’s not! This classic cliché is even truer on eBay than anywhere else as buyers can hurt your business instantly by leaving negative feedback. Don’t let that happen! Even if you feel the buyer is trying it on with you, if you CAN’T do anything about it just apologize for the trouble caused and issue a refund. In the long term, your loss will be minimal but your business will be protected.

If you follow all these guidelines, your chances of getting negative feedback are minimal. But it will still happen of course as it’s a numbers game – the more you sell, the more your chances of getting a dissatisfied customer.

So what to do when you do actually receive negative or neutral feedback?

We have to distinguish two situations:

1) Negative feedback left by mistake (yes, you won’t believe how often this happens – the buyer is totally happy with the purchase but accidently leaves negative or neutral feedback). You can easily spot this as the feedback comment itself will be positive – no signs of any problems with the transaction.

2) Negative feedback left on purpose.

In the first case scenario it’s usually quite easy to get negative feedback removed. What you have to do is simply contact the buyer and explain the situation. Once you get a reply, simply go to the Request Feedback Revision page and follow the instructions. The buyer will receive a message from eBay to accept feedback revision and in most cases will agree (as he or she left it by mistake in the first place).

If the buyer doesn’t reply to your initial message, you can report the feedback via the Report Feedback page, explain the situation in the comments box and let eBay handle the feedback removal process for you.

In the second case, where you obviously see that negative or neutral feedback is left on purpose, again, you contact the buyer first. What you do is politely apologise for any problems caused and ask whether you can do anything to fix the problem. A replacement item or a refund is usually all you need to fix such a problem. If the buyer agrees and you fix the problem, then explain that you’ll kindly ask him to revise the feedback and proceed with the Request Feedback Revision process.

IF the buyer doesn’t reply or you can’t agree on a solution to fix the problem, you still have the option of asking eBay directly to remove the unfair feedback via the Report Feedback option. If it really is unfair feedback, that is. In cases where people are not satisfied with a product’s quality or you delay dispatch by a week eBay won’t help you and won’t remove that feedback, as it’s fair!

eBay will help you and remove feedback in the following cases:

1) The feedback contains inappropriate comments or violates feedback policy. For example, a buyer leaves negative feedback and the message – bad seller, better buy here! And leaves a link to another seller or website. This violates Bay’s feedback policy and will be removed. Profane, vulgar, obscene or racist language or adult material is also prohibited.

2) The buyer provided eBay with the wrong email address at the time of transaction, so you technically couldn’t contact the buyer. This happens quite often, so if you have any suspicions that a buyer’s email address is invalid or not reachable (you can test this by sending a message from any e-mail software and see whether it bounces or their inbox is full).

3) The buyer is suspended by eBay. If this happens within 90 days of the transaction, eBay will automatically remove all negative feedback associated with that buyer. However, after 90 days you have to do it manually. So it’s actually a good idea to go over your negative feedback (it only takes 10 seconds) from time to time to see whether any buyer has been suspended. As there are serial negative feedback leavers on eBay, they get suspended quite often! If you spot this kind of buyer in your past negative feedback list, go to the Feedback Revision Process page and ask eBay to remove that negative feedback.

4) If a buyer leaves negative feedback but hasn’t even paid for the item (the transaction’s status is unpaid), you can easily get feedback removed by following the Report Feedback option.

If all else fails and you can’t get negative feedback removed, the least you can do is leave a feedback comment. If it was a genuine mistake on your part, explain that you offered a full refund but the buyer didn’t respond. Either way, do not leave negative feedback without comments as that means you actually agree with what’s said in the negative feedback.

If you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of sales per month and get neutral and negative feedback on a regular basis, be careful to choose which feedback to fight for as you only have 5 feedback revision requests for any 1,000 feedback comments you get per year. By this I mean – always prioritize negative feedback and deal with that first – neutral feedback doesn’t affect your account in a direct way, so it’s less important. But in most cases, 5 requests per 1,000 is enough and if you’re going over that limit, chances are you’re not doing a very good on eBay in first place.

If we skip the serial negative feedback leavers and negative feedback left by mistake, in most cases negative feedback can be a great learning experience. Take this opportunity to LEARN and improve your business so that next time it won’t happen again! For example, a customer says in feedback that the item was poorly packaged and loose in the box. You can get angry of course and start arguing, BUT it would be better to look at the problem from the buyer’s perspective and think about ways to improve the way you pack items.

A classic example would be quality issues. If you’re starting to get negative, neutral and even positive feedback with comments about the low quality of the product you sell, chances are you REALLY have problems with the quality of the items you sell, don’t you think?

Arrogant sellers often leave feedback comments saying – Hundreds of other buyers are satisfied! So what? That doesn’t prove anything. Most people are polite and genuine and will leave positive feedback even if they’re not 100% satisfied with the purchase. For example, I have never left negative feedback myself on eBay even though on many occasions it would be only fair.

So, what I’m trying to say is – learn from good and also bad feedback. Learn and improve your business, fix the on-going problems, change suppliers if necessary.

Lastly – from time to time, you’ll get hit hard, real hard! There are idiots out there on eBay who will leave negative feedback which makes no sense, you won’t be able to contact and resolve issues with them and eBay won’t help you either. That’s life. That’s eBay. If you sell on eBay, you have to be prepared for this.

Sleepless nights because of negative feedback received? Try not to take it personally. I know it’s not easy in the beginning, but you should not take it to heart. It’s not the last negative feedback you’ll receive on eBay. There will be more, I can guarantee you that. The good news is that it’ll be gone in 12 months’ time!



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  1. Hi. This is very helpful. What about this case?
    I sell vintage bikes on ebay. Always clearly state in my listings COLLECTION ONLY and TEST RIDE BEFORE BUYING PLEASE. As otherwise people don’t read descriptions fully and bike size is not good for them, or don’t like how the bike rides, etc. I just want to make sure they are totally happy with the bike before buying.
    So a buyer (1 star) ignoring those details in the description, buys the bike, and pays for it. Then she says that cannot collect in a long time. I message her and cancel the transaction, saying that she has not read the listing properly and that I cannot hold the bike for over 2 weeks. I remark that listing clearly says “test ride and viewings before buying please”. She leaves negative feedback.
    Any chance that ebay is going to remove this?
    Many thanks.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Alex,

      What is your collection time frame you allow on your sales? What’s stated in the listing?

      2 weeks doesn’t sound that long to be honest…


  2. I have bought many items through Ebay recently as well last year. I had never left negative feedback, even when I was less then thrilled by a transaction. However, I recently received a parcel from a seller who sent doll clothes that she listed as maybe have some issues, but that could still be played with as is, not so, the seller purposely hid the damage in the photos,, but most significantly, she failed to include the three nicest items in the package, clearly shown in her listing. I open a refund case, she agreed to refund me, then immediately asked Ebay to intervene. Ebay, said they sided with seller, and I am unable to leave any feedback,,, other buyers need to be warned about this seller. I contacted Ebay by phone, person I spoke to says, he is at a loss to explain why it would say Ebay sided with seller and will open an appeal of my case. Still waiting for it to be re-opened. If, a seller can neglect to include items shown in listing and still keep a 100% positive seller rating something is seriously flawed in the Ebay feedback system. I had felt sorry for sellers who had buyers leave negative feedback prior to contacting them, now I think I understand why. If you contact them first and they refuse to fix what they did, then you should be able to leave a negative feedback,,,weird, just weird. Hopefully, when they do the appeal, they will read all communication.

  3. I had listed an electrical appliance for USA only – A buyer from Australia messaged and pleaded for me to sell it to them – which I reluctantly agreed to do simply because they seemed desperate. I didn’t know anything about AU power system – but they hooked it up to a converter which blew the appliance and they blamed me, leaving my first negative after nearly 3000 100% positive. I now find out that converters are a scam as they only convert voltage and not frequency – do you think there is any chance I can get ebay to remove this? Thanks in advance – also, if they agree to revise, how long does the ‘revised’ tally stay on the feedback account? thanks again

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi James,

      I don’t think eBay will remove this feedback… You can of course try but essentially you shouldn’t have sold this item to Australia where there’s different power network.

      Maybe you can work this out with the buyer directly?

      Anyway, 1 neg out of 3000 won’t kill your business. Just leave a comment for that feedback stating what went wrong.


      1. Sorry, but one additional question I would like to know and I think its useful for others – when you message a buyer and ask them to revise – if they say “yes, if you refund me” – is that feedback extortion and if so will ebay then remove the neg? thanks again

      2. Andrew Minalto

        I don’t think it’s feedback extortion, no….

        You just agree to basically cancel the sale (give refund) in exchange of feedback removal.


      3. thanks!

  4. I’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. I mostly buy. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to spend hours searching through eBay to find the exact item you’re looking for only for it to arrive with issues not mentioned in the listing even after you’ve taken the time to contact the seller and confirm that the item is exactly as described.. I see lots of sellers using terms like MINT and NEW to describe used items. I generally do not give those sellers a second glance. I don’t mind dealing with new sellers if they have good feedback history and reasonable policies. I examine feedback closely if I’ve decided to buy from you. Even with all this due diligence I still find myself in positions where sellers are not delivering what they promise and their attitude is “oh well”.

    My most resent purchase was an item that sold for nearly $1000. It was used and described as like new with no scratches or defects. The seller had perfect feedback and so I decided to buy. The item arrived with large areas of rust and corrosion and clearly was not in like new condition. After contacting the seller, I get the run around. He only wants to talk by phone, he’s not available at the time he asked me to call and so on. When I finally get on the phone with him, he states that he knew the rust was there, but forgot to mention it. His bright idea was for my to try some naval jelly on a plastic item with metal parts. i ask about a refund and he agrees if I pay return shipping. Unacceptable. I purchased this item based on a description that was inaccurate. You need to offer to repair the item or provide a return label so i can send it back. I do not like to leave negative feedback, in 15 years I’ve only left a few, but I will leave one if it’s warranted and I have little concern if it hurts the seller’s little feelings or not. It helps other buyers like me, who spend much time on eBay looking for an exact item and the seller needs to be professional and correct their mistakes without whining. 🙂

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for sharing your story Dale!


  5. I sold a buy it now item too quickly, not noticing that the item was damaged. Within minutes of the product being “sold”, but not paid for, I sent the customer an e-mail as per e-bay instructions and immediately cancelled the transaction. The buyer left negative feedback! I’m so upset- I thought I was doing the right thing! Buyer said I immediately backed out of the deal although I explained the situation politely in the original e-mail to them.

  6. Not63Happy

    Hi I’m absolutely livid… nearly 15 years of eBay loyalty gone up in smoke, through no fault of my own. Anyways, problem is this; sold an item; posted the item on time; description perfect; buyer with (3) feedback points; only to receive an immediate returns request, with buyer’s explanation as only receiving a shell and not the complete stereo mixer console.

    As innocent people do I immediately contacted eBay; they advised I co-operate to resolve the problem, which I did. Several messages later, baring in mind buyer only responded with two 10 word messages to my 8 or 9 messages, his response; ‘just send me back my money’?, and ‘you send me shell’. The buyer made no initial contact prior to opening a returns request. I then offered my mobile phone number; buyer wouldn’t give there’s; requested to the buyer to take photo(s) of the item shell and packaging delivered – refused; then absolutely no more messages from the buyer.

    All my messages carried weight and integrity; never in my eBay career have I ever sent an item with just parts; I understand that this happens and I could be in fact just saying this; eBay response is to wait the allocated resolution period and if the buyer refuses to co-operate the transaction will be awarded in your favor. Just to note that both eBay and PayPal retracted payment which is now on hold. I’ll show you the last two messages sent to the buyer without any more responses;

    This was my last two messages to the buyer copied and pasted from Returns page;

    Here’s what happened

    30 July 2015

    You sent a message


    Hi buyer, I’ve spoken to the courier company regarding the delivered item. Here is there response: You recently requested personal assistance from our on-line Support Centre. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

    If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. To access your question from our support site, Click here Subject delivery of parcel Response By E-mail (Assistant) (30/07/2015 10.45 AM)

    Dear Not Happy, Regarding parcel number: 2464586 Thank you for contacting our courier company. I am pleased to confirm parcel id 8464586 was delivered on the 25/07/2015 and a signature was obtained.
    We have no information to advise the parcel was damaged in any way when being delivered. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards Jame Customer Service Advisor courier company Support Question Reference # 150730-001155 • Date Created: 30/07/2015 10.45 AM • Date Last Updated: 30/07/2015 10.45 AM • Status: Solved 25 July 2015.

    You sent a message


    I will be more than happy to contact you if you supply a contact land line or mobile number?

    Each written response yielded no response; then some three weeks later a NEGATIVE Feedback; I waited the allocated case closure period and Wholla eBay as predicted awarded the case in my favor. The funds were returned to my PP account. I spoke to at least five eBay representatives prior too and following the NEG Feedback who assured me this will be overturned by our Appeals Team. They also said that a Returns Case awarded in the sellers favor would initiate the removal of a Negative Feedback. I was advised to discuss this with the Appeals Team. I was put through to the Appeals Team who sadly have said that due to policies and procedures they are unable to remove the NEG as this case does not qualify for eBay’s feedback removal. We (Appeals Team) have looked strongly at this case and although we can sympathize with you and do believe your integrity we are unfortunately unable to remove the feedback. I did get a call back from a manager with explanation about this.

    It seems so unfair that a buyer who first initiates his/her dissatisfaction without first contacting a seller through the message service, but instead uses the Returns Resolution Center as first contact is able to be believed and then has the cheek to abstain from any further communication after two short response messages is allowed to have a negative feedback stand.

    Ebay have commend immensely on my longevity and trust worthiness and commitment over many years, but still decide to come up with premature outcome, making absolutely no sense as to why they cannot remove the negative. I’m livid, now marked down to 97.1%. Is there anything that can be done?


  7. Just started to sell on eBay. I created a listing but selected free economy shipping (I am sending from overseas) which states 14-38 business days. I did this just to cover myself even though I know the order will arrive in 15 straight days.
    Some guy ordered, I told him as it is the weekend the order might not ship until Wednesday (as stated in the listing) “OK no rush” he said.

    Anyway, item shipped on a Sunday with tracking provided. Thursday he contacts me to say he wants a refund as he doesn’t want to wait. Of course I say no. Negative feedback saying “bad experience”.
    Of course he said he won’t change it until the item arrives, and tbh he probably won’t then. EBay have been no help whatsoever, literally ignored me.
    So I have no positive feedback from selling but one negative so of course nobody has ordered anything and this guy has potentially ruined my account because he felt like it.

    EBay is a joke.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Cal,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If you ask me, shipping time of 15-20 days is a joke too, in year 2015 …

      I know that you ship from overseas but buyers don’t care – unless they see that seller is based in China or HK, they won’t wait and I’d say that your business model is flawed in the base – with this super long delivery time.


  8. If you want negative feedback removed, you need to get the buyer to admit in email they enjoy giving negative feedback or some other comments you can use where the seller says refund me and I remove the feedback.

    Another way is call ebay…not once..not twice…every damm day..and yes it does work. But you have to give ebay a good reason to get the feedback removed.

    Also..only good on auctions. you see a bidder that looks like he will win….check his feedback given to others. If you see him giving negative feedback to 100% sellers..then remove his bid and block him

    Finally, put a warning in your item descripition. State that if the buyer has left negative feedback to sellers with 100% feedback need to contact you before they bid. Buyers that leave negatrive feedback to sellers with perfect or near perfect feedback must contact the seller before bidding.

    Also…act like the guy is your buddy…ask then for a feedback revision and you give him a partial refund in exchange for his feedback resolution…once he has revised it…you not obligated. Buyers cannot accept money for feedback revision.

    Low price auctions….being the lowest price seller is good for sales..but it attracts the trash on ebay buyer.

    Ebay feedback policy is flawed. To me a buyer needs to fill out a detailed form to give negative feedback with proof. Then the seller will have enough detail to fight the negative feedback.

    If the buyer lies in the feedback…take him to court. Ebay is a business..and if you make false claims about a business in writing…its liable claims.

    Never refund until feedback is revised. Also…offer a no return policy on your auctions..less sales..but less deadbeat buyers…

    And good luck…

    One more thing…you get a buyer that does not pay…and you have use the automatic unpaid item in ebay…not lets say you see he has left negative feedback to good sellers…let him default. on payment…dont press him for payment…and then on the 4 day after the 2 day wait period…give him a strike. If he gets mad at you for the unpaid notice…dont worry..he cant leave feedback until he pays..in the meantime…tell him dont worry…you fix it on your end..then wait for the six days..and strike him.

    Remember..these bad buyers are dumb…you have to out think them.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for your comment Bob and sharing your tactics with us.

      Just few comments:

      * The part about asking buyers to contact you first before placing a bid – I’m pretty sure that’s against eBay rules. Even if it’s not, no one is obligated to contact you anyway, it would work just for few buyers.

      * I’m personally not a fan on using “tricks” you describe to give un-paid item strikes etc. as some people get really mad because of this and they can and will use friends account or 2nd account to buy something from you and leave negative feedback on purpose. I always try to stay professional and be friendly, even with obvious scammers as tricking them can make things even worse.

      Anyway, thanks again for your insights!


      1. The Blocked Dwarf

        I hope i never run into ‘Bob’ on ebay. I’m all for Sellers Rights (I’m a Power Seller myself or was until i gave up ebay selling for legal reasons) but ‘sharp practice’ would be the kindest way i could describe Bob’s attitude.

        Hand on heart the Ebay FB Removal team have an impossible job. I wouldn’t do it if you paid me. Buyers think ebay sides with crooked sellers, sellers think ebay leaves them at the mercy of scammers (and I met a few in my selling time). Truth is whether ebay remove NFB or not, someone is going to be pissed at them.

        But for buyers, here my personal top tip to get ‘justice’ when faced by a scamming seller (and I have also met some of those) or those more *cough* ‘militant’ sellers like bobby boy: NEVER use ebay resolution. Go straight to Paypal and open a dispute then a claim and make sure you claim the postage. 99.9% of the time Paypal will simply decide you should return the article for a full refund…and they will refund you no matter what the seller thinks. Infact there is a scam where the buyer simply returns the seller an empty box! Just make sure you send the return ‘recorded delivery’/with tracking. There is no reason under any country’s legal system to get ebay involved, Paypal handed over your money not ebay. Never contact a seller before leaving NFB because sellers like bobby bear will use anything you say against you. When you leave NFB be aware there is always a 50/50 chance ebay will remove it so if they do, live with it. If you’ve gotten your money back via paypal (NEVER NEVER USE EBAY RETURNS, have i mentioned that already?) then you couldn’t care less about the removal of your negs. OK you’re out the return postage but you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve put a shot across the bows of some unprofessional seller or scammer.

      2. Cacofonix

        You are right. I had a buyer purchased a SIM card on February. On August he said it’s not working and I asked him to send it back (so I can use the balance or resell it). He never send it back, he was very rude and I stopped communicating with him. Then he came asking the half money to close the matter. I agreed. After one week he came again, asking the other half. I told him that he is responsible, since I have send him directions, etc and we mutual agreed on half money refund. Then he left TWO NEGATIVE feedbacks. I refunded him and he removed the FEEDBACKS. I wanted to call eBay to suspend him, but I was 1000% that he understands that I would have called eBay and come again and again.

  9. Hi I sold and iPhone 5 on ebay under “parts or repair” and in the description I mentioned twice that the unit will not power on does not work. Customer purchased it and left negative feedback stating that the item was “not working and was only good for parts” will ebay remove a feedback in which something like this happens?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Chances are that they would remove such feedback, yes but can’t guarantee it..

      You just need to try and see how it goes! Not much you can lose really.


  10. I just had a buyer ruin my 100% feedback
    I sold him a crayola marker sealed in its packaging
    Which I have sold hundred of them ,and then he leaves the following feedback
    Without ever contacting me “crap product dry anything coming out can be wiped away”
    This happened without contacting me that there is a problem as well as the feedback is a product review
    Which even if it’s true(which I don’t think so being I never got any complaints)
    There is absolutely nothing that I did wrong and if the customer would have contacted me I woudha be issued
    A refund immediately.
    Here is the million dollar question is there any chance ebay would remove this feedback ?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You’ll never know answer to that question without trying first.

      But it’s very, very un-likely they’ll remove it.

      Maybe you can try contacting customer, offer a full refund in exchange of feedback revision?

      Not much else you can do really.


  11. Kyle McKenna

    Another data point: I set high BINs and accept offers, that way I can look at the buyer’s FB rating before deciding to do business. This method isn’t fail-safe either: a buyer on a high-dollar item hit BIN and paid via PayPal but I look and his record is littered with negative FB, both on buyer and seller sides. He’s a nightmare and of course eBay won’t do anything to discipline him.

    I’m not about to fall into his trap of getting his money back and keeping the item too… so I cancel the transaction and refund his payment instantly. So what does he do? My first NFB ever after 15 years on eBay. And eBay says there’s nothing I can do, I should have worked it out with the seller. Alas, I have to join the many who have given up on eBay. Just wish there were a better place out there.

  12. Michael Peckover

    Ebay removed the feedback but left the negative icon on my page. This was all down to the fact the buyer never did a compatibility check on a part for their car. Had they done so they would have found the item I was selling did not fit their vehicle. They lied to ebay who refunded them with no blame to anyone but I am still left with the negative icon affecting my now less than 100% feedback. I did nothing wrong so I am closing my account.

  13. Kristina Nikisna

    Dear Andrew!
    First of all I would like to thank You about all that valuable information that You share here generously! I truly appreciate You great work!
    I got a big shock today. I am really disappointed about the new hassle free returns policy on ebay. I just wonder if there are any return time frames on ebay to request return? I have sold a big fur trim on the 30th of December, 2014 and today (on 13th of March, 2015) …. buyer requested the return!!! The trim was rather expensive – 70 GBP. It seems that the buyer wore it for about two winter months and decided to return it after almost 2.5 months when winter is already over. I wonder how she was able to open a return? What should I do? If I decline a return will buyer be able to leave negative feedback for me?
    Thank You in advance!
    Kind regards,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for your email.

      By default, returns period is set to 14 days (only), unless you specific a different term in your returns policy?

      Are you sure that return you requested was via eBay’s returns system? Or it was just a message buyer sent you?

      But in any case, buyer won’t be able to leave you a negative feedback as feedback can be left only within 60 days of purchase (and 2.5 months is past that time frame).


      1. Kristina

        Dear Andrew!
        Yes, this happened through direct return request. I asked because it is second time buyer opens a return request much much later than it should be. Surely something wrong with ebay. My default return time frame is set to only 14 days. I declined the return because to my mind it already too late for the buyer to request the return. Fortunately there were no any negative consequences for me.
        Kind regards,

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Yeah, that is totally weird…

        Yes, luckily it was past 60 days so buyer could not leave you a feedback anymore but I would contact eBay and ask why this was possible at all when you have a 14 day returns policy in place.


  14. Hi Andrew

    Is it common practice to ask for photo proof when a buyer says a product has arrived broken. This is what I have alway done but had my first negative feedback because I asked for a photo. The buyer claimed to have thrown the product away so couldn’t take one

    Is it worth trying to get this revised?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Paul,

      Yes, it’s a common practice I often do too, when valuable goods are involved.

      But you should of course try to resolve this with buyer – offer refund and ask them to revise the negative feedback, who knows, maybe they agree.


  15. I just was left my first new feedback from a buyer who won an auction and had not paid, I first sent him a message explaining my payment policy I say I will cancel the transaction after 2 days if I have no reply but if they reply I will gladly hold the item for as long as they need, so 2 days later no reply I then let then know I will cancel the transaction by the end of the day if they still do not respond.
    Well he replied to me to say I was harassing him for payment (of which I never asked for) and that he will leave me negative feedback after the transaction is complete and that he will make me wait longer for payment, at which point I canceled the transaction and sent him a message explaining I can not do business with some one who threatens me.
    He then immediately paid and left negative feed back I immediately refund him.
    He then contacts me and says I cannot help but notice your 100% feedback is not at 93.7% that’s so unfortunate.

    How can he do this he basically have me False feedback just to be spiteful

    1. Andrew Minalto

      you need to report this buyer to eBay immediately. Usually in cases like these negative feedback are cancelled and in some cases buyers are suspended from eBay.

      But in future, you should just stick with eBay rules and open un-paid item case after 7 days of buyer winning the auction.

      1. Hi thanks for your reply I contacted ebay and they refuse to remove it, so I keep calling and I prefer to use communication before strikes because I am a fair And nice seller, even when I’m not happy as a buyer I never leave feedback. I guess I am just too good of a person.

  16. I have sold an item worth £750 , dispatched very well as there is no way getting damage as i know how i packed, after a week buyer opened a case through eBay claimed item is damaged ( item originally come as 7 pices ) buyer claimed one pic in no good which is impossible getting damage as it placed inside other big part.
    any way after a week of conversation decided escalate case through eBay lucky won the case.
    but sadly it was not the end of it after few month can’t remember how long but buyer opened case again through his card provider as paid by credit card, so his credit car provider pulled all £750 from my paypal account, so buyer have his money back plus my item, he never send back my item.
    phoned paypal but they didn’t help.
    by the way the item buyer was claiming about as its damage was new cost £35.

  17. Hi,

    I left negative feedback for a seller. The seller contacted me and offered full refund if I revised my feedback. They sent me a revise feedback button through ebay message but it does not work I can not revise the feedback. I can only make further comment, DO you know what I am doing wrong?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Lisa,

      It’s probably just a problem in the link seller sent you. Ask them to re-send you that link as it’s the only way for a buyer to remove negative feedback.


  18. I had to leave like 5 negative feedbacks, honest ones, out of 187 sellers..not too bad.. when these sellers blatantly lied about the condition of the items, after i asked, many many questions. Some admitted that they lied anyway, hoping i would keep it!!! I have a doll here with eyes painted on with white out and black marker, that i was told, had perfect face paint!!! Darned if there wasn’t something wrong, with everything that they told me was fine. They refused refunds and fought me and i had to open a claim..they made me miss out on good items, by not telling me the truth..all the wasted time sending emails, getting info on their items, bidding, watching, waiting ..stressful, and your long awaited item, is actually apiece of crap and the seller blames it all on me, somehow..that i am a liar!! I took pictures and won the cases, but it was all terribly upsetting. I asked the feedback questions honestly and now numerous sellers have blocked me from buying or bidding!! I guess it doesn’t pay to be honest when it comes to feedback. on Ebay. I really had hoped to protect others, but apparently have screwed myself.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for sharing this with us Emily.

      It just proves that there are two sides of the coin and it’s not always buyers who mess up everything….

      And I can totally relate to product quality issue on eBay – usually though it can be spotted in the product images. But in general, when I buy something on eBay, I tend to stay away from cheapest listing for a simple reason that in 99% cases quality reflects the pricing.


  19. The problem that i cant see mentioned in the article is that ebay gives you a defect if you fully refund any buyer. So you may not get bad feedback but you do get a defect which amounts to the same thing under the seller dashboard.. The rules are set make you fall whatever you do when a customer complains, whatever you do,
    Ebay tracked returns causes similar problems,
    When a customer wants to get in touch because theres a problem, they are steered into opening a case which also results in a defect.
    I had a customer forget to update her address , i never got my parcel back and i issued a full refund and this resulted in a defect.

    Selling on ebay is very stressful.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Ryan,

      I have covered defects in separate articles here:



  20. I purchased an item that did not match the item description , was clearly falsely advertised . Paypal investigated and found in my favor (Ebay were not interested) . Seller refused to pay return postage . Left negative feedback so that others would not fall into same trap and now the negative feedback has vanished and seller is now selling same item with same false claims under a different name .

    I won’t be using Ebay or Paypal again , to easy for scammers to get away with it and keep trading .

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Usually it’s the other way around (buyers scamming sellers on eBay).

      In your case, you should have simply opened returns case with eBay and get your money back that way.


  21. I’m a new seller on ebay Australia, got a neg feedback couple of days ago ruined my 100% positive feedback ,she or he left a comment:” item broken after 1 use” without contacting me. I contacted this buyer immediately after I saw this feedback , apologised and offered him options of fully refund or replacement, and told him to keep the item. he responded immediately and promised he will remove the feedback if I refund his full cost, I refunded full cost and sent him a feedback revision request, but no response at all, I sent another two emails today , still nothing happened… I feel so unfair as this means he did not pay a cent for this item but left a neg feedback on me . I’m a fairly new ebayer, only have 30 positive feedbacks, his negative feedback affect my rating a lot, have not got a single sale since then, contacted ebay , were told that they are no longer to remove buyer’s feedback …

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Angela,

      Give it another day or two – maybe that customer hasn’t checked their emails yet.

      If you have a phone number, give them a call.


  22. I desperately need help! Thank you in advance to anyone who reads and has input. I recently had a non paying bidder on a dress I sold. In those 48 hours I messaged her and invoiced her. I got no reply. After 50 hours, I sent it to eBay for payment and the case was opened. On day 3, she paid the bill. I immediately (same day as payment) shipped and sent a nice thank you card. When I opened the case I wrote on her feedback in the positive category “non paying bidder. No reply to msgs. Ebay case opened.” When she got the item she messaged me that I should have just waited for her because she would have paid when she wanted and that I’m so stupid! She also said because I opened the case and wrote it on her feedback, she was going to “negative me” which she did. She wrote “I paid before 2 days. Are you crazy?” I was in tears that she did this to me. When I replied to her “so stupid message” I told her a valid case was opened and that no seller can open a case early and to PLEASE NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN. She messages me again to “take my meds”. I called eBay very upset that I’m taking a beating as a seller for their own non payment policy. They removed her unjust negative feedback yesterday and advised me to no longer reply to her. Since my last contact was to NOT contact me again she decided to message me that the dress I sold her really isn’t a small as I sold it. She feels it’s an XS since it’s too small for her. I then see that she had gone through eBay requesting a return stating that the dress is misrepresented in the listing (size) and that it looks gray in spots (It’s a pink perfect dress). She never once mentioned any of this in her abusive messages to me. If an item is damaged that’s going to be the first thing you write to the seller! This girl isn’t going to let me go! She wont let the contact stop! I had no choice, but to reply since she’s now wanting a case opened. I have a no return policy. It’s clear to me that she only paid to get eBay off her back and that she didn’t really want this so now she’s going to pull whatever she has to so she can get a refund! Ebay saw through her retaliation in the feedback, but what can I do now? If I get this dress back it will be in little pieces! This girl is insane! I have refused her return, but on 11/26 she can escalate it. This girl who had an open non paying bidder case is causing nothing but problems! She’s doing whatever she can do to get out of this purchase and to keep up the communication. Please help!! I can’t sleep at night over this.

    1. I didn’t state this. I’m sorry this is so long. The dress had the brand and size tag cut out of it last time I wore it because it was itchy. I stated this CLEARLY in the listing and discounted the dress by 25% due to this. The fact that the tag had been cut was part of the listing. I kept the tag which this abusive buyer didn’t realize. When I replied to the ebay message that she wanted a full refund I sent a pic of the tag with the size Small on it. When I refused her refund I did offer to mail her the tag if she really wants it. She says that I purposefully and knowingly tried to pass this dress off as a small while knowing it was really an XS so she would buy it! I have no way of knowing who is going to bid or buy in advance! Who thinks like this? It would sell either way! I don’t know if this will shut her up with her questioning the size, but then she stated it has gray spots that just magically appeared and that she just decided to mention. Help!!!

      1. Andrew, I wanted to post the outcome since it happened today less than 24 hours since I asked for advice. I told this bidder that these gray spots she claims were on the dress did not appear to be there in the inspection photos and video I took just minutes before I shipped and that she needed to tell me where they were located? She admitted that the size was right and that no spots were there and that she just wants her money back because she feels she paid too much. She also wrote that she is shipping the dress back today without ebay approval and without grounds (other than buyers remorse) and that I can go rip someone else off. I called ebay again who escalated the case (it wasn’t due until 11/26 for escalation) and ruled today in my favor right then! They read that she made these defects up hoping to get her money back though I have a no return policy. The case is CLOSED! If she actually mails the dress back as she says she’s doing, I will refuse delivery. This was a happy ending! I have learned from reading your advice to never leave truthful feedback, or any feedback on a non paying bidder as they will likely retaliate and make your life a living hell like this witch did to me. Thank you for giving everyone great advice! 🙂

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Great to hear that Stacey! 🙂


  23. Useful post, thanks.

    I’m a bit infuriated as I had a buyer purchase an item this afternoon and then leave negative feedback the same evening saying it hadn’t arrived yet…! I’ve contacted them asking them nicely to change it. If not, hopefully ebay will step in.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Clara,

      That is ridiculous. You should contact eBay straight away and explain the situation. If email doesn’t help, call them up.

      It could be that they made a mistake though so hopefully buyer will change it first.


  24. savvygirlmisskris

    I thought I had read somewhere that if you sent an item via “Free Shipping” which was stated in your listing, the buyer could not leave negative feedback. Is this true? Are there any hidden situations like this that would allow for negative feedback to be removed?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      no, that’s not true.

      When you offer free shipping in your listing you get automatic 5 star DSRs for Shipping. But buyer can still leave you negative feedback.


  25. Hi Folks!

    I am a seller on ebay, I stop sell there for sometime and back in beginning of 2014 hoping things got better, so far I have being 100% TOP RATED SELLER PLUS and Power seller, Fast shipping service and a lot of feedbacks saying the package is well made and safe but today I received a negative feedback due a damage on delivery from a buyer/seller (yes this person is a seller I checked the feedback, someone who do not sell in the last 6 months but a seller).

    This person never contacted me, just left a negative feedback saying the item arrived crushed… I actually have a return policy and I pay for ALL FEES, I also state it in my list, I offer even return if the buyer remorse, but anyway this person simple left a feedback negative.

    I contact back, asking why did not contact me, and also saying I can help, I could refund I just need a picture of the damage item and now I am waiting but my guts saying will be unpleasant reply based this person is a seller and are able to damage someone else score without any contact….

    Just to explain my service, I do package all very well, with free shipping and rarely I have a problem even in international transactions… I got out ebay for over a year and even with it, from the time I back to ebay (this year 2014) to now I already have over 540 feedbacks all positive with 5 STAR dsr in all until this feedback (what is a lie as I described the item correct), and just to register I sell high brand makeup what is a very fragile product what means I have a really good package and service.

    Anyway how is it my fault if USPS Damage the product? I do not mind to full refund the buyer and even let the product with the buyer BUT A NEG CLOSE TO XMAS IS BAD…. Do ebay remove feedback in this situation, when the damage was from the other hand?
    Trying to request remove on the ebay page as you said but do not found something to fit my issue, please advise.

    Thank You,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kelen,

      Thanks for sharing this with us.

      eBay won’t remove this feedback, unless you can get customer to remove it for you.

      It’s obviously not your fault but this is how eBay works. With so many sales in your history, one negative feedback won’t destroy your business or get TRS status removed so you just have to accept this and move on keeping providing superb service.


      1. Hello Andrew,

        Thank you for your reply, I just want to let here a follow up on it.

        I remember read something in pass saying about it could be changed in case it is not on sellers control (in the new updates on ebay, in the shipping guidelines)

        Anyway I hate call ebay, even let the number to receive the call, so I prefer to try something else… Anyway, soon as I saw it, the feedback, I asked the buyer why didn’t she/he contacted me and I asked if she/he did read my exchange policy… Apparently she/he fell like should not let the feedback, and replied back apologize asking if she/he could change it still, so looks like this is solved but still will count as a defect in my clean historic, but as you say it will not really affect me, I just concern because the volume of sells should increase in this next months and the chances of get more defects or negatives too, so better clean what can be clean before get to the point of affect the reputation.

        Thank You, I found very useful your blog material,

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Thanks for the update Kelen, nice to hear you sorted it out with the buyer.

  26. I just spoken to ebay

    apparently even buyers lie through their teeth and leave a negative feedback,

    ebay will not remove it.

    Customer bought a budget tablet with no brand, and they called this fake . . . . seriously.

    customer was twisted wanting to take this to trading standards and small claims courts blah blah blah, I would love to see what answer the trading standards officer say. . . .

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Ben,

      Did you officially reported that feedback for removal?

      As one thing is what they say on the phone and different when someone actually looks at your case…


  27. Hi Andrew,

    I too am a disgruntled seller with 100% feedback…until yesterday. Someone bought my item but a week later still hadn’t paid so I sent her a polite message asking for her to pay and I would send out the item ASAP. I heard nothing back so a few days later filed an unpaid item case (I’ve had to do so many of these, it’s so annoying) and after the required amount of time passed I closed the case with no payment received, blocked the buyer and left her fair positive negative feedback to warn other sellers saying that she hadn’t paid and didn’t respond to communication. A week later I receive a vile message full of abuse and profanities from this psychotic buyer who then threatened me with negative feedback which she obviously couldn’t give as the unpaid item case was closed. Then surprise surprise minutes after I receive this message, another buyer buys the same item, doesn’t pay, doesn’t message me at all on that account and immediately leaves me personal, abusive feedback. Now this is no coincidence as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s quite clearly the same buyer on a different account. I didn’t think I’d have any issue at all getting feedback removed because, well, how can I be judged on a transaction that hasn’t happened?! But nope, eBay sided with the buyer and says the feedback rating is there to stay regardless of whether or not I think it’s fair and hurling verbal abuse at me was fine too apparently. Did I just have the misfortune of speaking to one dodgy CS helper? Is there anything I can do? It’s taken me down from 100% to 97.7% and I’m livid.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Emily,

      Thanks for your comment.

      First of all, you should try going the official feedback removal procedure within eBay’s system as explained in my guide. If it still doesn’t work, then try calling eBay again as it really does matter who you speak with – some customer service reps are more “supportive” to sellers than others.

      But I must say that you did make a mistake on your own by leaving that negative feedback to buyer in first place. I would never do that as why do you gain from it? Nothing! You should just do the un-paid item case, get your fees back and re-list the item. NOt leave negative feedback to buyer as it can always play back on you like it happened in this case.

      You don’t even know what happened there to this buyer – it could be that they won an auction and next day got hospitalized with heart attack. How could they possibly pay you?

      Not saying that there are no serial bidders who do not pay. There are. BUt there’s no point in leaving such negative feedbacks to them. There’s simply no point.


      1. Great advice Andrew! I did exactly what Emily did by noting in the bidders feedback which has lead to my own personal hell with a psychopath! I called ebay and spoke to a guy who found the feedback retaliatory and removed it. I’m so sorry Emily didn’t speak to the same guy… I will never again note anything about non paying bidders though they are so annoying and frustrating!

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Stacey,

        I feel your pain… some customers are simply way off charts or pure crazy…

        Glad to hear you have sorted this out now. Just proves that eBay support sometimes can be helpful, if you get the right person on phone.

        Thanks for sharing this with us.


  28. Hi,

    Does eBay have a statute of limitations when is comes to neg. feedback? Just had 100% rating fall due to customer claiming product does not work after having it in their possession for over one month. The negative feedback mentions nothing about how I as a seller served them. Only saying their product broke after a month which really makes this a product review and not a seller review. I sent a very kind feedback request and the buyer denied. Note this buyer has less than 10 positive feedback which shows they are fairly new to eBay. What to do? Will eBay help?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You can of course try contacting eBay but this is really not a case of unfair feedback in eBay eyes…

      If you can’t get buyer change their mind and remove that feedback, eBay won’t do it either in this case as it’s still a feedback about product, which they’re fine with.


  29. Hi…. I got left a negative feedback which ruined my 100% rating… It’s the first one I’ve been left
    In nearly 1,000 transactions and it has really wound me up.
    The seller, from Italy has left it claiming his item didn’t turn up. Fair enough, it happens from time to time. The thing that has annoyed me is he didn’t even contact me and let me know.
    If I know it didn’t turn up I would have sent him a replacement or even refunded him depending on what he wanted… It’s so infuriating that I’ve lost my perfect score for a problem that could have easily been dealt with.. Would eBay remove it if I claimed it was unfair feedback?.. Or is it all down to the buyer ?.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      eBay won’t simply remove it (cases like these do not qualify as “unfair feedback” in eBay eyes).

      Your only option really is to contact buyer and offer him refund in exchange of feedback removal. That is if you haven’t sent refund already.


  30. Hi Andrew,

    Last week a competing seller ordered my item as a sample which he wanted to buy in bulk to sell around the festive season in november, he left me a negative feedback of the item being not as described without even contacting me, then he contacted me about the issue, i offered him full refund if he removed his negative feedback, now the refund is also given, my item is with him and i’m left with a negative feedback which i feel was left as a strategy as I was selling the particular product at the lowest price on ebay india and he wanted to damage my 100 pc positive feedback record.

    I have contacted him so many times but he’s not responding. His earlier replies were also a slightly abusive and psycho type.

    Is there any way out ?

    1. And one more thing, he left a feedback ‘ the item worked fine for first day but did not turn on the next day’ and he has claimed refund by raising claim for item not received. These two are conflicting situations as how can a person review a product as bad which he has not even received. Can this be used against him to remove the feedback.

      1. Andrew Minalto

        yes, absolutely.

        You should contact eBay and hopefully they will remove that feedback for you.

        I’m not sure what’s the procedure and rules on feedback removal is on eBay India but on eBay.co.uk, in cases like these, such neg feedbacks are removed.


      2. Cacofonix

        I had the same problem on my first negative feedback. First meaning that is still there. The buyer told me that the battery I sold him was defective, and I offered a full refund and revising feedback. He never changed it, saying that he did. eBay never removed the feedback.

  31. I am reasonably new business seller and just had a customer ruin my 100% feedback status. I had posted out their item in good faith, but Royal Mail decided (despite all other packages of same size arriving without incident) that postage for this item was underpaid by 11p and charged my customer £1.11 to receive the item. My customer contacted me direct (she didn’t open a case, which was good) and I apologised, and gave her a full refund of £2.49. As this was a low value product, I allowed her to keep the item for the inconvenience.

    This was over 2 weeks ago. Just went on tonight to check sales and saw her negative feedback:
    Negative feedback rating Very poor on delivery.

    I am absolutely disgusted!!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Allan,

      That’s so unfortunate..

      Try contacting her again and ask for negative feedback removal. Maybe she mixed up something?


  32. I’d like to politely (or i should say gently) respond to a critical feedback from a customer who is upset over the price he paid. Truthfully I’d like to say “hey you felt it was worth it or you wouldn’t have bought it” lol 🙂 but of course I can’t.

    Any suggestions on a 80 character response? I’d like to point out that ebay is a re-sale marketplace but other than that I’m drawing a blank.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Andrew Minalto

      What the feedback says exactly?

      1. It reads ” I found out I paid double the value for these tix. What a rip off”

        some info about us, we are a very public ticket broker and our Ebay ads are super clear about tickets being priced above face value. I think it’s clear that Ebay isn’t ticketmaster. I don’t want to respond condescendingly because I realize some people don’t understand ticket brokering, and perhaps don’t read the ads, but I do need to acknowledge the feedback somehow…

        Any help is appreciated. thank you!

      2. Andrew Minalto

        not much you can do about it Laura…

        Just leave a meaningful comment trying to explain that you do not sell tickets at face value.

  33. Just had a guy crush my 100% positive. I think I can get it removed though. I sold a dvd without the case. I put ‘case not included’ first in the title, then in item specifics and once again in the description. So the buyer first threatens me then leaves a negative ‘Case wasn’t included’.
    Isn’t that something that ebay removes? Plus him
    emailing me feedback extortion. I think it might get removed but the worst part will be having to talk to a customer service person

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Yes, in cases like these you stand a high chance that eBay will remove the feedback.

      So just start the procedure and see how it goes.


  34. Jo Tyrrell

    So what happens when you have left negative feedback for the item not being as described the seller sends you a form to revoke the feedback and offers you a full refund which I stupidly accepted and now they wont refund me im furious as they will not reply to me so now it feels my only option is to buy again from them just to leave negative feedback and get my own back even if I am out of pocket.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jo,

      If the communication happened on eBay, just contact eBay and explain the situation – they will be able to see that seller offered full refund in the message centre.


  35. I made the mistake of agreeing to a transaction and paying for goods without checking … turns out the seller didn’t give me the advertised discounts for bulk purchases. Contacting the seller got me nowhere and eBay refused to intervene.

    So I left negative feedback, as per my right — this feedback mysteriously disappeared with no word from eBay. Of course, I am a small-time buyer which eBay probably earns very little from. The seller has tens of thousands of transactions to their name.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Chris,

      Depends on what did you say in that feedback?

  36. […] refunding in full either way. Yes you may save a bit but you will cost yourself a lot of hassle and negative feedback which, at the end of the day, really isn’t worth […]

  37. I take it personally, I guess when you are a respinsible seller you ca t help getting upset at an unfair negative feed back. My first one. I shipped on time, provided tracking. A new buyer goes to the feedback and writes I WANT MY MONEY BACK, I DIDNT RECEIVE MY SEEDS. Did Not contact me. I guess a new buyer doesnt know the rules. Anyways, I a. In the middle of disputing this negative feedback an ebay iliterate buyer left me.

    1. I am curious how the truly crooked ebay sellers are removing their negative ratings. I recently ordered a “2000 Lumen Ultrafire Flashlight” and the flashlight I received turned out to be counterfeit. I noticed right away that it was not performing as it should and after checking into it, I found it to be a total fake. I gave the seller a negative rating. He did offer to refund the $13 if I spend $10 on postage to ship it back. Later in the same day, I checked and the negative feedback was totally gone. Not only that, but I did a product review that explained how I discovered it was fake. That too was totally gone — along with all the other low rated reviews. When I gave him the negative rating, it asked why and I specified that the item was counterfeit. Unlike in the above description of the removal process, ebay never contacted me. When I called in to complain, the lady said that it was very unusual that the negative comment was removed without any notations on her computer.

      Call me paranoid, but it sure sounds like this guy has a way of removing negative ratings outside the normal ebay process.

      1. Power Sellers can have neg feedback removed frequently because ebay has a preferred status for them–in other words the rules don’t apply to those making them a lot of money. I am a preferred buyer now & two of my negs were removed from the same seller. Even ebay Concierge support told me it should not have been removed, yet they refused to restore it. Finally after 6 more phone calls & half a dozen emails they finally restored one of the neg feedback they claimed could not be restored. Ebay will lie, manipulate or do whatever it takes to please the big money sellers. I used to be a power seller & I received special treatment. I am a Buyer Concierge (preferred) member & I get special treatment other buyers do not. If I receive something thats fake I am not required to get a 3rd party expert opinion–everyone else is! MONEY is the only rule Ebay has ever followed–fairness has nothing to do with it. Whoever has the most money wins.

      2. Gerald

        I saw the same thing happen on Amazon (sorry not trying to derail the thread). I had left a negative feedback since the seller refused to take responsibility for broken item. I went and checked 3 days later to see if i got a response back, and instead the negative feedback is gone without any explanation AND i’m unable to leave him another one. Strange!

    2. I just had a buyer break the item, leave me a negative feedback and THEN send me a message demanding to return for all the money back plus return shipping. How do I deserve a negative when they broke it? I even offered a completely free repair including shipping both ways! New buyer of course with a whole 9 feedback. I allowed a refund through eBay for the item cost, they said they will close the case then immediately appeal declare me the winner and I will get my original shipping cost back and no defect on my account. She “thought” that “might” remove the feedback but I don’t think so – I will probably be making yet another phone call to attempt to have it removed.

      1. Andrew Minalto

        That’s very unfortunate Jamie…

        Such buyers should be banned from eBay FOR LIFE!

        But don’t just leave it like that – eBay is actually very helpful with dealing with such dishonest buyers so you def. want to contact eBay and explain the situation in detail.


    3. Andrew Minalto

      Hopefully you’ll get it removed.

      eBay should have a rule that new members (buyers) can’t leave a negative feedback until they get 5 feedbacks from sellers!

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