March 15, 2017 by Andrew Minalto - 8 Comments

Has eBay Completely Messed Up the New Product Review System?

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As eBay usually introduces changes to first and only after some testing, to other regional eBay sites, I often check out to see what kind of news/improvements eBay is working on. Usually these changes are implemented globally within 6-12 months after launching on

So last week I was simply browsing the site and noticed something new in the product listing page – a new SEE FEEDBACK link right above the Buy It Now button:

When you click on that “See feedback” link – it shows feedback received from people who bought this particular product.


You figured out that people want to see product specific feedback and reviews and it only took you about 20 years!

This is actually the way eBay should have implemented the product review feature in the first place! They should simply add a 5 star rating for the feedback and re-name it so that the feedback/review would actually be one entry, with no additional options etc.

And most importantly – it would be LISTING based and NOT product identifier based! As currently people are “stealing” product identifiers to get good reviews on the product they’re selling (even if the product is slightly different).

Yes, you may argue that product reviews should be separated from feedbacks for transactions – I agree to some extent BUT let’s be real here – most people who leave feedback on eBay are actually reviewing the product itself, rather than purely the transaction. Plus there’s always the option to talk about both, if enough characters are given.

If you take a look at Amazon – their success is built on product reviews, not seller feedback! Who even checks those feedbacks on Amazon anymore? I don’t! Only around 2% – 5% buyers on Amazon leave seller feedback and they’re mostly good anyway, as Amazon’s rules on selling are very strict. And if the seller uses FBA for product fulfilment, there’s nothing to talk about really as the transaction/shipping/packaging will be perfect in 99% of cases.

So what I’m trying to say here is that IF eBay rolls out this new ‘See Feedback” function across all sites, the new product reviews feature actually becomes less important as finally people will be able to quickly see feedbacks for SPECIFIC LISTINGS!

I also believe that this even further confuses the average customer – it’s not like the new review system has been implemented that well, it’s not that popular and now – with this “See Feedback” feature, it complicates it all even more!

As I said – I would simply merge both of these into one – re-name them reviews, get rid of all the options/specs reviews etc. and just make it a simple 5-star system with space for a comment. And that’s it!

If eBay offered some kind of incentive for people to leave reviews (even if it means some credit for free listings or something like that), they could quickly make it a big success!

Obviously no one at eBay will listen to me, these are just my random thoughts that I wanted to get out there and share with you! 🙂

Ok, rant over!

What do you think? Is this a good addition or will it simply confuse customers even more? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please leave your comments below!


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  1. totally agree

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You’re not alone! 🙂

  2. I left a long product review of some speakers I bought on eBay, it was a 4 star review, and the review is not showing. I wrote out at least two paragraphs about the speakers, and all for not. Didn’t appear in the review section of the speakers. Very disappointed…

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Reviews are not guaranteed to show up on eBay, as far as I know…

      But you can try contacting eBay support and ask them for more details on this.


  3. Hey Andrew, new to the blog, some great info.

    I am only just starting to use Ebay after years on Amazon. For product reviews, do you recommend any automated software for requesting Ebay Reviews and where does Ebay stand on incentivising reviewers (ie – free products), something Amazon has clamped down on recently.



    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You can simply customise emails in Selling Manager Pro and ask for a review, eBay will also send out an email asking for a review.

      As far as incentivising reviews – not sure on this, I haven’t seen any rules from eBay regarding this.


  4. “GENIUS EBAY!!!!

    You figured out that people want to see product specific feedback and reviews and it only took you about 20 years!”

    Haha… Andrew I was thinking the same 🙂


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Exactly! 🙂

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