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How to Increase & Lift eBay Selling Limits?

March 25, 2014 by Andrew Minalto - 240 Comments
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ebay-selling-limitsSo after much deliberation, planning and procrastination, you’ve finally decided to start your own eBay business… Great, but there’s just one problem – selling limits.

What are selling limits and how do they affect you?

Well on eBay there are limits in place for new sellers. These limits can be:

  • Account-based,
  • Category-based,
  • Item-based.

They were introduced to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers/scammers.

In general these limits will only affect new accounts with less than 90 days selling history but depending on the items you sell and your DSRs and feedback level, you may have specific restrictions/limits placed on your account. ‘Dangerous’ items that are very high value (mobile phones, tablets etc.) or have a lot of fakes being sold (designer clothing, handbags) are usually what eBay scrutinise the most.

How do these limits work?

According to eBay themselves, you have a limit on “sold items, gross merchandise volume, and active items for sale”. Basically that means the number of items sold, the total value of items sold, and the number of current listings.

Account-based Allowances

Account-based allowances are based on your general activity and account status.

Generally the account-based allowances are for new sellers and it is usually set at 10 items per month/£650 in sales – whichever comes first.

However that is not guaranteed and can vary depending on your specific circumstances but it is mainly based on how old your account is, what you sell, and how well you do in your seller performance standards – i.e. your feedback levels and DSR ratings.

This is a very important part of having the new account limits increased/removed as really that’s the whole point – eBay want to see evidence that you’re a reliable and genuine seller who will provide a high level of service to buyers. So you need to meet eBay’s minimum detailed seller ratings requirements and then you can ask eBay to increase your limits.

detailed-seller-ratingsAt the moment the minimum DSR requirements are:

Percentage of 1 and 2 ratings:

  • Item as described – 1%
  • Communication – 2%
  • Dispatch time – 2%
  • Postage & packaging charges – 2%

Maximum number of occurrences:

  • Item as described – 3
  • Communication – 3
  • Dispatch time – 3
  • Postage & packaging charges – 3

DSRs are of course something you always have to work on but when you first start out it is especially important so do whatever it takes to keep your buyers happy!

As well as being measured on your DSRs, eBay will of course also monitor the amount of negative or neutral feedback you receive, and if you’re deemed to be performing below the required standard, further limits will be placed on your account.

Verifying information that you’ve given to eBay such as your address, bank account and contact details can also help with initial limits that are placed automatically on new accounts.

And this is something that always surprises people so I thought I’d clarify it – these new account limits DO apply even if you have other accounts on eBay with a long sales history that are in good standing feedback-wise.

Ridiculous I know, as eBay are obviously aware of your other accounts but unfortunately that’s the way it works.

There is one thing you can do though, you can call eBay and specifically ask them about your new account limits, explain that you’ve been selling for a long time, have good feedback etc. and that this is a new venture and then ask them to increase the limits on your new account for you, which they will usually do with no problems, provided your other account meets the necessary criteria:

  1. Your first positive feedback was more than 90 days ago.
  2. You don’t have any unresolved cases.
  3. Your DRSs are at least 4.8 in all areas.

So if your other account meets these conditions (which it should definitely do) then you can request an increase in selling limits from eBay without waiting 90 days.

Category-based Allowances

high-risk-itemsIn popular / high-value categories (consoles, phones, tablets) or categories that are more susceptible to fake goods (designer clothes, handbags, wallets) there may be listing allowances placed on your account IF:

  • It’s been less than 90 days since your first successful sale on eBay.
  • You haven’t sold multiple items in this category before.
  • You haven’t sold items in this category in over a year.
  • More than 3% of your total transactions have resulted in cases being opened against you.

Unlike the account-based allowances, there is not much you can do to get category-based allowances removed ahead of the set time frame. Your only real choice is to start slow, establish a positive selling history in that category and prove to eBay that “you’re able to meet the needs of your customers”.

Not ideal of course, but 90 days is not a long time and you really have no alternative if you want to sell on eBay in these categories. Whatever you do, please DON’T list in different categories in an attempt to ‘beat’ these limits as it’s a breach of eBay’s search and browse manipulation policy  and if they find out it will result in extensive limits being placed and most likely account suspension as well.

While I’m on the topic, let me just say this applies to ALL the so-called black hat methods out there for avoiding eBay’s limits! It’s simply not worth it and a terrible idea; I mean do you really want to risk your entire business for the sake of not waiting 90 days! Just take my advice and play everything by the book.

Once you have sold in a particular category for over 90 days with no problems and have good feedback and DSR scores, category-based allowances will be automatically removed so there’s no need for you to contact eBay about it.

Item-based Allowances

This refers pretty much only to counterfeit or unauthorised goods and while some of these restrictions will be lifted in time, others always remain in place. Again, you need to establish a good selling history and then you can contact eBay and request an increase in these limits BUT you need to be 100% confident in the authenticity of the items you’re selling and in your supplier.

Often eBay will ask you where you source the goods and you will need to provide them with that info in order to show everything is 100% legitimate.

Everyone is well aware of eBay’s stance on counterfeit goods and they don’t need much reason to restrict or ban sellers based on this so as I said, make sure you’re completely confident in the authenticity of your items and you’re able to prove it if asked.

So as you can see, there is nothing too complicated or difficult about selling limits and as long as you start slow and provide an exceptional level of service, most of them will be automatically lifted after 90 days anyway.

Sometimes you may need to contact eBay but there’s nothing to be afraid of! They simply want some more information about you and your business and generally only ask simple questions like:

  • Where do you get your items?
  • What are your goals with this business?
  • How fast do you dispatch orders?
  • How do you get pictures for your products?
  • Etc.

As you might have already guessed from the last two questions, eBay prefer you to have items ON HAND and dispatch them yourself which may be a problem if you’re dropshipping orders (another reason why I’m not a big fan of that business model) but other than that calling them to discuss your limits can be a great idea, especially if you’re registered as a business seller, and will usually result in your allowances being increased straight away.

I hope this little guide helps you understand the new account limits and how they work, and if you need any advice on how best to deal with them for your business, don’t hesitate to post in the comments box below and I’ll do my best to help.


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  1. Hello Andrew,

    I’m selling on ebay for 3 years. From the beginning till 6 months ago, all things have worked well. But for my last 3 months, my fulfillment vendor does not work well and fail to deliver my item, it cause I have high item not receive rate and cause eBay decrease my selling limit. After that I changed the fulfillment vendor and it is working well now, it is been few weeks since I have a new fulfillment vendor. May I know if eBay will increase my selling limit automatically again like what it was if my selling performance remain as good as my first 2 years. I don’t want to call to eBay because I’m not good at talking or speaking.

    Thanks for your support.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry, but I don’t sell on eBay anymore so don’t really know how these things work there in 2020…


  2. Hello,
    I’ve had some old accounts at ebay.com and ebay.co.uk but I’ve almost closed it all. I decided to start dropshiping on ebay.co.uk with a new account. After two days I opened, ebay closed me. I contacted them and with them that you have no right to sell on eBay with your credentials. This was a definite and final answer that could not be changed. I called and I talked to them two or three times. Anyway. I went into my old account that I just had opened so long at ebay.co.uk and started to list some products (8) and bought some. Now I have reached the limit of the list and I do not know whether I should contact or not, because I’m afraid they can close my account.
    What do you suggest?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You have no choice really – if you need those limits increased, you will have to contact them. Maybe don’t call but try sending a message first?


  3. Kathryn Shepherdson

    Hello Andrew,

    My apologies if this has already been covered, but I did read quite a number of comments and haven’t seen an answer so far.

    My limit is £3,500/100 items per month. I’m not a business or anything, just a private individual who wants to sell stuff from time to time. However, on this occasion I want to sell a rare coin for £4,500. This is the first time I have seen ‘Request Increased Limits’. However, to save the fuss I would be prepared to drop my starting bid auction price to £3,200, however would there be a problem if bidders took the price over my £3,500 limit?

    Thank you Andrew..

    1. Andrew Minalto

      No, it won’t be a problem.

      You should be able to list it as long as starting price stays below your limit.


  4. Ive been a seller with ebay from 1999 with over 12,500 feedback. Never had issues or problems that couldnt be resolved if someone was unhappy.
    A few years ago I had a horrible customer service rep and when I was asked how they did I left them a negative rating as a rep. (guess they stopped asking those things now..). Ever since then, they put my selling limits to 100 items a month 5000. When I call to complain periodically to see if they will lift it, the flatly refuse. Its like I’ve been blacklisted or something. I would like to file a formal complaint somewhere but where? Im over it all, but what can I do? I sell collectables. Wher e else am I supposed to sell that?

    1. Have you tried Etsy for collectables? I haven’t myself but i heard that you can. Good luck

    2. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Susan,

      Don’t know what to suggest you apart from calling them again and trying to get through to the manager/supervisor…

      I don’t sell on eBay anymore so don’t know what the latest rules on this are.


  5. Im new, i am a dropshipper you state that if i goto call them and ask to lift my limit,,, they will ask where i get my stuff from………….. so saying i get it from amazon.com would they say thats NO?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Yes, most likely.

      So don’t call them! 🙂


  6. After a month of listing, I hit my 10 item listing restriction! When I tried listing my 11 item, it gives me option to increase my selling limit by sending information via their ebay portal or call. I went with the first option, I thought it was a simple answering questions and verifying my personal information. The next morning, I got an email stating that they couldn’t increase my selling limits. To make the story short, I called and the guy was pretty friendly and asked me some questions like where I got my stuff and etc. He increased it to 75 items a month! So, if your account is new I suggest call them and it only take less than 3 minutes on mine.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Joe,

      Yes, I also always recommend making that call instead of writing them as usually, over the phone, when you speak to a real person they have no problem in increasing the limit.


  7. Stili group

    Hi, we tried calling Ebay and a third world country operator answered, who was there only to reject people. You could hear it from their voice that they didnt have any authority to allow you an increase in selling limits. We told them that we are approaching the 100k limit and that we are a growing business with sales made and that we wanted to have more limit to post more items. The operator simply said that this couldn’t be done and that we have to wait till next month to get an increase based on our performance this month.

    We went ahead and asked how much will the limit get increased and if I recall well they mentioned something like 50% max, which in our case wasn’t good enough anyways.

    My point being here…calling won’t solve you anything…they won’t actually increase you the limit. You will speak with some operator without any authority who will only suggest ways how to remove some items from your inventory on ebay to make place for other items…really not helpful. This was done in march 2018 for a reference.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      It really depends on who you get to speak to as often one person tells you one thing while someone else – totally different.

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I am a new seller on ebay.com they have restricted my sells. might be over limit for listing 10/month…. nothings has been sold… i suddenly removed all odd listings & added only three fresh listings…. after some hours they restricted my account.

    Please advice what should i do??? should i wait for next month or call them??

    Thanks in advance



    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Abdul,

      You should simply call eBay, speak with them and try to sort this out.


  9. I have opened a new ebay account and i have 120 items a month limit, I’ve made some sales and have 11 feedback, I have an old ebay account that no longer has a selling limit, how do i lift the selling limit of my new account?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jess,

      First sell/use the 120 item limit and then contact eBay and ask them to increase your limit. They should do it for you, no probs.


  10. Hi
    I also opened an eBay account on eBay.com. the mail I received after documents verification, confirms that listing limit is 100 per month. But it shows only 10 in my log in.
    What to do

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Contact eBay support to get this sorted.

  11. Thank you sharing the information. I have a question about canceling order, because I have to cancel some of customers order since it’s out of stock from source. However, I am worry that it might affect my ebay store. So, how many items can I cancel within a month?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Macon,

      Yes, it will affect your account – you’ll get a DEFECT for this order cancellation.

      But if it will be just 1 defect, you’ll be fine.


  12. Steve Westwood

    Brilliant mate….you describe it without it feeling intimidating …EBay are so generic in emphasizing the red tape rules that it comes across as being reprimanded and actually makes me nervous to call them. Now you’ve put it over in a friendly and easy to understand way I feel happy to get my account levels increased. ..big thank you

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You’re welcome Steve! 🙂

  13. Constantin

    I have bought a featured shop,the one at 70 pounds and as i understand from what ebay is trying to explain is that i have 1500 fixed price monthly allowance but when i try to list something it says “We’re having some trouble right now. Please try again later.” and above “Request higher selling limits”
    So what i am asking is how mane allowances i have with this featured shop per month??

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Constantin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Your selling limits are not directly related to shop subscription you have. You can’t simply subscribe to Featured Shop and get your limits raised by doing that. Shop subscription does NOT automatically increase your selling limits.

      So you need to contact eBay and ask them to increase your current limits, of possible.


  14. Hello, I’ve had my ebay account for 8 months now, the 1st 3 months I only used it for buying. BACK in November I started selling (musical instruments). Up to now I have 28 positive feedback on items I’ve sold & have made over $700. I’ve only had one item returned ($60 value). In December I had emergency surgery and did not pay my seller fees til January by this time my account has been suspended for not paying seller fees. My account is now up to date. But I still have a limit of 10 items a month. Is this because my account was suspended?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      it could be because of that, yes.

      You should call eBay and ask for increase on your limits and see what they say.


  15. Megan Simmons

    I opened my account up and I am stuck with only 10 item limits a month which isn’t enough. I know I can call in and ask for more, but in the event that it fails. Do you think opening up other accounts or stealth accounts can help bypass the selling limits?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      No, it won’t help – all new accounts you open will have same limits.

      I just can’t see this limit be such a big deal – sell those first 5-10 items and then call eBay and ask to increase the limit.


  16. Hi there,
    Im in australia and have been selling for 4 months and have passed the $250 minimum sales mark but to lose the 21 day wait to get paid i have to have over 25 sales. My problem is that my sales number seems to be going down! I have sold 15 items but my 60 day total has dropped to 11 sales. I cant afford the postage on 14 items having to wait 21 days for money to clear so unless im a full time seller i dont think i can ever clear the 25 minimum items.
    Do i have to sell a mimimum amount per month or is something wrong with my account?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi John,

      Your sales count shouldn’t go down obviously.

      Contact PayPal and ask them what exact requirements you need to reach to get this limitation dropped on your account.


  17. Hello Andrew
    I’m new seller on ebay. I put only one item for sale on ebay first time but it removed which is high price item. from 15.12.2015 until now,I have this message( You’ve reached your selling allowance for this month. Request a higher selling allowance, or check next month to see when you can list more items). I don’t know how long i have to wait? what shoud i do?
    please advice me.

    thank you

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kim,

      Please contact eBay and ask them to resolve this issue/glitch for you.


  18. Hi, I opened an ebay account last week and have a 10 item limit. I am itching to sell my stuff but can’t. Question is, are the ‘limits’ on all styles of selling options? ie: If I have multiple items I wish to put up for auction at $5 starting price each, can I? Or is there still a limit? They don’t really make it easy for newbies to sell stuff.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Lesley,

      You won’t be able to list more now if you have already 10 BIN listings up.

      But next week new month starts, then you can list another 10. By that time you should have first feedbacks in from first sales and then you can contact eBay and ask them to increase your limit.


    2. Forgot to mention I have already listed 10 items under a fixed price.

  19. Hanh Truong

    Hi. I created my ebay account 3 weeks ago and sold 3 items (1 item is auction style and unpaid – ebay automatically open an unpaid case for me). ebay also gave me limit on selling limit (10 items/ $500), limit product details, limit on shipping too. So I want to ask in my case how long should I ask for raising the limit? It’s so hard to sell things with more limit ebay put on me. Thank you.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      First, sell those 10 items this month, then sell next 10 in February and then contact eBay and ask to increase your limit.

      They should do it for you, no problems.


  20. Mike Nichols

    I work for a retail store. We use SixBit and some handwritten macros for integration between our CounterPoint based POS system and SixBit. One of those macros failed on us at some point now around a year ago. We had to cancel several items due to being out of stock. Our transactions around that time were between 100 and 500 per month. After the hit, they lowered our selling standards. Now we struggle to get more than 10 sales per month and have been dealing with this struggle since last November. eBay has told us time and time again there is no way out unless we sell our way out. Our defect rating is based upon the number of defected transactions vs the number of all transactions. In December of this year, we were at 25 defects out of 500 transactions in the year. This is a 5% defect rate and our goal is to get below at least 2% or even better to their .50% high rating standard.

    As the months go by our defects are dropping off, but so are the high volume of sales. We lose 5 of those defects in December, but so are the 200 sales that happened in December last year. So, in January we will be sitting at 20 defects for 300 transactions. This makes our defect rate go up to 6.6%

    I have spoke with ebay representatives about this but I hit a solid wall. They will not budge and their advice is to keep selling through it.

    I read comments where people have made new accounts.

    I’ve also considered posting small times at BuyItNow and buying hundreds of them to boost my number of transactions. It would break their rules I am sure but I wonder what I am to do.

    Should I consider making a new selling account or do you have any other advice?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Please read this story on how you can get such accounts back in shape in few weeks time:



  21. Hi Andrew,

    I’ m a new seller, and my limit is 650 GBP/10 items per month.

    Still, last month I managed to list 3 items for 2600 USD all together. I sold 2 items for 2300 USD, got 100% positive feedbacks . Even then I couldn’t understand how I could do that, by the way.

    This month I wanted to list a new item for 1700 USD. The site says that I would exceed my limit. Which is true, but then I just don’t understand what happened last month.

    Any idea?

    Thanks for your help,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Tina,

      Not sure really, could be a glitch (last month).

      You should contact eBay and ask them to increase your limit.


      1. Hi Andrew,

        I did just that and they told me that there is kind of a time-lag for first-time sellers. That is, it takes time for the system to set those limits. My listing had already gone live by the time the system set the limits.

        They were very helpful by the way, and after answering a few questions (concerning dispatch, etc) they increased the limit in a couple of minutes.

        Thanks for your help,


      2. Andrew Minalto

        Awesome, great to hear that! 🙂


  22. Hi it’s the start of a new month my selling limit was reached last month and now this month I still cannot list anything as it says you have reached your selling limit if you upgraded to a business account do you get a bigger selling limit.

    Kind regards

  23. Hi there if you are a individual seller and want to sell a lot of bits you have etc badges,labels and other equipment is it ok to sign up as a bussiness seller if you don’t have a business but you want extra selling limits

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Amar,

      Yes, it’s ok to upgraded to Business account on eBay, even if you don’t have a registered business.


  24. Hello. I’m a buyer, yesterday my account was restricted.
    “You’ve reached a temporary buying restriction.
    It looks like you’ve been restricted from bidding on auction-style listings or buying fixed-priced items that require a commitment because you haven’t paid for previous items that you committed to buy.
    To complete your purchase, click the Add to cart or Buy It Now button in the listing, and pay for your item.”
    I can’t make any best offer from seller.
    But I don’t have any unpaid item.
    I don’t know why.
    Please help me

    Thanks & Best regards!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Please contact eBay directly and ask them about this.

      It could be a mistake or something if you have always paid for items before.


  25. Hi there I have newly opened a Ebay account this month I have sold all 10 items I am allowed to in the first month I also have 25 feedback 100% positive is there any chance eBay will increase my selling limit this month I don’t own another account so I can’t link another account and if they won’t this month what will it increase to next month

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Amar,

      Yes, there’s a high chance that they will increase your selling limit.

      Just give them a call and find out!


  26. Hi, I was wondering if as a new seller with the 10 items limit would be a good idea to subscribe to a basic store account to be able to list more items?. That way I won’t have to wait that long?. Thanks in advance!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Eduardo,

      No, store subscription alone won’t increase your selling limits.

      So it won’t make a difference.


  27. Hi, I am getting increasingly frustrated with ebay in all aspects at the minute! It’s certainly not a sellers game. I started selling again after a few years hiatus and really wondering why I started again, oh yeah I’m skint and need the cash!
    Anyway I set up a new account as I had moved several times and forgot all my details, this was back in February, I actually set up a few accounts as I wanted to have a different account for the various different types of things I sell. Each account was given a limit of 10 items per month. That was fine to begin with as I was finding my feet again. But it’s now October, 8 months and I’m still on a limit of 10 items on each account. All my stats are good and I don’t sell anything dodgy. My problem is I have phonophobia and making that call is an issue for me. I can do the ebay call back thingymajig, but it doesn’t give that option on that bit.

    Talk about guilty until proven innocent! They should give you higher selling limits then reduce if you default etc… not the other way round.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Melly,

      By now your account limits should be increased automatically, if you’re making sales, getting feedback all the time.

      If you don’t want to call them, try sending a message and see how it goes.


  28. Let’s say you have a $10,000 limit monthly. If you then list an item at .99 to go with no reserve can that single item exceed your 10k mark and sale at whatever the bidders bid
    It to????! Thank you

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Doug,

      NO, it’s all good.

      The limit applies to listing’s starting price (in case of auctions).


  29. Cordelia Jones

    Hi. I am a first time Seller, and put up for auction an expensive Natural 1.5 Ct. Emerald Ladies ring. The Emerald has two 1 Cats. Natural Tanzanites on either side of Emerald. 14 Kt white gold. I have certificate of quality/appraisal for $6,500.00. However, since my 1st sell, I’m held to $500. minimum starting bid. I hate to have someone win this ring for $502!! There must be way for eBay to increase my opening bid??

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Cordelia,

      Call eBay, explain them situation and see if they can do anything about this.

      Chances are that they won’t be able to increase your limit though as it is your first listing and obviously it raises red flags for eBay that your first item is so expensive. They have to protect buyers too you know…

      But call them anyway and see what they say.


  30. I have had my eBay account for over 3 years, but haven’t sold anything in 9 months. Prior to that, I had 35 reviews 100% as a seller.
    Now I’m trying to sell again but still have the same 10 item per month account limitation.
    It’s hard trying to get the review numbers up when you can only sell 10 items a month, and not everyone bothers to leave feedback.
    What can I do please?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Melanie,

      have you contacted eBay and asked them to increase your limit?


  31. Hi,

    I have been selling on eBay as a business for about 5/6 months now and have about 310 all positive feedback – even though I have not hit my limit of £7,500 per mount is it worth asking for a higher selling limit now and would this increase my sales?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Lisa,

      If you haven’t reached your selling limits yet, there’s no real need to ask for an increase.

      Increased selling limits does not get you any advantages on eBay/search. It won’t increase your sales.


  32. You reached your selling limits for this month. Request a higher selling limit or check next month to see when you can list more items.

    My eBay account is one year old, I did not list any item due to above error, Please help me to fix it.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      you need to contact eBay (best via the phone) and ask them to increase your selling limit.


  33. I am new seller my question is
    Does ebay charge $50 for increase selling limits up to 250 items or $15000 per month….

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Nomi,

      No, eBay does not charge any money for increasing selling limits.


  34. Hi i’m new to ebay and recently made a bank account. Is there any restrictions placed on new members or do i have to purchase something on ebay first.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Nellie,

      There are usually selling limits in place for new accounts e.g. 10 listings per month.

      You should see if you have any limits by logging into your account and going to Seller’s Dashboard.


  35. Hey,
    I dont know how to explain it , but i am brand new seller to ebay but i still got a monthly start limit of 1000 items or 25000 dollars, or which ever comes first. WOOHOOOOEEEW 🙂
    but seriously…. How is that possible ???????

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Mike,

      That is possible, yes.

      Recently I have seen similar cases where brand new accounts have very high limits so it could be that eBay is leaning away from that stupid 10 item limit for new accounts.


  36. Hi Andrew

    I would like to start an Ebay UK business account, what selling limits does one usually receive upon registration? Is there a way to get the best limits possible from the outset?

    Thanks for any advice

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Sasha,

      Usually it’s 10 listings per month.


  37. Hi, I opened an account in January and maxed out my limit of 10 both months, all sold. I got 8 feedbacks 100%. I sell software digital keys that I ship right away by eBay message. Is it too early to ask for an increase? And when you call what information do they need from me? How likely is an increase? My PayPal is linked and verified.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Shak,

      Are you selling on eBay.com or eBay.co.uk?


      1. ebay.ca is where i am selling

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Well, you should probably just call them and ask for an increase.

  38. Hi Andrew,
    Some clarification required please. I am a recent seller where I have been selling high end brand name that I purchased for my own use but currently do not need anymore. I currently have a 100% feedback, but due to my buying activities. I have been selling for 3 weeks now and was uploading more items and received the restriction “You’ve reached your limit for the type of item you’re trying to list, and you won’t be able list any more of these for 30 days. However, you may still list other types of items. ”

    My question is this, If I sell clothes and shoes, are my restrictions on one or the other or both?
    I have items which have not yet sold and may need relisting in a week, would I be able to relist as I tried to reduce pricing on an item by using the revise option, but it would’nt let me. Your insight would be very helpful here.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Dan,

      Depends – it could be just one category or both. I guess it’s designer/high-end items you’re selling? eBay usually place limits for such items for new sellers as there are lots of fakes out there.

      To find out exactly what limits you have on which categories, call eBay and find out.


      1. Thanks for your reply Andrew.

        With regards to relisting? Would this count as a new listing or part of the pre-existing capacitiy allowance?

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Depends on the limit type really as there are sales or listing limits + category limits + account wise limits.

  39. Alex Foster

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m looking at doing some distributing for a few Chinese firms in the UK (eBay based) with them selling their items and me posting them from my storage in the UK for them, for this to work I believe they will need a new eBay account registered in the UK. I can then cut postage times down to a couple days for them. They have a feedback score of 500k and me 2k. Is there any way to get a new account setup under their name with high selling allowances that can be used for my distribution in the UK? Or can they add a second location to their eBay account?

    Thanks for any help in advance, Alex

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Alex,

      Unfortunately that can’t be done.

      BUT they could still continue using their own established eBay account and simply state item location as UK and offer quick delivery.


      1. Alex Foster

        Thanks for the reply,

        That would mean for their Chinese customers there would then be a long delivery time though?

        It looks like the only solution would be to build up another eBay accounts selling limits.

        Thanks, Alex

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Yes, to cater for both “sides” you would want two accounts.

        OR have stock in 2 places, UK and China.


  40. I want to call ebay UK to increase limit.

    Do they ask anything to verify ?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kian,

      Usually no.

      But in cases you’re doing lots of sales under a personal eBay account, they *may* ask you to upgrade to business account.

      Also, if you sell high risk items, such as designer clothing, they *may* ask you to prove them that these are genuine products – by sending them your supplier invoices.


  41. hello ,i wonder if you can help me, im a private seller with limits of 360 items or £3,000 a month wich ever comes first …i use all my 360 listings every month sometimes i dont sell 360 items each month but they are all listed so all listing amounts are used ..do you think ebay will increase this? i have a 100 percent feedback score….. or is 360 items a month the limit for private sellers ?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Nicola,

      They should def. increase this for you if you have 100% feedback and have limited out max listing allowance for several months now.

      But yes, they “may” ask you to upgrade your account to Business. As in reality if you list 360 listings per month, it’s NOT for personal use anymore.


  42. Hi Andrew,

    I have one account which is a private account with 26 feedbacks with which I can sell up-to 100 items per month a value of £3,500.

    My second account has feedback over 800 but has a limit of 9 items per month or up to the value of £1,350.

    Since the second account is more active and established over 10 years ago I converted it to a business account a few days ago.

    The listing limit is still the same which I didn’t expect. My DSR for this account is 4.9, 4.9, 4.9, 4.6. The 4.6 is for P&P charges. I had 1 bad feedback in 12 months and it was that buyer who left 1 star DSR for P&P.

    Do you think it’s possible for me to increase this accounts limits? I would prefer to be able to have atleast 300 listings limit per month as I have already reached the limit on my first accounts 100 listing limit.

    According to the new rules from February, if I can reach 100 sales within 12 months, my account would be a eBay Top-Rated Seller account as I meet the other criteria.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      The only way to find out really is to call eBay and ask! Nothing bad can happen from this. If they can’t increase your selling limit, they may give you guidelines on which areas on your account you need to improve.

  43. anton harrison

    How to increase your selling limit without becoming a business seller.

    DO :

    1. Open a basic shop, that way you are worth something to Ebay, not just another freeloader expecting to list only when it’s free.
    2. Allow a decent amount of time to pass from when you joined Ebay, no less than 18 months, and already have been upgraded to 100 without having asked for it.
    3. Have a high-enough transaction score. What that figure is will be open to debate. My guess, no less than 300.
    4. Be 100 % positive.
    5. Have an outstanding DSR rating. Anything less than 4.9 should be considered a disaster.
    6. Have a Defect rating in your dashboard of no more than 1 %
    7. Do request the increase when you have achieved the above, it won’t happen automatically, even though they claim it does.


    1. Request the increase using live-chat, or any other written form of communication, as they view such requests as suspect, and are less likely to be agreeable. By calling from the phone linked to your account details you place your request in a more favourable light by confirming you are not a crook.
    2. Never argue, simply submit. Whatever a buyer EVER demands under ANY circumstances must ALWAYS be agreed to, or you can kiss goodbye the greater goal of more sales.
    3. Don’t wait for the supposed automatically adjusted selling increased to kick-in anytime soon.
    4. Remember if you get turned down, fresh requests are considered, so if you have made the grade, ask again next month.
    5. Don’t do anything silly, like stealth.
    6. Don’t give up.

  44. Hi Andrew,

    I am a top rated power seller with a feedback score of 405. However, I only get the standard 40 Free Fixed Priced listings a month. Is the only way to increase the 40 Free Fixed Priced listings is to become an ebay store/business? I recently had my selling limits increased but no increase to my 40 Free Fixed Priced listings. Is there anyway to increase this without becoming an ebay store/business

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Shahir,

      Yes, you can’t get free listings just like that, like an increase on selling allowance. Once you sign up to a basic shop, you’ll then get 100 free listings per month.


  45. can someone help with this. some kid keeps bidding or buying my item but never pays and it’s affect my selling allowance how can i reset it back because even though they havent payed and it’s been like that for days it still has not reset my limit i haven’t even sold anything because of that same person keeps buying and not paying

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Thomas,

      Un-paid items are part of any eBay business. What you simply need to do is after 7 days and no payment, open un-paid item dispute to get your listing fees back and allowance reset.


  46. Hello Andrew,

    yesterday I have call to ebay for increase my selling limit, and the customer support told me that I have to reach 10% of sold items to get increase. It never happens before. Just wondering do you know anything about it. Cos I tried to google for it, but didnt find anything


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Sorry, what you mean by “reach 10% of sold items”?

      1. Ebay explain me if I want to increase my limit, I have to sold 10% of total listed items per month. At this moment I have listed almost 20k items, so I have to sold 2k per month.

        Thank you

      2. How on earth do you find time to list 20000 items per month?? Lol

      3. Andrew Minalto

        20 000 listings???

      4. Thank you Andrew

      5. As I spoke with some competitors, which is selling same item, nobody reach 10% sell through rate. We selling used car parts.

      6. Andrew Minalto

        Well, with car parts it could be true…

        Only option I see is to remove items that don’t sell for say last 6 months to free up free listing space for other products you want to list.


      7. YES

      8. Andrew Minalto

        well, if you can’t reach 10% sell through rate, you’re obviously doing something wrong…

  47. Aurora Lacombe

    This thread has been so helpful and has answered a lot of my questions. Just one thing I wanted to ask your advice on: If I terminate my ebay account and reinstate it would my selling allowance go back up to when I first started? I have 100% good feedback but 8 months ago more than 5% of my items had ‘defects’ (genuinely mostly down to terrible buyers who wanted a quick buck partial refund completely unfair). Although I have now been way back up to only 1% defects and therefore have regained my Above Average Selling Permformance, my selling allowance is still set to £400 or 15 items. Awful considering I used to be on £6000 : (

    Do you think I have been wasting my time trying to claw my way back and should I just open a new account?If so surely they set restrictions on this as it’s all tied to your bank account and email address etc

    I appreciate your help x

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Aurora,

      If your defect rate is now 1% and Above Average Selling performance, have you tried calling eBay and increasing your selling allowance?


      1. aurora lacombe

        Yea, it’s actually about 3% and they won’t do it yet. I’m just worried if I terminate it and try to open a new Paypal to link with my ebay and bank account, they won’t let me. x

  48. Hi Andrew,
    I’m in Sydney, Australia and have been an eBay member since 2004 however I only recently started selling. I’ve been selling less than 60 days but have 100% positive feedback from 9 transactions. 2 buyers just won’t leave feedback no matter how nicely I ask. Don’t get this. I’m in the luxury high end fashion industry and I sell high value items & they are all authentic & guaranteed as such. 2 days ago EBay emailed me congratulating me on my sales & great customer feedback and offered me a selling increase from $7500 AUD to $11,000 and 100 items BUT tonight when I tried to edit & re-list a Prada jewellery item; I wasn’t able to. I tried auction & fixed price but neither worked. I checked my current limit & Im only at $5.5K so I should have no problems relisting the item at $300, yes? Every time I try, I keep getting the same error message – something about buyers in that category expect genuine items, blah, blah & until I get 25 feedback + 90 days + something else I’m unable to list anymore for 30 days!!
    Is this just an error? The offer from EBay increasing my limit to $11K came as an email but there’s no option to reply nor could I find anyone to email re selling limits / increases, apparently can only call.
    Would you recommend that I just call and enquire why my increased limit isn’t working?
    I follow all the rules, I don’t change categories and all my items are described accurately. I’ve a combination of brand new, new with defects & used (generally once or twice for photo shoots or VIP events) and I include photos of the actual item/s which I’ve always on hand. So I can’t understand why there’s a restriction but at the same time a congrats & selling increase?
    I’ve easily over 150 items that I can list but only have 13 active & 12 sold with 4 I need to edit & re-list. Items are designer clothes, accessories, jewellery, fragrances, homewares & collectables such as Rosenthal. So I’m listing a variety of items and some are as low as $50 whereas others are $1K.
    Your suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Mel,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You really should simply call eBay and ask them why you couldn’t re-ist that item.

      Chances are that you have CATEGORY limit set as well, which is separate from your main account selling limits. eBay does usually place category selling limits in designer clothing/accessories, computer software and similar – high risk item categories. So it may well be the case for you too.

      But you won’t know for sure until you call them and find out details.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Hi Andrew,
        Calling eBay is exactly what I did today yet after over an hour on the phone and the customer service officer telling me that I should have been able to list the Prada piece at least 3 times and agreeing that it was only listed and live on the site once; she advised she’d have to investigate and call me back. She went through the usual speech about new sellers, limits, etc but also agreed that eBay had increased my limit for doing so well – whilst still on the phone she tried to dig further & initially said that it was only the Prada brand that I had a restriction on however I should have been allowed to list 3 times BUT she never called back, only emailed at the end of the business day and just sent me the same bs excuse, new seller, it’s to protect me too but once I’ve got 25 positive feedback + 90 days + 5 stars then the “brand category” restriction will be lifted.
        Yet after receiving this email I went ahead and listed YSL, Chanel, Lanvin, Burberry & Gucci items from bags to shoes to jewellery to homewares. Go figure?? Chanel is a much better known brand than Prada yet it appears the only brand I’m restricted to for another 29 days is Prada. Have you heard of this happening before?
        My items are all authentic, the Prada cuff I listed included authenticity card & receipt from Net-A-Porter so no way it could have been questioned as a replica.
        The lady I spoke with also gave me another hint – she told me on her side (eBay side) it looked as if I’d listed 3 times but in fact I’d listed once & tried to re-list twice and received the error messages and couldn’t actually get the listing up. I’m fairly computer literate so what this tells me is that there’s a glitch in ebays systems where they are picking up attempts to list as actual listings. The only way to avoid that happening would be to tick the box to automatically list 3 times if the item doesn’t sell. I haven’t been doing this with all my items as I want to analyse why it didn’t sell and edit, change key words, pictures, pricing, format, etc accordingly and then re-list. Otherwise I’ve discovered any changes I make come up as revisions and potential buyers can actually view previous versions! I’m learning to get my descriptions right the first time, along with my images so any changes will only be to the price, format & maybe the heading.
        Do you think I’m on the right track here……

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Mel,

        This makes sense to me – from the sound of it Prada is in the VERO program and maybe prohibit listing their brand on eBay altogether?

        Apart from this, I’m out of ideas why this is happening to you…


  49. Hi Andrew,

    I am a top rated power seller on eBay with no eBay business or anything like that. I am just a normal seller that is doing it more as a bill paying hobby as i am a student and don’t have the time or the resources to expand into an eBay business.

    I have sold hundreds of items, and have a feedback score 378 with a 99.6% positive rating. I purchase other people’s card collections and i sell each card individually on eBay to make a profit.
    However, i am finding it more difficult to sell these days as the cards sell easily and quickly, but i am still only allowed a total of 40 item listings a month. I have to wait until the next month to list more which is limiting my amount of sales and overall income.

    I don’t want to expand into a business or anything. I just want to know if eBay would let me increase my selling limits to more around 80-100 items a month so it could cater for the higher levels of my inventory.
    Also if it does get approved, do i have to wait till next month for the increased listings or can they increase the number in a matter of minutes?

    Regards, Shahir

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Shahir,

      To increase your selling limit you’ll have to call eBay and ask for an increase. If you’re a TRS already, that means you already have a business account on eBay (which is an upgrade they could ask for if you were still on a personal account level).

      So I can’t see any probs with getting this sorted really. The new selling limit should take effect immediately (if they increase it for you).


  50. My ebay seller level was demoted to ” below standard ” on about August 20, then about September 2 ebay added the Monthly selling limits ” 75 item and $1700 dollars per month “, On September 20 my account was promoted back to the seller level of ” Above Standard”.

    The problem is ebay DID NOT remove my 75 item and 1700 dollar monthly limit when I got promoted back up to ” Above Standard “, Few questions, Will they remove my monthly limits WITHOUT me having to call in after a number of days if so how many days would I have to wait?

    If I have to call in, whats the best thing to tell them and what the best way to deal with the phone rep?

    Help would be greatly appreicated!!!!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jack,

      Your selling limits will probably stay same.

      IF you have already reached the limit and need to list/sell more, you really have no choice but to call eBay and ask them to lift your limit or at least increase it. If your feedback is good, it shouldn’t be a problem really and they will increase or lift it.

      If you haven’t reached limit yet, there’s nothing to worry really about – just sell as you sell and in few months time it could automatically increase or get lifted.


      1. Thank you for your advice Andrew! you say in a few months time it could automatically increase or get lifted, does that mean I do not have to call in and I can just wait a few months? based on the timeline I listed above roughly what month may my limit get lifted?

        If I have to call in, whats the best thing to tell them and what the best way to deal with the phone rep?
        I hope they wont force me to mail them receipts or whatever.

        Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

      2. Andrew Minalto

        Have you reached your current limit in terms of sales/volume?

      3. some clothing items yes but alot of random items also, thanks

      4. Andrew Minalto

        if it’s branded/designer clothing, then yes – they may ask you for proof of original of goods you sell.


      5. what questions will ebay ask me? will they force me to mail them receipts and stuff? thanks for your help!

      6. Andrew Minalto

        no, why would they?

        Do you sell designer clothing or something similar?

      7. If I do not call in, you think they may lift off the monthly limit automatically in a few months? thanks

      8. Andrew Minalto

        it’s really hard to say…

        If you’re afraid of calling, you could try sending them a message via help centre.


      9. yes as of today Im using nearly max of the 75 and 1700 limit already

      10. Andrew Minalto

        Then you just need to call them and ask for an increase.


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