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My Product Showcase: eCommerce Magnates

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ecommerce-magnatesLast week I published the first post in a new series on this blog where I cover my own courses in detail, something that has been requested from me many times.

We started with my first and most popular course, Easy Auction Business, which as the name suggests is all about creating a successful eBay business.

But where do you go after that? I mean, after all, don’t I always talk about diversifying your selling channels to spread risk and ensure you’re not reliant on a single third party?

Well that’s where Easy Auction Business’ “sister course” comes in to play – so today I want to introduce you to eCommerce Magnates!

How It All Started

An eCommerce store is the logical next step of expansion for anyone who has created a successful eBay business and really an online store should be the ultimate goal for anyone who wants to create a real online business (more on why later!).

After the huge success of my first ever product, Easy Auction Business, many of my customers started to ask for a course dedicated entirely to building, managing, and running an online shop.

Well you asked, and I answered!

Having created multiple successful online shops myself, I was perfectly placed to share my vast experiences on the best way to create an eCommerce store and by doing so save my customers all the mistakes, trials, and tribulations that I had to go through in order to “crack the code”.

And so, I got to work on creating a course that would be as valuable and well received as Easy Auction Business, and after over 6 months of working long days (and nights) – eCommerce Magnates was finally ready!

em-courseWhat is it and how does it work?

Just like EAB, eCommerce Magnates is a complete video course, hosted online so that you can access everything immediately after joining the course.

The course itself is divided into 8 different modules, with specific videos for each topic, covering everything you need to know in order to create and run a successful eCommerce store from scratch!

members-areaHere is a full list of the modules, so you know what’s covered:

  • Module 1 – Shopping Carts
  • Module 2 – Shop Settings
  • Module 3 – Design
  • Module 4 – Products and Categories
  • Module 5 – Order Processing and Stock Management
  • Module 6 – Marketing
  • Module 7 – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Module 8 – Advertising
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Module – Branding on a Budget

*Important – you may have noticed that there are no videos on product sourcing as such and this is because I wanted to create this course as a sequel to Easy Auction Business, which meant that I didn’t want to repeat anything that I had already covered in EAB.

So please bear that in mind and remember that Easy Auction Business should be your first investment if you’re starting completely from scratch.

In total there are 50 videos in eCommerce Magnates, making it even more of an epic course than EAB (and I didn’t think that was possible!).

free-vs-paid-cartsAnd as before, every one of those videos can be:

  • Watched online (via the members’ area).
  • Downloaded and watched offline, on your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Listened to – you can download the MP3 file for each video, and listen to it in the car, train, or bus.
  • Printed and read – there are full PDF transcripts for every video, for those of you who prefer to learn by reading.

My goal here was to make it as easy as possible for you to consume and learn from this course. After all, the whole idea is that you actually take action and see the results!

mobile-devicesAnd in fact, one of the key features of eCommerce Magnates was designed around this very idea.

Instead of just going through everything in theory and telling you what you should be doing, I show you! During creation of the course, I actually created a real online shop, LIVE, recording every step so that you can see exactly what goes into putting together a real eCommerce store.

So there is no theory and fluff here, just real world teaching!

This way you can see exactly why I’m doing everything, and in what order, which makes it incredibly easy for you to follow and copy me step by step, to ensure you get the same results.

I still do recommend watching the entire course through once before you do anything. Then when you start watching it a second time, you can take action in the correct order, video by video and step by step.

How much does the course cost?

eCcommerce Magnates costs just £67, and that’s a one-time fee for lifetime access.

That’s it! There are no hidden fees, no recurring subscriptions, and no upgrade costs – you will get automatically get upgraded to the newest version of eCommerce Magnates, at no extra cost to you.

Plus that £67 also gives you free access to all of the additional bonuses, which we’ll cover a bit later on.

And as if that wasn’t sweet enough of a deal, Easy Auction Business customers also get a special discounted price of £47!

I already went over my logic on pricing in the EAB showcase, so you know that it’s my goal to create the absolute best value courses that ALL of my customers are delighted with and that’s why I’ll continue to charge these prices, though I could get away with 10-20 times more.

Who will benefit from this course?

To put it simply, this course is really suitable for two sets of people:

  • Those who want to start their first online shop;
  • Those who already have an online shop that they’re looking to improve.

Of course it is geared more towards the former, as there are a number of videos dedicated to setting up your online shop, including choosing the right shopping cart, design, descriptions, images etc.

But even then, there should be plenty of value for those who do already have a store set up in the marketing, traffic generation, SEO, and order processing modules. And some of those more advanced topics will be even more useful as they can have an immediate effect on your current business.

How much money do I need?

The general consensus is that you need a LOT of money to build an eCommerce store – I often see the £1,000-£2,000 figure brandied about.

However nowadays that really isn’t the case and you can create an online shop with as little as £50! Of course you can also go down the premium route and invest around £500 to get a custom designed, pro looking shop…

The beauty of the eCommerce Magnates course is that I teach several different ways to build an online store – so there’s a suitable method for every budget.

One thing that’s for sure is you no longer need thousands of pounds to get started. There are excellent cheap carts with a multitude of free templates available, and that means that all you need is a logo and some clever formatting of the layout and your homepage (all taught in the course) and you’ll have a great looking, fully functional online shop.

How much money will I make?

This question invariably follows the “how much money do I need?” but the answer is another question I’m afraid – how long is a piece of string?

There really is no way for me to give an accurate answer here, as there as so many different factors that will affect your income, such as:

  • Your overall strategy;
  • How much time you devote to this;
  • How determined, motivated, and hardworking you are;
  • Luck! At the end of the day there are always somethings we can never account for!

With all this considered, I just wouldn’t feel right giving you an answer to this question as the range of what people do earn is just too broad.

But what I can say is this – IF you put in the required effort, follow my guidance, and be patient – you will have a profitable online shop.

I think that’s as good a guarantee as any? It’s certainly much more than 99% of people who start their own eCommerce store can say!

How much time do I need to put into this?

With an ecommerce store, YOU are in charge, so it’s completely up to you how much time you put into this. You can spend as little or as much time as you want creating your ecommerce store so really my answer to this question is however much time you want to put into it.

But you do have to be realistic and understand the fact that an ecommerce store is already a slow burner, in comparison to eBay or Amazon. So if you only want to put in a few hours a week, then you can’t expect immediate results.

Really, it’s a balancing act between time, money, and results – but luckily the Ecommerce Magnates course has options to suit every individual!

Is it only for people in the UK?

No, absolutely not! The methods I teach in eCommerce Magnates are applicable anywhere in the world.

It’s not even like EAB, where there are some country restrictions, based on where Ebay has a big presence. With eCommerce Magnates it doesn’t matter where you are – you can build a successful online store, guaranteed!

In fact for many people where selling on eBay is an obstacle, they go straight to creating an ecommerce store, so there really are no excuses here.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes of course! It wouldn’t be one of my courses without a multitude of free bonuses. 🙂

And once again everybody who purchases Ecommerce Magnates will get the same bonuses. I’m not like the usual online marketers who will offer bonus 1 to affiliate 1 and bonus 2 to affiliate 2 etc. – with me every customer gets the same thing, with no exceptions.

Here’s a full list of the bonuses you’ll receive for free with a purchase of Ecommerce Magnates:

Bonus #1 – A Custom Video Promoting Your Online Shop – £47 Value

bonus-1My team will create a full HD custom video for you that promotes your new online shop. And yes, it will be fancy and professional with all the expected bells and whistles!

This is a great way to get started on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube and will really add a professional touch to your business.

Bonus #2 – A 1 Hour Chat Session With ME! – £67 Value

bonus-2Without wanting to sound immodest, I do think this is the most valuable bonus and it’s easily worth the price of the course by itself! 🙂

Always remember that when I say a one hour chat session with me, I mean with me. I do not outsource these chat sessions (nor any of my support for that matter) so you’ll get 60 full minutes to pick my brain, ask any questions you have, and go over anything that you want some extra help with.

To get the absolute most value out of this bonus, I recommend scheduling your chat with me AFTER you’ve already done some work on your store. That way, I can take a proper look at everything you’ve done and give specific advice on what needs to be changed/improved, if anything.

Bonus #3 – Branding on a Budget Video Course – £47 Value

bonus-3Learn how to create a million dollar, world class brand, on a BUDGET!

We all know just how important design and branding is and the better your shop looks, the more money you’ll make! The quality of your design affects nearly everything else in your business, from how customers view you, how long visitors spend on your site (which in turn affects your SEO) and ultimately how much money you make!

The problem is that great design costs money, a lot of money. But in this video course I show you how to get a world class design for your online shop, without breaking the bank.

Being realistic, bonus #3 can save you significantly more than £47, so the estimated value is still quite conservative.

Bonus #4 – A £200 Discount on my Personal Coaching Program

bonus-4If you ever decide to join my personal coaching program for eCommerce, 60 Day Blueprint, you’ll receive a huge £200 off as an eCommerce Magnates member.

And this isn’t one of those “offers” that is available everywhere online. It is genuinely exclusive to my Ecommerce Magnates customers.

Bonus #5 – FREE Lifetime Updates – £197 Value

bonus-5Anybody who’s ever dealt with me before knows how seriously I take my lifetime update promise. And Easy Auction Business is the perfect testament to that – we’re now on version 3.0 and everyone who bought version 1 or 2 is given complete access to the new course, FOR FREE.

The same thing goes for my eCommerce Magnates video course. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5-10 years+ since your purchase, you are still entitled to the latest version of the course, free of charge.

These 5 bonuses alone are worth £558 – and you get them all completely for free with the purchase of Ecommerce Magnates. At a price of just £67, I’m very confident that I’m sticking to my promise of creating the world’s best value courses!

To further sweeten the deal, you also get access to the Ecommerce Magnates members-only forum, where you can speak to fellow members and ask any questions you have, and you also get unlimited email support from me. This in itself is an invaluable resource so I won’t even try and attach a price to it.

Additional Services

This is something that I’m usually very quiet about, as we already get too much work to handle from current eCommerce Magnates & EAB members alone, but people who purchase the course can then also order our design/coding services too.

I call this the Mega Design Pack and for just £497 it gets you:

  • A logo
  • Site header design
  • Newsletter design
  • Custom live chat button
  • Homepage banner
  • Homepage category icons
  • Outer website background
  • PLUS full coding into shopping cart!

Everything is custom designed and bespoke for your business.

And as well as this, as mentioned in bonus 4, you will also get access to my flagship coaching program – 60 Day Blueprint. But I won’t talk too much about that now, as it’ll be covered in depth in a future blog post.




And that just about brings us to the end of this in-depth look at eCommerce Magnates.

There is one last thing that I want to stress, which is that:

  • Building an online shop takes time.
  • Getting ranked in Google takes time.
  • Building a loyal customer base takes time.

I hope you’re starting to see the theme here? This is NOT for people who are after quick, short term profit. There’s just no such thing when it comes to online shops.

You have to follow my guidance and be patient, as results won’t come as fast as with eBay.

But when it does take off, in particular organic results from Google, ecommerce is a real goldmine! It isn’t like eBay where you are in effect always held back and under the control of a third party… with your own online shop you are in control 100% and most importantly – you have direct access to your customers.

This means you can email them, send promos and give away coupons to entice further purchases, and build a real loyal customer base that comes back time and time again to you, not eBay.

That is the power of commerce! 🙂

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Andrew

    Is there a reason why you use Bigcommerce over Shopify & what are the advantages / disadvantages?



    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Phillip,

      I started with 3D cart, but it was expensive to customise.

      Then I switched to BC and have stayed with it. It’s not easy to transfer your shop to a new cart so I have stayed with BC for years now.

      Shopify is a very good cart, maybe even slightly better than BC, depends on what features are important to you.


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