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My Monthly Round-Up: February 2013

February 28, 2013 by Andrew Minalto - 4 Comments
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Welcome to the first ever AndrewMinalto.com Monthly Round-Up Post covering February 2013!

February was my first month actively producing and publishing content for this blog. As I previously announced, this year I’ll be focussing my efforts on the blog to make it the ultimate one-stop resource for eBay and eCommerce sellers!

It was a spectacular month in my personal life, too. My son, Oliver, was born on February 13th making me a happy daddy for the second time! Also, my daughter Charlotte celebrated her 3rd birthday on February 19th, so this has been a very productive month for me by any standard!

Content Published on the Blog

How to Sell an eBook on eBay – the right way. Yes, you can still sell eBooks on eBay if you know what you’re doing. However, the golden age of making easy money in this niche is over; nowadays you have to sell high quality, valuable, informative products to make any kind of decent profit.

Anatomy of a Perfect eBay Listing – this mega post covers the formatting of a perfect eBay listing in detail. Full sized infographics are included too, so you can visualise the whole process more easily. I can guarantee that if you stick with these guidelines and use a decent template, your listings will look SUPERB!

Why Leave Positive Feedback for Your Buyers – in my humble opinion this question can easily be answered by saying: “Because you have no other choice.”! Plus, by leaving positive feedback for buyers first, you encourage them to do the same for you in return.

How to Start a Profitable eBay Business with £50 – I guess this was the best and most comprehensive post on the blog over the past month. Many of my readers have already written to tell me their success stories, so if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out this system in detail, download the free Excel spreadsheet and start making money on eBay in a matter of days.

eBay Negative Feedback Removal Explained – one of the most stressful things we eBay sellers have to deal with on a regular basis is negative feedback. But did you know that you can actually get rid of most negative feedback simply by using tools that eBay makes available to you? This post is worth checking out if you already sell on eBay and have to deal with a lot of negative or neutral feedback.

Warehousing ABC for eBay Sellers – having a good stock storage system is crucial in making your order processing straightforward, simple and fast. This is especially important when you want to grow and expand your business. If you don’t have a proper warehouse system in place you’ll spend your days packaging and processing orders, NOT working on tasks that are really important and make you money – market research, product sourcing and the listing creation/management process.

What Products to Sell on eBay When Starting Out – most people who start selling on eBay have a limited budget available to invest in stock, hence it’s very important to start with the best products that carry the least risk. Nothing is worse for a newbie eBay seller than spending all your savings on stock that can’t be sold. By carrying out some clever research using Terapeak you can reduce the potential risk of failure to an absolute minimum.

What’s coming up in March?

I will continue to publish 1 or 2 blog posts each week, even though I’m very busy writing and putting together the upcoming eCommerce Magnates video course which will be released in May 2013.

In my blog posts in March I’ll cover how to create your first listing using the eBay as well as the Turbo Lister interfaces. We’ll also be running a mega blog post and video tutorial on the topic of Image Hosting, plus many other shorter posts. Lastly, long awaited update on eToro Trading coming soon too, in March!

Have an idea for my next blog post? I would love to hear it! Please feel free to suggest what topics or questions you would like me to cover in upcoming posts by leaving your suggestions in the comments block below.

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments – I really appreciate your support and will happily answer any questions you may have.


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  1. Many congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy. Well done on the Blog it has been really valuable, thank you. You done amazing to keep it all together in such a busy (and wonderful) time in your home life.
    Best wishes

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Many Thanks Lynne!

      Yep, it has been a very busy month, to say least, lol, but there are always new opportunities when changes occur in life. For example now, when I wake up at 4AM, I simply make a blog comment or write a new blog post! Days look soooo much longer now! 🙂

      Thanks again,

  2. Congratulations Andy, and have enjoyed following the blog posts.

    Look forward to some more.

    From Liam

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Liam!

      Def. more good stuff coming in March and following months! 🙂

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