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Happy New Year Everyone! My Personal Challenge STARTS NOW!

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I know, I know – going back to work after all these holidays is hard. When you’re in the routine of work and taking care of everyday tasks, you just go and do what needs to be done but after two weeks of celebration, over-eating, over-drinking and joy, going back to work really sucks! I bet this week will see some significant productivity loss across all industries!

But life goes on and in a few weeks’ time, things will go back to usual. I will be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this dark winter time, with long and dark evenings and so little sun (if any at all) but thinking positively, winter is the perfect time to get important things done as you’re not tempted to just go outside and have a BBQ party on a Tuesday afternoon.

As usual, during the last week of December I did my own planning task for the year 2017 and wrote down all the important things I need to accomplish this year, scheduling specific goals to specific months, so I have a rough guideline of how this year will look from a business perspective as well as from a personal/family point of view.

Each year I do this and I also review the previous year’s schedule and it wasn’t a big surprise to me that while almost all of my business goals were achieved, I did screw up some of my personal goals. Last year specifically I wanted to finally get in really good shape, be more active and spend more quality time with my kids.

This is so important to me now seeing how fast children grow… Next month my little Charlotte will turn 7 and Oliver – 4. It seems just recently they were only babies but now Charlotte is asking for me to create a YouTube channel for her and uses FaceTime better than me!

Time really does fly by and now, more than ever, I realise that I need to connect more with my kids and spend more quality time with them as in a few short years, they will be teenagers (we all know how well that usually goes, lol).

So for this year, I have put it as a priority to plan my schedule more tightly, be more productive and spend more time with my family. And to do that, to be more productive, I absolutely need to get back to a strict diet and exercise regime as that’s the ONLY way to become the BEST that I can be!

I know this for a fact because in the periods where I have followed a regime of clean eating, exercise and spending more time outside, I have felt better than ever before! So it’s time to go back to a 100% Primal lifestyle and just get things done! (If you’re interested in what a Primal lifestyle is all about, check out this awesome blog & resource at MarksDailyApple.com).

In fact – let’s make this as a challenge!!! A PUBLIC ONE!

I will give an update throughout the year on how I’m getting on with my plan, making a blog post every 2-3 months so you can see how well I’m doing!

And just for the record – my current weight is: 97 kg (don’t laugh! I have heavy bones, lol)

My goal is to reach 80 kg by the end of this year. Obviously it’s not only about the weight but overall physical shape, wellness etc., but the weight is a good progress indicator and will help me easily track how I’m doing throughout the year.

Sorry, I WON’T be publishing weight loss pictures of me in some tight shorts, that would be too embarrassing, this is a business blog at the end of the day! But I will keep taking pictures of my weight throughout the year to give me that much needed motivational boost.

I’ll look really stupid if I don’t achieve any progress, right?

Yes! If in 12 months’ time I’m in the same position as I am right now, you’re free to laugh at me as loud as you can. That’s actually excellent motivation, so thank you! 😉

I’ll see how these posts go and if there is enough interest, I could even do some favourite meal recipes or something on the blog, to mix stuff up and make the blog a bit more personal. I would also love to hear your own weight loss/healthy living stories in the comments below so if you want to share something, please do so. I love reading such stories, especially successful ones!

Why am I even sharing all of this with you? Because not everyone realises how big of a difference a healthy lifestyle can make to productivity, how it affects brain/thinking, motivation levels and overall happiness! When you work for yourself for more than 10 years, when you’re in charge of everything, you start looking for ways to really make the most of your capabilities, skills, experience and time.

In the past I have had huge success with the Primal lifestyle but every time I reach a certain goal, I go back to old habits. Not anymore! I really feel that this is a perfect time to change my habits once and for all and really stick with the plan. Yes, there will be drawbacks, parties, wine & beer (and yes, the occasional pizza!) and I will talk about all that and how I deal with it in my future blog posts.

Speaking about the blog – as I announced at the end of last year, starting from now on, I’m going back to 3 posts a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Friday will be Reader’s Question day, as usual, so if you have any questions you want me to cover, send them in via my help desk here.

Also, I would like to say a big thanks again to everyone who took part in my yearly Reader’s Contest! I have written down more than 100 article ideas from the ideas you submitted so that’s actually enough content to work on for the whole of 2017.

This year I will also start doing videos, hopefully once a month as video really is the best way to show you certain step by step guides, review software etc. So that will be something new to the blog this year.

Topic wise I will definitely expand more on Amazon and eCommerce as I have already done so many articles on eBay. As many of you suggested, I will also do more product/software/service reviews as people find them very valuable.

One other thing I want to do asap is to change and update the blog’s homepage. Right now, as you can see, you get excerpts from the last 5 articles published on the blog. This isn’t very good as new people may not even see/find those 300+ guides I have on this blog.

So the idea is to change the homepage into a more magazine style layout where you can see the latest post, maybe a featured post and then the main categories with the latest articles for each. I will also probably update the Start Here page so that it has a better way to navigate through categories and find the stuff you’re interested in.

Another new service from me is coming very soon, in January, and it’s the new Chat With Andrew website with brand new coaching services. These will be short, one day, 1-3 hour coaching programs covering topics like:

  • Branding (where I help you brainstorm, find and validate a good brand name)
  • Product Sourcing (where I help you find suppliers and verify them)
  • Market research (where I help you find and pick the most suitable products to sell)

Basically these will be mini-coaching programs covering specific topics and will be very suitable for people who want my personal consultation but can’t afford the full 60 Day Blueprint program. More details and pricing on these services will be announced on my blog in a few weeks’ time.

In the second half of the year I have plans to release a brand new, totally unique product no one currently offers (as far as I know). I will keep you posted on this closer to the time!

And that’s about it – just a quick overview on what’s planned for me and my blog in 2017!

If you haven’t created your own plan for this year, it’s not too late! Actually this is the perfect time to do this as we’re only 3 days in – nothing has even started yet. If you need some good, cheap printable calendars for your yearly plans, check out this website:


Just pick one from FREE calendars, print them out and write down your overall goals for the year and schedule the most important tasks for each month.

You can of course do this online too, via Google calendars for example, but I like that I have this information printed out, in front of me – on my desk – that I see every day, so I never lose track of what I have planned!

I really think this year will be the best I’ve ever had and I hope you have your own goal and really push for it!

I will see you on Friday with this year’s first Reader’s Question post covering the eBay variation VS single listing dilemma.

Once again – Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂


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  1. I’m 6ft tall and 10st 2 (64Kg), and so I am as good at healthy eating as you are at business! Time for me to bite the bullet and start my only income source…..on Ebay UK……….with less than £1000 startup (I need the rest to eat etc). I’ve already bought your EAB course and watched every second of it last November, so I know what tools and methods to follow roughly speaking, but no real idea of what to buy yet.

    Once I eventually decide to sign on for state benefit (not had a single penny of income since 7th Nov 2016) and as a self employed business, I will need to make a minimum profit of £200 per month, later rising to £400, and once signed off state benefit I will need a minimum of £800 to £1000 per month.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Ian,

      Happy New Year!

      And Thanks for your EAB purchase.

      Just start taking action following the course step by step. If you stick with my system, you really can’t go wrong.

      Thanks again,

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