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Hotmail should be BANNED!

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hotmail-bannedSeriously, someone should take down Hotmail for good. Or should I say Outlook as Microsoft’s Hotmail to Outlook takeover was completed last year? Either way, if you’re a business person, you should be warned that using a Hotmail/Outlook email addresses can possibly harm your business.


By filtering legitimate emails as SPAM and automatically placing them in the junk mail folder by default.

I see this happen almost every day when my customers don’t get sign-up emails, support replies, payment notifications and other important information. This creates a lot of frustration for them and me of course as I can never be 100% sure that my email has reached the recipient if their email ends in @hotmail.com

Imagine a situation where you run an eBay business or an online shop and use a hotmail email address – chances are you won’t receive many of your customers’ emails as they’ll simply be placed in your junk folder.

People who are aware of this do of course check their junk mail folder every few days as they know that chances are they will find there some genuine emails along with the usual pharmacy spam stuff. But the majority of Hotmail users aren’t aware of this so they miss important emails on a regular basis.

So if you’re in business and use a free Hotmail/Outlook email address, I would seriously recommend you switch to a more reliable free solution, like Gmail, or better yet; do it the right way and get your own domain name with a personalised email address (which you can of course still link to Gmail).

I have never had any problems with genuine emails being filtered as spam by Gmail and I use it a lot! By a lot I mean – more than 17 GB of email content in my archive! Tens of thousands of emails.

gmailWhat I also like a lot about Gmail is that when I reply to an email, it automatically goes into archive – saved safely. And all previous emails are easy to find using the main search function. There’s a reason why Google is the #1 search engine, right? Exactly! The search function in Gmail works flawlessly and will find that email you’re looking for even after several years, just by you typing the contact name or even part of the conversation.

There are many other features I like in Gmail but this post is not about Gmail, it’s about Hotmail/Outlook and how badly their spam filtering system works. I’m guessing there is an option to turn it off somehow but then you’ll be faced with an inbox full of spam every day, which is hardly a practical solution! Also you should know that Hotmail email addresses are the most popular amongst scammers/spammers and probably receive way more spam emails than Gmail users.

To sum it up – please do yourself a favour and don’t use an email service that commonly places legitimate emails in your spam folder. Not only will you miss out on important customer emails, you might not receive replies from me when you contact me with an urgent question.

Have a spam free day!


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  2. Dick Bickel

    Sorry but I feel the opposite gmail should be banned. Every bogus email I have received in the past three

    years has been from gmail address none from hotmail maybe a few from yahoo.The craigslist wouldn’t

    be awash in a sea of fraud if gmail would filter it’s prospective email users for some kind of legitimacy!

    Outlook may not be perfect but I have been a regular user for about 16 years of Yahoo and Hotmail I tried

    Gmail a few times and it has little to recommend it except the exceptional number of fraudsters with a

    @gmail address!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

      I guess each person will have different experience with this, I just shared my views on this.


  3. hehe, feels like a bit of a rant this post! However, I can say that yahoo does the same with important emails on occasion.

    I took Andrew’s advice a while ago and now use gmail for all business activities. Pretty good, although it incessantly tries to link my email account to youtube and google+ etc which is a pain.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      can’t I have some of that from time to time? 🙂

      lol, good move for you!

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