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I’m done with this, seriously!

June 13, 2013 by Andrew Minalto - 4 Comments
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That was exactly what I was thinking a few weeks ago, in the middle of working on one of the many videos I’ve created so far for the upcoming eCommerce Magnates video course. Yes, this is unfortunately some bad news to all of you who are eagerly waiting for the course to go on sale in June but I’m afraid it won’t happen, which I truly am very sorry for.

But I just don’t want to release an unfinished product and I definitely. don’t want to release a product that isn’t up to my highest standards. So I hope you can all be a little patient and wait while I finish it.

The biggest problem and the main reason why the launch day came too fast is the fact that the course has turned out to be much bigger than I initially anticipated. Looking at the current content plan/layout, the videos alone will run into 6-7, maybe even more, hours. And there’s obviously not much I can do about this as I really want to comprehensively cover everything in detail to make sure eCommerce Magnates contains everything you need to create a successful online shop!

To give you some idea of what to expect with the course, here’s a snap-shot of the member’s area:

As you can see, the course will consist of 8 main Modules:

1) Shopping Carts – this is where I go into detail analysing and comparing various shopping carts to find out which one is best suited to you!

2) Shop Settings – in these series of videos I’ll show you exactly how to set-up and customise your newly created online shop for maximum performance.

3) Design – starting from the selection of a template, all the way to the homepage and info page design – all this and much more is covered in the Design module video lessons.

4) Products & Categories – the step-by-step plan on how to properly add and customise categories and products in your shop so that they’re user & SEO friendly.

5) Order processing – this includes invoices, shipping labels, packing list printing, stock updates, cross channel selling and other related topics.

6) Marketing – these super important and highly interesting video lessons will teach you how to build a real relationship with your current & future customers, as well as how to tackle the problem of abandoned shopping carts, and make the most out of coupons and sales.

7) SEO & Link Building – the core strategy for any eCommerce Shop. I’ll show you exactly how to make On-Page shop optimisations as well as how and where to get high quality back links.

8) Advertising – even though this topic alone deserves its own video course, here I’ll highlight the quickest and easiest ways to start advertising on a budget. This includes various Pay per Click channels (AdWords, Bing, Facebook) as well as media buying and YouTube promotions.

As you can see – the course is HUGE!!! And this is not just some theory or boring technical information; I’ve constructed the entire course around me building an actual BRAND NEW eCommerce store step by step in front of your own eyes. So the result is a course that you can actually copy and implement for your own business!

What’s more – I have listened to my customers and with the eCommerce Magnates course; all materials will be available in various formats, including:

  • Video Lessons streamed online
  • PDF documents for each lesson for print-outs
  • MP3 files (downloadable)
  • MP4 files (downloadable so you can watch videos on the go)

Plus of course all online/offline videos are not only iPod/iPad/iPhone compatible but will work on any other mobile device out there!

And that’s not all! I have prepared some very valuable bonuses for all eCommerce Magnates customers.

Without revealing too much for now, here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get:

So yes, it’s all coming together nicely but will simply take slightly longer than I had initially anticipated. Besides, it’s summer now, not the most productive time of the year! Still, I’ll continue working hard on the program to release it ASAP! That’s the reason why I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a while now – I want to finish the course first.

Once again, my apologies for this delay (I really hate the feeling when I promise something I can’t deliver) but trust me – it will be worth it! I truly believe that this will be the BEST eCommerce training program ever created! Not talking about the crazy low price point and all the bonus goodies you get in return.

Should I give another launch date? Well, probably not, but…

Okay – from what I can currently see, I should definitely finish everything by the end of July so with 99% certainty, I hope to release the course in early August – right on time for when most of you will return from your summer holidays!

To stay accountable, let’s just pick a date and STICK with it:


On the launch day, 100 copies will be available so mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity to leverage my years worth of experience and more than 500 work hours that have already been put into production of this course!

That’s it, I have said it and now there’s no going back! For me – this means a busy summer in the office but hey – I don’t complain and I really can’t wait to share the finished course with you!

Stay tuned for updates – subscribe to the RRS feed of my blog AND of course sign-up directly to the email waiting list on the eCommerce Magnates website!

Thanks again for your on-going support & patience!


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  1. Cant wait been waiting for a long time for this and understand that best can be delayed sometimes. I even missed out on the eab because i was aware of ebay but this will be a whole new world as its more focused on everything and cant wait to purchase it.

    Hope to be in there this summer. Good thing i still get the email updates from you Andrew.

    Thanks and the best of luck with it.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks very much Sharaaz! 🙂

      It really is worth the wait, trust me!


  2. Hi Andrew,

    What a shame, I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

    I’m not aware of anything like this on the market currently so I’m looking forward to launch day.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Thanks Ben!

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