Jungle Scout – THE BEST
Amazon Product Research

Platform on Planet Earth!

Finally – no more risking your money on guesswork and intuition! Use real life data from other sellers to find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon with the help of Jungle Scout – the undisputed no.1 Amazon research tool in the world!

Gone are the days where an online seller had to rely on intuition or their “gut” to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Now, using Jungle Scout, you can make your business decisions based on actual sales data taken right from Amazon itself!

That means no more risking your hard earned money on a product you’re unsure about. No more wondering how many units you can order because you’re scared it’ll take months to sell all your stock. No more wondering what colour or size or variation sells best.

Now, using Jungle Scout, you’ll have exact answers to all of those questions!

And the best part is – you’re stealing this data from your competitors! You’re letting them make all the mistakes so that you can simply swoop in and learn from what they’ve done.

Jungle Scout literally gets all of its data from current and past Amazon listings, extracting in seconds the amount of data that would take you months to manually work through.

I can’t think of a more powerful weapon to have in your business arsenal!

Jungle Scout truly is the only Amazon research tool you’ll ever need and with it, you can:

  • Find the total sales per month for any product on Amazon so you know exactly how much potential it has
  • Find how many reviews a product has and its average review score
  • See the FBA fees for any product
  • Find the hot, new products and upcoming trends BEFORE it’s too late, so you can be the one to profit
  • And much much more!

Jungle Scout consists of two different tools, depending on your needs:

  • A web application
  • A chrome extension

With the web application you can effortlessly search through thousands of potential products, filtering them by your own criteria so you can find the best opportunities for your business. For example, you can filter your results to only show products that sell for between £20-£25, have a review score of 4 stars of lower, and make at least 200 sales per month:

This is the exact method I’ve used to find multiple profitable products to sell on Amazon and in essence that’s exactly what the Jungle Scout web application does!

There’s also a niche hunter feature which shows you the hot and trending items as well as niche keywords which you can use in your listing titles. There’s also the powerful product tracker feature which allows you to monitor a product on Amazon in real time and get exact sales data and you can also use this tool to monitor your competition once you’re already selling on Amazon yourself:

The chrome extension allows you to access key info on any product instantly, including sales data, reviews, FBA fees and more. With the click of a button your screen will be populated with all the info you need when doing market research. With Jungle Scout you don’t have to wonder whether a product has potential or not, you’ll know for sure!

All in all, Jungle Scout is the world’s no.1 Amazon research tool for a reason – it’s simple to use, it’s very fast and it just works! Trust me when I tell you that no other tool comes close to Jungle Scout in terms of either usability or features and I can say this with full confidence because I’ve personally tried nearly all of them! Jungle Scout simply is better than the rest…

It honestly pains me to see so many people making mistakes that could so easily have been avoided, to see people risking their savings on a product they’re so unsure about… Why? With Jungle Scout there is no need for guesswork or hunches or risks. Instead you can base your business around products that you know will be a success.

The Jungle Scout software works with ALL regional Amazon sites like Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, etc. This means that with one tool and one subscription, you can uncover countless new worldwide opportunities for your Amazon business!

I just can’t imagine doing my Amazon product research without Jungle Scout and you shouldn’t either! Sign up for the web application and chrome tool so you can see for yourself just how effortless, effective, and dare I say it – fun, it makes market research.

After all, what’s more enjoyable as a business owner than finding products that can make you money for years to come?

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