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Can you Have Multiple eBay & PayPal Accounts?

March 11, 2013 by Andrew Minalto - 425 Comments
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Hi Andrew,

I have a dilemma about multiple eBay and PayPal accounts. Wherever I go (forums/blogs) I get mixed responses and it’s still not clear to me what I can or can’t do.

Ideally I would love to work in 3 separate niches on eBay and use separate accounts for each – so that I can have a dedicated shop and template for each niche. Can this be done? Or do I risk losing my accounts if eBay finds out?

Your advice would be highly appreciated.


Hi Nicola,

This question frequently comes up and for some reason, people are still confused. It’s probably because for years eBay and PayPal were very unclear about the exact rules governing multiple accounts. But nowadays, in 2013, it’s actually all very simple and straightforward.

Multiple eBay Accounts

On eBay you can have as many accounts as you want. eBay itself confirms this on the Help Page here. All you need to open a new eBay account is a separate email address. You can safely use the same name, address and contact information. All you need is a separate e-mail account.

Why would you need 2 or more eBay accounts? There are several possible reasons:

1) To sell in multiple niches.

2) To keep private sales and purchases separate from business transactions.

3) To use one account for buying and another one for selling when working with a used goods concept.

These are the most typical situations where you would need to have multiple eBay accounts and eBay is totally cool with that.

What you should be aware of though, is that all these accounts will be interlinked by eBay and that’s bad news. In practice this means that if one of your accounts get suspended/banned, the others will be closed shortly afterwards because from eBay’s point of view you will have become too much of a risk as a seller.

But these “hard bans” usually only happen when you breach eBay’s selling policies – like selling counterfeit or prohibited items. Another highly risky situation is if you use a dropshipper who lets you down, forcing you to refund dozens of sales which leads to loads of negative feedback (just another reason why I’m not a huge fan of dropshipping).

Can you use the same PayPal account for all these multiple eBay accounts? Yes, you can! You don’t have to even create new emails for each; you can use the same PayPal payment email for all your eBay accounts.

Multiple PayPal Accounts

What if you need multiple PayPal accounts too? Is it allowed? Yes, it is!

Under PayPal’s general Terms & Conditions you can have 2 accounts:

1 personal account
1 business account

But this comes with a note that you can have multiple business accounts upon approval/manual request. Now, don’t waste your time trying to find a special form or button on the PayPal website to request permission to open multiple PayPal accounts. There’s no such thing.

What you do is simply contact PayPal (from your existing account) when you plan to open a new PayPal business account and ask them if it’s ok to do so. I have done this many times and the answer always comes back POSITIVE in less than 24 hours.

You can of course open a new account without asking PayPal but that would be a breach of their T&Cs. It’s better just to contact them and get their approval to open another business account to avoid any nasty surprises later on (this hasn’t happened to me, but they may not let you open another account if your current account is in bad standing).

But remember, opening a new business account means that you’re opening it for a completely new business, not just an eBay account. For this, you’ll need company registration documents, a company bank account and ideally a credit card, too. You won’t be able to have your PayPal account verified and the account limits lifted without these documents.

Lastly, with multiple PayPal accounts the situation is exactly same as with multiple eBay accounts – if you mess up one account, chances are that you’ll lose all the other accounts, too.

And it can go even further: as you know, PayPal is owned by eBay. What usually happens is that all your eBay and PayPal accounts are interlinked. eBay knows exactly which accounts you own by tracking your IP address, name, address and financial information. If one of your eBay accounts gets suspended, chances are that all the other eBay AND PayPal accounts will be suspended too.

Sounds scary? It is very scary indeed! That’s why you want to do everything in your power to not let this situation happen. Do not sell dodgy items or work with risky suppliers. In most cases, people who lose all their accounts make stupid, costly mistakes. There are rare occasions when totally innocent accounts get banned but they’re very few and far between.


To sum it up:

1) You can have multiple eBay accounts – as many as you want in fact, as long as you use a new email address for each account.

2) You can have ONE personal account with PayPal and multiple business accounts as long as you own multiple businesses. To stay safe and in line with PayPal’s T&Cs, contact PayPal before opening a new/additional business account.

3) Follow the rules – both eBay’s and PayPal’s – to avoid your accounts becoming suspended. If one of your accounts is banned, chances are that you’ll lose them all.


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  1. Hi Andrew,

    On the summary of a business Paypal account, all of Ebays sales show up – im then notified of this sale by Email.

    However, what happens if i make a sale from a personal website, the notification email will still be sent, but how do you identify what sales come from where?

    Many Thanks for any help or advice

  2. I am a top rated seller plus power seller on my eBay site. I am thinking about opening a second eBay account just for drop shipping. Since drop shipping usually takes more than one day before I can upload the shipping details, I won’t be able to get the top rated seller status on the second account. Since I wouldn’t get the top rated seller status on the second account, would that affect in any way my top rated seller account on my first account?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jim,

      No, it won’t affect your other, TRS account.

      However, eBay does interlink your accounts and IF for example other account gets you banned from eBay, you’ll most likely lose your other account too.


      1. Jim Young


        Thanks for the info. I will start slow by buying a few things from the new eBay site and gradually sell some things I have, just to build trust before I start the drop-shipping process.


      2. Andrew Minalto

        You’re welcome Jim!

  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Andrew, i have just opened a second Ebay account. When i have used this second one for a little while – is it possible to close my original one? And if so, will Ebay close my second one as well, or can i still carry on using my second account.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Yes, of course – you can close down first account and continue using 2nd account.

      eBay won’t close all of your accounts simply because you want to close down one. That is unless you get banned from eBay, for breaching some rules etc.


  4. Hi Andrew, Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance. I am an ebay seller. I have 3 ebay seller accounts (never selling the same in all the 3 accounts) with 100%positive feedback. One seller account is 7 years old, other two are 1 month old. There was flash sale from one big seller on ebay. I wanted to buy from this guy and thought of selling it again in the ebay. But buyer put the restriction that i can buy only two items. So i have created 12 buying accounts, and immeditely bought the items from these new buying accounts. One day later all my buying items are permanently banned. My selling and buying accounts has almost same information (like name, address, telephone, etc.) But my seller and buyer accounts were linked with differnt paypal accounts.

    1) Will my seller accounts also get blocked (so far not) ? or are there any chances to survivve ?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      12 accounts, opened at same time is def. too much and I can understand why eBay suspended you as it looks like a typical scam operation – to open many accounts, buy items and ask for refunds/do charge-backs.

      Chances are that your selling accounts may suffer because of this too, yes, but I can’t say for sure. Time will only tell.


      1. Thanks for your Input. I think, It depends whether the blocked accounts will be linked to my existing account in future. I wait. 🙁

  5. […] completely fine to own multiple eBay accounts so this set-up is 100% okay in eBay’s […]

  6. Hi Andrew,

    Which PayPal account should I open for my eBay business?
    Is it Premium or Business?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Dinesh,

      If you’re just starting out, Premiere account is all you need.


  7. Hello SIR,

    Its been two MONTH from now when i sold my first product on eBay INDIA(eBay.in).
    I want to sell products on eBay.com ((Internationally) using drop shipping concept.

    My account standard is in good condition with good feedback rating.
    When i try to list my product on eBay.com (Seller attention error prompt up showing that please submit Proof of address – Proof of identity & business plan to sell ITEM overseas)

    I have submitted this docs month ago still no reply from eBay INDIA.

    Finally i got call days back and they told me to open new account on eBay INDIA(For international selling purpose) & connect new account to old one. I have few questions regarding this:-

    1:- Can i use same name address for new account?

    2:-Why eBay INDIA told me to avoid using eBay INDIA ID to sell internationally(On eBay.com). (Attention:- If i do so
    then US marketplace(eBay.com) will remove all my eBay INDIA listing and may be suspend my account).

    3:- I want to show PRODUCT location as US location when i list my product on eBay.com from INDIA.(Because i have deal with US wholesaler to ship my products within USA) – (Is it ok to do so ? Or eBay will find this out and suspend the account)

    Please SIR i need your guidance for this.

    In short i want to smoothly sell products on eBay.com from INDIA using US wholesalers (Drop shipping concept)- Please guide me as much as can.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Deepak,

      I’m really not familiar with how eBay INDIA works, so don’t know why they’re asking you to do this…

      Dropshipping as such is basically prohibited on eBay! I know, yes, many people do this but technically it’s against eBay rules. Chances are that if you start selling (from India) and show stock location in USA, it *may* look weird to eBay and they *may* start to ask you questions. But I don’t know for sure as I haven’t been in your situation.


      1. Deepak

        Thank you so much SIR. If they find this(Location Issue) then its who’s responsibility to ban my account. eBay INDIA or eBay USA?

        Another simple confusion is:-
        Is it compulsory to have company registered to sell on eBay for long term.

        (Like other marketplace(Amazon etc.) usually ask for TIN Number, Company Name if someone wants to start selling) Then why eBay never ask for this kind of stuff?

      2. Andrew Minalto

        I don’t know, sorry.

        If you upgrade your eBay account to Business, you’ll have to provide business information.

        But I don’t know how eBay India works, so don’t know at what stage they will ask you to upgrade to Business account.


      3. Deepak

        Thank you SIR. 🙂

      4. Andrew Minalto

        You’re welcome!

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I have been selling as a company on ebay for some years. Recently, I decided to try another niche . I wont open a second company for this but since the new niche have different rules regarding VAT it will be necessary to have them separate (for accounting purpose).
    The only thing I’m worried is about ebay interlink accounts. In this case, my risk become higher. (if the dsr going down on 1 of the accounts).
    What will be my best practise here?

    Will appreciate your advice

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Tom,

      eBay will interlink your accounts anyway, whatever you have one or two companies. But it won’t affect you really UNLESS one of your account gets banned from eBay (then others will go down with it). Performance is NOT interlinked so it’s not like they will lower your DSRs on other account automatically.


  9. I have an eBay account and a paypal account. My paypal got limited, even after sending in the proof, they didn’t remove the limitation. My question is if i open another paypal account with another ip address and new information. Can i still link my old ebay account to the new paypal?
    I will be changing my ebay’s email id to it doesn’t link to the old one.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Amy,

      You can have just ONE personal PayPal account and one Business PayPal account for each legal business you have, that’s it. It’s not like with eBay where you can open as many accounts as you want.


  10. Hi Andrew, well I’ve been a long user of eBay and have had my account since 2010. Recently I seen my brothers laptop where he was on his own account but noticed all of my watched/recently viewed and recommended items where from my account. I did double check to see who’s eBay account it was and it was defiantly my brothers. (I have never logged in or out from his laptop) but I am eager to know why that was. And how can I stop this?
    I mean we have our own accounts (private accounts) and I don’t want to have his things appearing on my account or vice versa .
    We do share a PayPal account but would this have anything to do with it? As he only uses that when purchasing something and he would ask me to put in the password since he does not know it.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      not sure really Tee…

      It could be that it shows like that because you share one PayPal account yes and eBay has also linked your eBay accounts in some way.

      But I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t been in a situation like this.


  11. Hi, i have been selling on ebay for over 8 months and sold over £1000 worth of goods on ebay with 100% positive feedback using a friends paypal account for sold itmes but i have now changed paypal accounts but there holding my funds for 21 days as its a new account. Is there anyway i can get my funds right away as i’m already established on ebay surley if i tell paypal they should remove the holding of funds? Thanks for your time,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Nick,

      I’m afraid you can’t do anything about this as if it’s a new PayPal account, they will hold your payments for 21 days or until feedback is left. In PayPal eyes you’re new seller.


  12. Hello Andrew,

    My question is I have an ebay account with limit of 100 listing per month. I`m vat registered and want to lift my limits but the reason i don`t want to call ebay is my son`s ebay account is suspended because ebay linked his account to another few accounts, he is also vat registered. Im using my company laptop to log in into my ebay account but every day i use my son`s router to connect to the internet.
    What do you think, can ebay suspend my account? My company is not registered to my son`s address.
    Also there is a guy who sell ebay accounts and im on a way to buy ebay account without any limits on it and to stop using my account at all. What do you thing about that?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Vince,

      Yes, there’s a small chance that eBay suspends your account after the call…. I have witnessed similar situations when it unfortunately happens. But in your case, if it’s a different address, different name, card, bank account, computer, this risk isn’t high really. You need to change your IP address too (if your IP uses dynamic IP address, all you need to do is simply restart the router to get a new IP).

      As for buying an account from someone else – as far as I’m aware, it is against eBay rules in first place and can only get you in more trouble.


  13. Hi,

    today i called ebay UK in reference to my account my query was dealt with but then the seller allowance advisor asked me if anyone else had been using my accounts and if they had been any connection with any one else.

    I said no, she then went on and was really adamant to try interrogate me into something i had no idea about. She went on to say:

    Around 4 years ago a gentleman called ************ (my nephew) opened multiple ebay accounts and got suspended due to not paying his fees etc.. we both have the same second name which runs in the family, as soon as i put my returns address at my brothers home (Nephews home also) this is the reason why we believe your account is linked.

    she then went on to say that nothing will happen to your ebay account because you are doing very well as a top rated seller and if these accounts are resolved you can then call us back and get them unlinked from your account how ever if you dont then you face risk of the system suspending you, she said she would send me an ebay message which is below:

    Dear Jay

    Thank you for contacting eBay today.

    As we discussed on our call, please find below the details of the eBay and PayPal accounts that need to be resolved which are strongly connected to you on our system.

    Please note each of the phone numbers given below can help with password issues for the accounts.
    eBay UserIDs:************* seller fees -£115.80 / ************ fees -$26.19 / ************ fees -£53.12 / *************** fees -£16.85
    eBay Security Team: 0800 358 6552
    PayPal Email IDs: *********@googlemail.com /***********@gmail.com / *******************@yahoo.com
    PayPal Account IDs: *****************************************************


    eBay Seller Allowance Team

    I just wonder once these accounts have been resolved by my nephew which he will do in the next week, will eBay really stick to their word and unlink these accounts from mine ? and not suspend me for something i have not done.

    i find it hard to trust ebay without the unfair disputes i have read online towards sellers, i just wonder if they will stick to their word after these accounts are resolved in the next week.

    I find it unfair that a problem that a relative has caused, i have to resolve and pay the price other wise i face losing my eBay account and store trs , everything.

    Any suggestions or insight would be grateful.

    thanks in advance for your reply i really do appreciate it.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your comment.

      This is a very interesting story/conversation – first of such kind I hear of. It is really CRAZY that they linked your account purely based on returns address. I hope they did it because address + second name as otherwise anyone who is renting a place and changing them often, could face exactly same problems.

      In your case, it’s good that your nephew is willing to pay those fees. I personally don’t think that they will un-link these accounts after the fees are paid BUT at least chances of getting you suspended would be minimised.

      In any case, make sure you keep this email response from them so in case something goes wrong in future, you have some kind of evidence that you followed their guidelines.


  14. Hi,
    I have 2 questions

    if i had 2 seperate ebay accounts but both linked to the same paypal account, does paypal produce a summary for each ebay accounts transactions indivdually or will they all be mixed onto one paypal statement. also my son at the same address is thinking about opening his own ebay account, could he use my paypal account for this?

    my sons ex girlfriend (who lived elswhere) used to occasionally use my laptop to access her ebay account from my home address. Are our ebay and paypal accounts now permanently linked so if she becomes banned (or i become banned for that mater) would all the accounts be then banned?
    I am really worried about this as i think she is a bit of a liability and me being banned because of her would be outrageous!

    Thank You

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Allyson,

      Thanks for your comment.

      1) All payments will be mixed up, yes.

      2) No, he should use his own PayPal account.

      3) Well, there’s always that risk, yes, that eBay linked your accounts by IP address. I have heard of similar cases when accounts are linked and banned after one account gets in trouble. But no one knows for sure how these security systems work so I can’t tell you for sure how it works.


  15. Andrew

    Can you refer me to a template which is mobile friendly too as i have read that 43% of shoppers now prefer to use there mobile or tablet to buy, but finding it hard to get a good template so I can follow your guidelines on listing as above 😀

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Simon,

      Our SpicyAuctionTemplates.com eBay listings are mobile friendly as they load quickly and look great even on small screens.


  16. Martha Diop

    I have friends who live overseas, would like to open a Paypal or eBay accounts but do not have US address or bank.
    Is it possible for them to use my address when they open their account? Would that violate the policies or either eBay or PayPal or both?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Martha,

      Yes, it would be against PayPal/eBay rules and such accounts will get banned very quickly, together with your own, legit accounts.

      So don’t do it.


  17. hi andrew,
    i just wanted to know that if me & my girl friend have 2-3 different acoounts of paypal n ebay and we share the same computer to open up 3 different accounts from same computer to do the busineess, is there any issues?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Each have 3 PayPal accounts? Are they all business accounts?

      Usually there are no probe with multiple eBay accounts per household but you have to be careful with PayPal as you can only have ONE personal account there and one Business account per each legal business you have (sole trader/Ltd.)


  18. HI Andrew

    I already have connected Ebay and Paypal account and so far I’ve used ebay to purchase. I would like to start the sale but the problem is that I have a limited paypal account. I can send money and make payments but not to receive payments. I live in Serbia, and unfortunately it is still not regulated. Is Ebay allows you to change an already existing PayPal account (opened in Serbia) to the other (open in Canada to another person)? If in my Ebay Setting remove old Paypal account and just add a new (the foreign) or there will be a problem? Shipping address on Ebay is in Serbia.


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Gile,

      It could get that PayPal account (or both) suspended, yes. eBay/PayPal doesn’t like such schemes and if their bots spot such an unusual activity, they will suspend your account until further investigation is done.


  19. Hi there Andrew,

    I am wondering what documents exactly PayPal ask for business account (Ltd company UK)?
    Do they ask proof of address of the company? As I am non UK resident and my office how to say is virtual (I believe you know what I am talking about)

    Kind Regards,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Yes, they will verify your business registration number and ask for proof of address and your ID.


      1. eBayer

        Hi Andrew,

        But how about if company is in UK and company bank account is in another country? Does PayPal allow to add account like this? As I heard that bank account needs to be in the same country as Company was opened.

        Also I am wondering about Amazon accounts are we able to have multiple Amazon accounts? As I would want to open one account for my personal use together with Amazon Affiliate program if it is possible / another account for my company purchases and one more account for my second company which will be selling items on Amazon. So it is 3 Amazon accounts in Total. Any ideas?

        Kind Regards,


      2. Andrew Minalto

        Not sure on adding foreign bank account to PayPal, my guess that it can’t be done but maybe I’m wrong. I know that you can add a USA based bank account but that could be an exception (you can call PayPal and ask them directly about this).

        Amazon – as far as I know, you can have just one account on Amazon.


  20. Hi, Andrew. let me ask one specific question.

    I am going to be a drop shipper. Some of my members will list the product to sell on ebay by their own account, and I will ship, due to warehouse, supplier, and some other reason. Everything on their ebay account will be different each other, address, phone number, PayPal, email. However, I have to access their ebay accounts to generate the shipping labels. Therefore, shipping address of their accounts will be same(My location) and I will leave my same IP address when I log in their accounts.

    In this case, if one of my members is suspended by ebay, do you think it is possible that ebay will suspend other members, by the same sharing shipping address and my IP address?


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t know, really.. but my guess is that IP addresses are not taken seriously by PayPal anymore – with so many people using public internet now (wi-fi), 4G, most are shared IPs over large group of people.

      So I very doubt that PayPal bans or blocks any account purely based on the IP address. Not anymore.


  21. Hello Andrew,

    Can you please advise on my case. My husband and I shared a Paypal account for our ebay shops. It was shared for last couple of months. We sell complately different items. Recently my account was restricted due to low DSR. Im not going to open any other account to brake ebay policies but Im just worried about my husbands ebay account. He is back to his old Paypal account now and sells different items compare to mine and has great customer performance. Do you think my husband accounts is at risk in this case? Thank you for your time.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Monika,

      Chances are that yes, there’s a risk that eBay limits your husband’s account too. How big is the risk? I don’t know… you just have to wait and hope for the best.

      They both have been linked as you used one PayPal account, that’s for sure.

      Whatever eBay limits other account depends on how severe your policy breaches were really.


    2. Also I would like to add we recently moved home and my husband put the new address on his ebay account. Since my account got restricted I have not updated any personal info. Thank you Andrew

      1. Andrew Minalto

        it doesn’t make much difference really as your both accounts were probably linked solely based on same PayPal account you used.

  22. Question

    After 12 years with ebay, a few years ago they suspended my account indefinately as I had several issues with buyers ordering things and then saying they hadnt got them despite having proof of purchase etc… to cut a long store short despite having over 99% po feedback they closed the site as they kept finding in the favour or the buyer and my DSRs got affected.

    Before, during and After the event I spoke with several customer service guys at ebay and they all agreed with my point pf view and said that my account shouldnt have been banned but the dept that did it didnt. I even wrote a long reports putlining the issues, why they had occurred and what I had done to sort them in the meanwhile…. i.e. using a 24hr courier instead of the post office. Despite all this they declined.

    How can I now get back on ebay as I never did anything wrong and its affected my turnover a lot in the interim. Any ideas? I am based in the UK.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Steve,

      You could try opening a new account?

      If the ban occurred years ago chances are they could let you have a new account, especially if your address has changed recently. With that being said, I’m not really an expert in banned eBay accounts so you should go to this forum and learn more about ways to get back selling on eBay:



  23. Hi

    Is the possible to have two business accounts ?

    And is that compulsory to have the same name on the ebay account and paypal linked bank account. ?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      yes, you can have as many PayPal business accounts as you want, as long as there’s real Ltd. company registered for each (PayPal will ask you to verify this).

      No, I don’t think they ask for same name on both eBay & PayPal accounts.(not 100% sure though)


  24. Hi Andrew,

    I was selling a lot of items on Ebay until I got banned indefinitely. This was my personal eBay account which was linked to my personal account.

    I am looking to start up my own business very soon and eBay would be a good way to sell online. Is there anyway I would be able to do that? I will have a new registered company and more than likely to have a new business account. My business address isn’t where I was selling from under my personal bank account. Do you think I will be ok to sell like that?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Juhel,

      Yes, if it’s a new company, with business account, business credit card, new office address etc., there shouldn’t be problems setting-up eBay & PayPal accounts for that.


  25. […] say that eBay allow you to open as may accounts as you want? Well as when starting up you are restricted to 10 items per month, can you open more than one […]

  26. Hi Andrew
    I have a very successful eBay account, I am about to join up with a partner in business. My question is the following.

    I have an eBay account linked to my paypal account
    My new partner has an eBay account linked to her paypal account

    Can we run my eBay account and link it to her paypal account
    The ideal thing is to keep the two eBay account running and have them linked to just the one paypal account.

    Look forward to your help and thank you for your advise in advance

    Sydney, Australia

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, you can link several eBay accounts to one PayPal account. Just create a separate email for each and add them to your PayPal account profile.


  27. Power Seller Esteban


    So if I have a nice seller account going on Ebay (which has recently picked up), I’m linked to my paypal account but don’t want to surpass the 20K 200 transaction limit. Can I simply have the funds sent to someone else’s paypal account? OR am I just asking for trouble? I’d rather ask here, get good advice and simply prepare to pay the piper on the 20K and 200 transactions if I’m going to cause my account harm. So, question is, can I have one ebay account that sends payments to TWO separate paypal accounts (one of tem NOT registered to me?)

    YOu know, even as I type that I know my answer, but I’d like to hear from you anyway.

    Nice site, we all KNOW ebay and paypal are ran similar to a communist nation (even now I worry they’ll find this comment haha). Evil Empire!!


    1. Andrew Minalto

      I wouldn’t do that, no.

      IF you’re the owner, then yes – it shouldn’t cause any problems BUT using someone else’s account is as you say – asking for trouble.



    Hi Andrew,

    I currently live between Brazil and the US. My paypal account was opened in Brazil, and my eBay account, is a US account, with both countries address logged in my account details.

    My question is in regards to a second paypal account. I am having very little sales in Brazil,but doing well in the US, so intend to concentrate on just the US. However, this means a 7.4% cross border fee for these sales. Is it possible to open another paypal account in the US and make it my eBay business account, with my US bank account, and make my Brazilian paypal account just a personal account for personal purchases.

    thanks in advance

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Bernard,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, you can open as many PayPal business accounts as you want – each for every business you have.


  29. Hi,

    I had an ebay account linked to a Paypal account back in 2012 and the ebay account got suspended, but the paypal was fine in good standing. I would like to know if I can link another ebay account to that same Paypal account which was linked to the prevouis suspended ebay account?

    Bear in minds the new ebay account was already link to another paypal and I just want to do that to avoid 200 items sold and 200 transaction Tax Fee

    1. Andrew Minalto

      I think you can do that yes.

      Just try it out for yourself.

  30. Hi Andrew,

    I have a question regarding a buyer and seller account on ebay. Currently, I only have one account which I set up around 10 years ago. I been using it mostly for buying items on ebay, but have sold some items in the past. My husband and I have separate PayPal accounts. This year we decided to get serious about selling, so my husband registered a business name with the county we live in and we also changed our one account on ebay from personal to business. The items we’re currently selling are linked to his PayPal account which is different than the email I originally registered with.
    I want to open another account for buying items only. Can I change the current email to his PayPal email as the registered email and open a new account with that email I had set up originally? This email links to my PayPal account, so I can buy out of my account and he can sell out of his account. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Best regards,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, you can change the email on eBay – that’s not a problem. Just follow this guide:


      Not sure whatever you can then register a new eBay account with that old email though – it could be that eBay keeps it in the system and does not allow registering a new account with same email. But you can of course try that and see if it works. If it doesn’t, just use a new email address and add it to PayPal too.


  31. Hi Andrew,

    First of all thanks all of your help!

    I have some questions. I established a company for selling on the internet. I would like to open 8 different ebay account with different names and email adresses, but I would like to add the same business paypal account to each one. Does the ebay lets me do this or it would banned out thiese ebay accounts?

    I am sorry because of my Ebglish, I am not a native speaker…

    I am waiting for your answer:

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You can’t use same email address on 8 eBay accounts BUT you can use same PayPal email for payments – for all listings in these 8 accounts, yes.

      So this can be done.


  32. Hi Andrew,

    Firstly, thank you for all your help & expertise.

    Ebay now only offer 20-Free listings per month for Private Sellers. I am therefore restricted in how many items I can list per month.

    My current Selling account has very good feedback. When I open a NEW Private Selling account (to increase sells), can I explicitly refer to/acknowledge my 1st account (In the Item Description) to aid Buyer Confidence?

    For example: “For Buyer confidence, please see my other account ‘xx’ where I have lots of positive Feedback”

    Is this possible? Or would there be potential problems?

    Many thanks,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Alan,

      No, you can’t do that – that’s against eBay rules.

      As for 20 free listings per month – this is just a BONUS eBay started now to get more listings up and running from private sellers. It doesn’t mean you can’t list more. You can – then you just have to pay insertion fees for those extra listings.


      1. Thanks Andrew for your answer & time.

      2. Hi Andrew,

        Firstly thank you for helping people and being so kind!

        I am sending this email behalf my friend who really needs help!!! I am just trying to help him as he doesnt know what to do. He has an ebay account with a limit of 10 items and want to sell more items. Is it possible for him to open others ebay accounts using the same Paypal account and what should he do it?
        Does he need to keep the same name+adress and create a new email address to register AND Then link the existing Paypal account to those ebay accounts. If yes, I assume that he doesn’t need to open another bank account and link it to another Paypal account.
        Last question, does he need to contact paypal to link those new ebay account and get permission?

        What about an account that has been indefinitely banned. Is there any chance that this account will work again after a certain period of time. Please note that the paypal account link to the banned ebay account still works!

        Many Thanks for your help:)

      3. Sarah J.

        Hello Andrew,

        My sister has an ebay account and I asked her to sell a Fiorelli bag but it was removed by ebay because they explained that she didn’t have the permission from Pauls boutique to sell it??

        She called ebay to ask why does she need to contact Pauls Boutique and the bag is a different brand. That doesn’t make sense?
        The lady explained her that Paul B. tracked her auction and she didn’t have permission to sell it on ebay?
        She asked the adviser about others sellers and if they have permission. The adviser said that they do need one.

        Then, my sister contacted Pauls Boutique and they told her that that they don’t sell this brand and that must be an error. She was bit upset and told the adviser that she was going to contact Pauls Boutique to check that information. The adviser said that she will find an email on the message and be able to contact them.

        On the same day, they restricted her from selling item on Clothes, Shoes & Accessories section for NO reason . She has 100% Feedback and good seller rating.
        No auction has been removed or no infraction has been made so she was shocked. I feel bad because that was my bag and now she is scared to call them in case they will ban her for ever!
        Please help, as I really want to help her!


      4. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Sarah,

        Sorry to hear about this but how can I really help?

        I’m not working for eBay….

        She will have to try to resolve this situation by calling eBay again and explain what’s going on…

        I can’t see any other way around this. Only option would be to maybe open a new account, but it will be put under default new account limits anyway…


      5. Thanks,

        I saw on some forums that when you call eBay to lift the limit they may close your account. Is it true?
        What questions do you think they may ask you?

        Thank you very much.

      6. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Julia,

        This is first time I hear of this – why would they close the account?

        This could only happen if you have other suspended accounts and eBay tracks you by phone number or other details you give away on the call.


      7. Thanks for your quick reply,
        Actually the account was opened last summer time in 2013 and has 1 neutral & 1 negative feedback (99.1% feedback) The negative feedback was received 8 months ago and the neutral was received about 6 months ago.
        Feedback rating is 103 in all and stars are quite good as they are nearly gold.

        He actually has 25 items monthly selling allowance (sorry for the mistake) and really need more items to sell. How long does it take before eBay remove the limit and lift to 100? You said it’s better to have an established account with no limit but how long that will takes approximately?

        Do you think that the new accounts will have an impact of eBay decision to lift the limit? and is it better not to open new accounts?

        Last question, does he need to Contact eBay to lift the limit once the rating becomes 100%Feedback?

        Thanks again for your help. You are a star!

      8. Andrew Minalto

        Usually these limits last for 90 days of active selling when eBay sees that you’re getting good feedback in, no disputes etc. limits are lifted.

        But as this is not a brand new account, simply contact eBay and ask what you need to do to lift the limit, simple!

        I don’t think new account will affect this situation in any way.


      9. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Julia,

        eBay allows their users to have multiple accounts so that’s not a problem really. Your friend can open more accounts not worrying about anything. But those new accounts will also have limits placed so I would recommend thinking twice before doing it. What’s better – to wait a bit and have one established account, with no limits and more feedbacks OR to have multiple small accounts, all with limits and less feedback for each? I’d say the first option is better in long term.

        Take a look @ my recent guide on eBay & PayPal account limits here:


        If you have banned account, it can’t be re-used after while, no. And if your account was banned for life, eBay will also ban any new accounts you open now if they link them to you.


  33. is it also possible to use in one pay-pal account, a buyer email and a seller email?

    because if i buy something on ebay with my buyer account to sell it back on ebay, i don’t want the seller should see from the payment that i’m his / her competition,

    1. Andrew Minalto

      yes, you can do that by setting one email for eBay seller account and using another/defgault email as a buyer as your default email will always show up when you buy something via PayPal.


  34. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your article it was very informative and sum up some of the concerns.

    I have question and hope you can help me:
    I live in a country where can not receive money on paypal, but my cousin from neighbouring country can. I need paypal since I’m doing many online freelancing. Can we do following scenario:
    – he already has verified paypal acc, searching paypal site, there is option to have multiple e-mails on 1 private PP acc and multiple bank accounts linked to them. Is this true? It seems I can not find exactly info on how to do that since I want my cousin to open another bank account and link it to my e-mail address and then send me that debit card so I can withdraw money in my country. He will register my email address to his paypal acc. To sum up:
    – he will have 1 private PP acc, 2 emails and 2 bank accounts each linked to 1 email address. Debit card from one bank account will ship to me so I can use it.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Petar,

      No, that’s not possible.

      While you CAN have up to 5 emails on PayPal account, you CAN’T link each one to it’s own bank account.

      At the end, all money from all email addresses end up in account and are mixed up, which you can then withdraw to card/bank account.

      What you could do though is keep your payments tracked, so you know exactly how much you have made, and withdraw those amounts to a separate card, which is sent to you.


      1. Thanks, you helped me a lot!

  35. Hi! I started to sell on Ebay month ago. I bought several things and sold 6, but I got one first negative feedback (buyer doesn’t want to revise feedback) and one positive feedback, and all together I have 94% positive feedback score. What will be with my account? Suspension? Where can I see my DSR scores?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kate,

      Negative feedback so early in your journey is not good of course…

      But I don’t think eBay will suspend your account of just one feedback IF you continue selling and get lots of positive feedbacks.

      With that being said, starting with a negative feedback is not the best way to go so maybe just open a new eBay account and start all over again.


  36. Dear ,Andrew Minalto,

    my one ebay account was suspended then i make another one again the second one is also suspended now i make the third one and i send the whole documents but again there is some restriction on my account….what should i do if you give us some instruction when my account will be ok and when will my suspended will be end…..????

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Amin,

      If you’re banned on eBay for life, then it’s for life. You can open as many accounts as you want – if eBay links these new ones to you, then they will get suspended too.


  37. […] 2013) that you can easily have more Business Accounts simply by requesting permission from Paypal: Can you Have Multiple eBay & PayPal Accounts? Of course, they would all be linked if there is […]

  38. Hi,

    I had a question about business accounts. I have a business and premiere account with paypal. My business account is used for a nanny agency I run which is a limited company. This paypal business account is set up with payment pro and I have a virtual terminal where I process telephone and fax credit card payments.

    I also rent out a holiday let and have been using my premier account to process these payments. I used to send my guests a paypal button and they would make payment that way. However I have now started listing my property on booking.com and they work differently. When you get a booking you log into the site where you access the guest’s credit card details and have to process the payment.

    Ideally I would have liked to open another paypal business account with payment pro on this account to process these payments but I don’t think you are allowed two business accounts. What is the solution? Can I process the payments through the existing business account (nanny agency) even though this is a different line of business?

    Currently the rental is not a registered business although I am willing to register it and get a separate
    Business bank account but not as a limited company as this would mean doing two sets of accounts, paying my accountant twice and this would rise my costs significantly.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You can have multiple PayPal business accounts, that’s perfectly fine.

      You’ll just need to register it as a business (doesn’t has to be a Ltd.) and get a business account.

      Then you can simply sign-up for a new PayPal business account.


  39. Hi, Andrew-

    I’ve been an Ebay and PayPal user in good standing since 2003 – not one negative mark.

    I maintain a modest Facebook page for my business, and last fall I decided to go ahead and promote a post for $5.99. I got a decent amount of hits on the post, and I figured that was that. When I checked PayPal a month later, I saw my account had been cleaned out. Facebook had been withdrawing odd daily amounts every say, for numbers like $34.12 or $11.45. In all, they’d taken over $300 out of my Paypal account, and then my bank fed more money into Paypal to continue paying them.

    I contacted Facebook and received no response, so I disputed, I want to say, a good 12 transactions, all from Facebook, on my PayPal account.

    The dispute was resolved in my favor and my money returned, but then PayPal suspended my account permanently for excessive disputes. Obviously, I’m pretty sore about this because Facebook’s quick refund indicated to me they knew they were in the wrong -otherwise they would have stood by their withdrawals. As far as PayPal is concerned, I’m just a person who accepts goods, pays for them, then disputes the payments.

    My Paypal account is suspended for 180 days, and I think it’s pretty outrageous. All emails seem to be handled by someone using a script, and “our decision is final.”

    Any advice? I currently am not using Ebay because I can’t accept or make payments via Paypal.

    It seems a case of blaming the victim, no?



    1. Andrew Minalto

      When you do advertising on Facebook & attach PayPal account to it, they take money from your PayPal account automatically to cover ad expense. This is how it works and I’m sorry that you didn’t read the rule properly before you started advertising on Facebook.

      As for PayPal account – not much you can do right now as in PayPal eyes you really are the bad person who buys service and then asks for money back.

      Sorry about that.


  40. […] it’s true that PayPal and eBay track all accounts, link them and in the case of a BAN, most likely ALL accounts you own will be banned. At least […]

  41. I don’t want to be banned. How to better behave in this situation?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Evgenia,

      Thanks for your comment.

      So as I understand, you’re just worried about how to pay that $3 eBay fees bill at the end of month?

      In your situation, I would actually call eBay and explain the situation BEFORE their automated algorithm doesn’t play a trick on you. Just explain the situation and ask for advice – how best to resolve this situation. They’re not as evil as people make them look so give it a try!

      It will be so much easier to sort this out NOW, rather then when your accounts get banned.


      1. Evgenia

        I ready pay 3$ it ok. I worried that Ebay can see that one time (right now they are not liked in my husbands account) I linked my PP and my husbands ebay account. I guess it will be ban for love. Thanks.

  42. Hi. I made mistake. I have my Ebay account linked to my Pay Pal. Then my husband wanted also ebay account and we opened to him and linked it to my PP. Some one bought from my H account, but as it was linked to my PP money went to my PP. After this I found about Ebay banned system and refunded money to buyer, opened PP for my husband and linked his Ebay account to his PP. But his account has 3$ of fees (10% of the deal) and at the end of the month Ebay will bill him with this and money will be taken from new his PP. The question is: can Ebay see that the money were sent from account Ebay for one name and PP for different name? I saw you told it is forbidden for husband use wife’s PP. And question after 3$ will be billed can I safety close his account?

  43. Dear sir,

    My ebay account is suspended now i change my IP and my address and i make other ebay account.. should i link my old paypal account with new ebay or no …. if i add new mail address in paypal again the ebay will know me or no…. i dont know can you tell me instruction what should i do??????

    thank in advance,

    1. and one another question… if i close my paypal account and after some days i again open a new paypal account by the same bank account but the name which is shown should be changed…for example: banke account name is (amin) and the paypal id names will be (fahad) ..is it possible????????

      1. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Amin,

        I’m sorry, I’m not really an expert on how to hack PayPal/eBay and open further accounts after bans.

        But in your case, yes, they’ll link you anyway and ban new accounts too – it’s not enough to just change an email & IP address – they will still track you down.


  44. I open cases on my paypal bacuse my sister ebay account is block ( I used my sister ebay acocunt for shopping, she doesnt have a credist cards , paypal and she needed some feedback,)

    Now i am woory about if my siter account is block , can paypal block my paypal acocunt, or can get my refunds from paypal???

    I bought 6 dresses from two different seller on 23/02/2014 ,but after my eBay account block on 24/02/2014, I have not received my dresses from those seller, Although I bought many items from those seller and I did not have any problem before, until my Ebay account blocked.

    Those 2 Sellers did not sent my dresses, and did not refund me.

    I checked my paypal account and it shows that this dresses post on 26/02/2014.

    I sent seller message that i have not received my dress, seller sent me message that she did not sent it to me , because eBay sent her message to do not send my item,

    After that i asked her for my refund , she sent me message that eBay do not allow her to send me refund and my dress ( I do not believe that).

    And last message she sent me that she posted my dress and if i ask for refund, she will report it to me on ebay and paypal.

    I only want from seller to send me post receipt if he/she sent it to my address below, IF SELLER HAS A POST RECEIVED THAT SHE SENT IT TO ME , I DO NOT WANT my REFUND from seller. I will claim lost item on Royal mail.


    Do you think can i get my refund on paypal, if Ebay account is blocked.

    Kind Regards

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Merdan,

      Yes, you should be able to do that.

      Open up cases on PayPal and see how it goes. Sellers should provide you with tracking numbers, if not – they will have to refund you.


  45. Dear Andrew..
    My Account has been suspended some couple days ago.
    Can i use another ebay account and can linked with paypal..
    If i remove second one ebay account too from that Paypal.
    I want to link 3rd one ebay account from another IP..will this act
    be helpful for me..


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Mansoor,

      If your eBay account is suspended, any new accounts you’ll open will be linked to you and suspended too.

      Sorry, but changing IP address alone won’t help either.


  46. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for having this blog and for taking questions. First I want to let you know that I am just a BUYER, only interested in buying (have never sold anything), so this is a Buyer’s question.

    The problem I run into, along with others is that some sellers want to require buyers to link their ebay account to their paypal account in order to bid. From comments I’ve read a lot of people don’t like the “mandate” and it’s doesn’t feel right. I could understand if sellers want buyers to have a certain number of positive purchases under their belt or something like that; I’m a good citizen—I purchase in good faith and I pay on time.

    My question is this: Since multiple ebay accounts are allowed, would it be possible to have one ebay account—with the different email address with my office address that would only be used for these purchases that require that linked paypal/ebay account marriage and still keep my other “unlinked” ebay account for my regular purchases.

    I really don’t even want to get into multiple accounts of any kind; I see too many posted issues with that; I just want the freedom to BUY freely.

    Isn’t it enough anymore that I pay with my paypal account shipping to a verified address?

    I really don’t understand the Sellers’ “mandate”; is there any way to be able to BUY freely on ebay without getting married to paypal?

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your email.

      To be honest, I don’t know – I have never tried doing this as I have never seen any problem with linking my accounts…

      You can try of course, won’t cost you anything!


  47. Hi Andrew,

    Does ebay allow multiple users to access the same account (I don’t believe they can use different logins, right? )? If the store gets big and I want to assign different people to handle different products, what’s the normal way to do it? Thanks,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      No, eBay doesn’t offer multi account feature (PayPal does so for accounting stuff you can add extra users to your business account).

      The way around this problem is to use 3rd party software that allows such multiple accounts, like:


      This way several people can work on same eBay account.


  48. Geri McDonnell

    Hi Andrew,
    I received a permanent ban from selling on Ebay as my dispatch time dipped below standard. Every other section is fine and my overall feedback score is 100% and that’s for over 1,000 transactions. I did debate this with Ebay and received conflicting advice and there were loads of inaccuracies in their replies. When I pointed this out to them they stopped replying. I don’t feel I have done anything that warrants a permanent ban but have been told I cannot appeal this and Ebay’s decision is final. I would have accepted a temporary ban or a warning that one of my scores was becoming close to below par but the first I knew was when I received a message telling me my selling powers had been revoked.
    Is there anything I can do?
    Geri McDonnell

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Geri,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Well, if you have already addressed this issue with eBay and tried to sort it out, not much you can do now…

      It’s strange tough that this came to you at surprise as you should see this coming from your Dispatch DSR?

      What was your DSR score when eBay banned you? And what was your actual average dispatch time?


      1. Geri McDonnell

        I hadn’t noticed my DSR score was going down. Ebay initially said they had warned me it was getting close to being below par, which was untrue and when I challenged them to prove it they backed down and said they hadn’t.. All my items were listed as dispatch within 5 working days as I work full time. Despite that I still had people contact me and threaten to give me bad feedback if I didn’t send the items sooner. This actually led me to report a buyer for intimidation.When I pointed this out to Ebay they weren’t even interested.When I pursued this with Ebay and asked for more details on why they felt the need to shut down my account for such a small issue they told me “Also, for privacy policy, I’m afraid we’re not able to provide specific information about what led us to take this action. By revealing this, we could help members’ intent on breaching our site policy and avoid being detected by the system. ” So they won’t even give me a definitive reason why. After doing a quick search online I have realised I am not in the minority here as Ebay will shut down people’s accounts at the drop of a hat.

      2. Geri McDonnell
      3. Geri McDonnell

        Hi Andrew, If 5 days dispatched wasn’t viable then why was it an option? I have noticed that Ebay have changed this now but at what point does it become the seller’s responsibility to read the listing properly? It was clearly stated. I work from 8am to 5pm with no nearby post offices and I don’t drive. I sold for over a year so obviously many people were more than happy with this. I understand there is nothing you can do as Ebay seem to be a law unto themselves.

      4. Andrew Minalto

        Hi Geri,

        I’m sorry to bring this up but 5 days dispatch time on eBay is simply not viable nowadays… it’s no wonder your account was banned as I’m sure your DSRs for shipping/dispatch were very low..

        Even people who work try to offer 1 day dispatch times and simply process orders at evenings to drop off at post office following morning or during launch break.

        Sorry about that but not much I can do to help you.


  49. Hello andrew
    First thing i would like to ask is that if its okay to use different Ebay and paypal accounts from the same Mac? i am running 3 different Genuine accounts from the same MAC but from 3 different user accounts.also the internet i am using for each account is different too.so i am hoping they can’t track my Mac address…?
    secondly,what if i want to sell my registered company (business) to my friend,on which i have a business paypal.what would happen to ebay,paypal if i transfer that company to my friends name?can that be transferred to friends name too ?its because even it’s a business paypal,they still have my details as the director of the company.

    Thanks very much for your cooperation.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Usman,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      1) You can have as many eBay accounts as you want, so there’s no reason to even hide the fact that you own multiple eBay accounts. With PayPal, you can have one personal and un-limited business accounts. So if they’re all genuine accounts, again, there’s no need to hide anything.

      2) It is possible to transfer eBay account when you sell your company (not sure about PayPal) BUT you need to contact eBay and ask their permission for this. I would also recommend you contacting PayPal and ask whatever your business PayPal account can be transferred too.


  50. I have 3 ebay accounts one of them I do not use at all because I had zero sales unknown why. The 2 accounts I do use, one business for buy now and one private for auction listings.. My D.S.R are almost perfect with 100% feedback on all accounts. I am baffled as to why my sales can stop for a few weeks and then start again. On my business account I am a top rated seller and the others are standard. I would really appreciate your advise. thank you.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It’s hard to say why exactly sales stop and then resume after some time. Sales can fluctuate quite a lot based on many factors, including seasonal factors, even weather and of course how well eBay’s search algorithm is performing.

      You should monitor your listing views (in reports) and if there’s a sudden drop, chances are your listings drop in search results. Then you can manually check how well it ranks in search and see if any new competitors are beating you on price/offer.

      Sometimes it’s just eBay glitches in search system.


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