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What’s the BEST WAY to pack BRANDED 
products on eBay & Amazon!

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Welcome back!

It’s Friday and that means only two things – we have another Reader’s Question post and the weekend is almost here!

For people who are new to my blog – each Friday I publish a post covering a question sent in by my blog readers, so that more people can learn from them. If you have a question or two, you can send them in via my Helpdesk here and I will personally reply to you, even if your question isn’t selected for a future RQ post.

Today we’ll talk about packaging options for BRANDED products!

What is the best way to pack already branded products? Do you need to do anything at all?

This is exactly what Gary asked me:

Hi Andrew,

First of all – I think your blog is amazing, seriously.

I have been reading your posts for two weeks now, and the amount of information I have learned is unbelievable. I also purchased your Easy Auction Business course yesterday and that is a true piece of art too! So thanks again for everything you do here Andrew!

I was wondering if you can help with a packing issue for branded products. Quick story – I sell mostly liquidation stock, clearance stock, and some Argos returns on eBay and most items come with original boxes, manuals etc.

I was wondering – as you place such big importance on presentation, should I re-pack these items before selling/sending to customers? What would be the best way to pack and ship a branded item that already has a box?

Can I just put a shipping label on the box itself?

Thanks again for your efforts Andrew and I’m looking forward for your reply.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for your email and kind words, it really means a lot to me! You made my day! 🙂

It’s funny that you asked basically the same question that someone else suggested in last year’s Reader’s Contest. This means that this question is important and relevant to many people, hence why I decided to use it for a Reader’s Question post.

So if you’re selling branded products that come with their own original branded boxes, you definitely don’t want to re-pack it in any way.

That wouldn’t make any sense to be honest as in most cases boxes for branded products are very well made; they look good and offer basic protection during the shipping process. So there’s simply no need to re-pack them!

But I wouldn’t recommend just putting a shipping label on the box and sending it as is. This could cause several problems:

  • The item may not be packed securely enough and may get damaged during the shipping process.
  • Customers may not want their item to be shown like this to others – especially if it’s a gift for someone or say a sensitive item they simply don’t want their courier or neighbour to know about.
  • Packages like these can attract thieves in the postal/courier system.

So the first thing you have to do is evaluate how securely the item is packed in the original box. In most cases it will have some kind of foam inlay/protection that is usually secure enough to withstand domestic shipping transfer.

If the item is secured in its original packaging, I would recommend you simply wrap it in black plastic. If it’s a small/medium sized item, you can purchase such plastic mailing bags in various colours very cheaply on eBay.

If it’s a bigger item, consider getting a roll of black plastic (again – you can use eBay for this) and basically wrap around as needed. A roll holder will become very handy if you go down this route.

On the other hand, if you feel that the original box does not secure/protect the item enough OR if you plan on selling it to an international customer, you may want to add some extra protection.

The simplest way would be to bubble wrap the box and then put it in a mailing bag or manually wrap it in black plastic. In most cases this will create a sturdy enough layer of protection if the original box is in good shape.

But if the original box is very thin and you are not confident in it withstanding the normal shipping procedure, the only choice you really have is to put it into another cardboard box. Yes, this is the most expensive approach, especially if the item is large but it is what it is.

And if you do use a second box, make sure to secure the original box with bubble wrap or some packaging paper so it does not rattle inside your outer box.

Most of what I have said applies to medium/large items. If the item is very small and comes in a very small box or say blister packaging, you should probably just use bubble envelopes to post them out. Lightweight items are less likely to get damaged during shipping compared to heavier ones.

One last thing – if you sell USED branded goods and it comes with the original box, make sure to take a picture and mention it in the listing description. People really like if a used item comes in its original box – it adds extra value to the sale so don’t hide the fact that the original box is included.

And that’s it for today. If you have any feedback/questions on this post, feel free to leave your thoughts below, in the comments box, and I will personally reply to all of them within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.

Enjoy your weekend!


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