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Readers’ Contest Winners Announcement!

contest-winnersWelcome Back!

Many Thanks to all the people who entered my yearly reader’s contest! I really appreciate your input and help in growing this blog for 2016! In total I received 50 comments and more than 30 topics/questions to write about next year. So thanks again to EVERYONE who took part in this!

Without further ado, let’s find out the 5 lucky winners who will receive £20 Amazon gift cards AND the ONE (very!) lucky winner who will receive a £50 gift card.

To make this process as objective as possible, I simply made a list of all the people who entered and copied it to’s number generator to mix them up:

LISTThen I clicked the random list generator function to get 5 lucky winners (the 5 people that came at the top of the list):


So, congrats to:

  1. Jason James
  2. Mark Jouy
  3. Simon Zhang
  4. Patrick Mcdermott
  5. Mikdad Kanbar

I will be in touch with you TODAY, via the email you left in the comment block, to send you your gift cards.

Now, who won the £50 card?

I must say that it was very difficult to pick just one, absolute BEST entry as many of them were worthy winners. But still, I had to make a selection, and personally I found this comment to be the most valuable in terms of topic suggestions:

Hi Andrew

Seems that the biggest problem faced by almost everyone on eBay (and in eCommerce generally) is discover-ability/visibility.

My suggestion would therefore be a series of Tips on Cheap Paid Traffic, topped-up with some Free Traffic Ideas, plus how to Email List Build – not only Buyers – but also ‘Warm/Cold Leads’ to regularly send to eBay/eCommerce Listings.

An idea I think would be useful to cover is basic/broad principles of cash flow.

For example, if someone had a total budget of say £2000, £5000 (or whatever) to start their eBay/eCommerce Business then (in order to keep going long-enough to have a reasonable chance of success) what percentage of their capital should they initially assign for stock, what amount should they earmark for costs, how much of their start-up capital should be keep in reserve for contingencies, what criteria should they set to trigger increased stock expenditure etc

Thanks for all the great insights you constantly provide. (There’s no better source of eBay Info than the material you put out).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So the lucky winner is – MARTIN!

Also, Martin was the only person who submitted two comments/topics so prize well deserved. (in the list I put his name just once of course).

Congrats Martin on winning a £50 Amazon gift card! Just like with the other winners, I will be in touch with you shortly so that you can get your gift card asap (I’m sure you have a million things to buy with it, at this time of the year!).

Once again – Many Thanks to everyone who took part in this contest. Now I have dozens of blog post ideas for next year and I may even start writing the first few!

Alright, being honest, I probably won’t.

On Monday we’ll have our 50th and final Questions and Answers post of this year. Then I’m going silent. Yep, I will take 2-3 weeks off from work/the blog/everything else and will return with new posts on the 2nd week of January!

So that’s it for now. I’m sure many of you still have some Xmas shopping to get done, so I’ll leave you to it (thankfully we did the last of ours earlier this week!) 😉


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  1. Simon Zhang

    Oh wow !! Thank you Andrew!!! Thank you so much !!

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You’re welcome Simon! 🙂

      1. Simon Zhang

        Andrew, if you don’t mind, can I post here asking who wants to buy the £20.00 amazon gift card from me .. ? Because I am not using it ..

      2. Andrew

        Why don’t you use your free gift to buy some stationary, that’s what I would do if I won

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