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REMOVE all YouTube videos from your eBay Listings NOW!

March 6, 2017 by Andrew Minalto - 10 Comments
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As we’re by now all aware – in just a few months’ time, June 2017 to be precise, eBay won’t show your listing description to buyers if it contains ACTIVE content.

Just to remind you what active content is according to eBay:

  • JavaScript
  • Plug-ins
  • Flash Videos
  • Form Actions

I have a very popular post on my blog that shows how to add a YouTube video to your eBay listing but unfortunately that method is based on Flash which means it’s active content and from June 2017 it can no longer be in your listing description.

If you have a listing with a YouTube video embedded in it, you can check if it contains any active content via the infamous I-Ways tool here.

And it will show an active content error like this:

This means that eBay won’t show your listing description from June 2017:

It’s actually not clear what this specifically means – as from what I understand, listings won’t be removed as such, eBay just won’t show your listing description, template etc. Still, I’m sure you agree that no one wants that and we have no choice but to remove such active content from your listings.

If your listings doesn’t contain any active content, the tool will show – NO Active content, like this:

It’s frustrating that once again eBay have made a change without providing any good alternative.

Everyone knows by now that product videos can greatly help with conversion rates and almost EVERY online retailer now use videos in one or another way, including eBay’s biggest rival – Amazon.

Once these new no active content rules are in place, people will no longer be able to easily insert YouTube videos in their listings. And while eBay promised a YouTube integration tool in last autumn’s seller update, we have not heard anything new about it since then.

Yes, there’s a way to embed videos using HTML5 but it’s not a straightforward process that most eBay sellers will be able to follow. I’m still planning to create a guide on how it can be achieved, IF eBay does not announce some kind of YouTube integration within their platform soon.

Also, another thing I want to point out – that I-Ways tool also checks whether your listing is mobile optimised (RESPONSIVE) but this is NOT a part of eBay’s new rules!!!

I will repeat it once again – Mobile Optimisation results have nothing to do with these new eBay active content rules! It’s just an additional tool provided by I-ways so you can check if your listing is responsive or not.

If it is, you’ll see this:

But if your listing isn’t responsive, you’ll see this:

But please don’t be scared off by this message as it DOES NOT mean your listings are breaching eBay’s new active content rules! Nor does it mean that your listings are not showing up on mobile devices!

For example our SAT templates are not currently responsive (not yet) and if you use one, you’ll see this mobile non-compatible message. BUT if you check your listing in eBay’s mobile app you’ll see that it shows up perfectly fine and it actually looks quite good as we use a one column layout as opposed to 2-3 column layouts which look really, really small on mobile devices.

Any listing that uses a non-responsive template will see this message. But it DOESN’T mean that they’ll be removed or punished in June..

It could be of course that we see such a requirement next year or the year after – that’s why we’ll be making all SAT templates responsive in the very near future but for now you don’t have to worry about eBay removing your listings or not showing descriptions or anything like that.

If there’s a lot of interest in learning how to embed videos in eBay listings using a HTML5 method, which is allowed after June this year, please leave your comments/requests below this post! If the interest is huge enough, I could prioritise it and get the tutorial done ASAP.

Hope this helps & have a great week everyone!


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  1. Thanks Andrew, Waiting for the post with anticipation of how to insert videos via HTML5

    Please keep me updated

    Bets regards

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You’re welcome Arunas! 🙂

  2. Emrah Yalpur

    Hey, Andrew,

    Your blog is awesome.

    I’ve actually been making my own videos with my smart phone, lapel mic and tripod since last year.

    I subscribe to vzaar video hosting $25 us a month and i get my html 5 tag code from them which i put into my html of my listing.

    Video shows beautifully. Do you have any better option than this?

    Warm Regards,


    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Emrah,

      Yes, there are cheaper options using your own hosting account, WordPress and video player that you can embed outside your WordPress install.

      I will probably create a guide on this or even a video in near future as I see that many people are interested in this.


      1. Emrah Yalpur

        Thanks Andrew!

        I would be really interested too if you wrote a post about it:)

        To answer the question below, when I first put up my html 5 videos, they wouldn’t play on the eBay app and even took people off my listing if they clicked on the video through the app.

        You could probably understand my frustration as eBay were driving traffic away from my listing and 50% of eBay transactions happen through the app.

        However, this problem has long been resolved in Australia and my video works both on the mobile app and desktop site with html 5 code.

        I have a question a little off topic Andrew and wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

        The new seller hub sales report seems like a dumbed down version to me compared to selling manager pro.

        On the seller hub there’s no way for me to insert my cost of item or postage cost.

        How can I record and workout how much gross profit I’m making per sale?

        Tax time is coming soon and I’m a bit worried about this.


  3. Tracy Garrow

    Hi Andrew, I for one would be very interested in keeping videos on eBay but would also like to make sure they play on the eBay App. I’ve looked into HTML5 but it doesn’t fill me with confidence. I also have clients that have video on eBay listings and we have been using a special template at a small monthly fee which has helped with page layout and the active content. The system I’ve been using have it in the bag when it comes to the eBay policy and terms and conditions so they are pretty good at keeping their clients informed. As we are all still waiting for what eBay intends to do about allowing video and what system they are going to come up with it’s all a bit up in the air. Not very good from a business point of view really. Anyway, great post and if you manage to find out any information or I do from my template software I’ll let you know. As of now, due to moving and having no internet I’ve only just got back online and my business has been out of action for 4 months. I am not relisting my products with eBay but would like to be prepared for the future of my business. I would still be interested in the HTML5 demo you suggest just to have a back up in the future if not required after June. Thanks for a super post and for keeping us all informed. xx

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, it’s all in the air right now…

      I really hope eBay comes up with something before June but knowing how slow they’re on implementing things, this is very un-likely.


  4. I actually found the whole process of HTML embedded video to be very easy, there isn’t alot too it really just “” I film everything in 640×480 resolution which keeps my file size down and I strip the video of any audio which drastically reduces file size again. A 14sec long video ends up only 2mb.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Craig,

      You mean you upload it to your own web hosting space?

      If so, then yes – it is very easy to do…

      Most people though just want to embed actual YouTube videos, which is not that simple anymore…


    2. Also it works and looks great on mobile devices and the 640×480 resolution fits the Spicy Auction Templates nicely 🙂

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