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My Monthly Round-Up: September 2013

September 30, 2013 by Andrew Minalto
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It’s September 30th and time for another monthly round-up post!

I do these summary posts mainly to keep myself openly accountable on how productive I’ve been with this blog, as I won’t lie to you – sometimes with all my other business activities it can be really hard to find the time to write enough content.

So here’s a quick summary of the posts published this month:

1) Why do so many people FAIL online?

This was a motivational type of post in which I cover the biggest mistake people make when starting an online business. You can get everything wrong, learn from your mistakes and still do well as long as you follow this one, simple rule.

2) How to integrate MailChimp with eBay?

If you’re not already collecting your eBay buyers’ emails using an auto responder service, you’re simply leaving tonnes of money on the table. With the technology available today, you can “connect” your PayPal account with such a service in just a few minutes time and start building a customer email list which you can then use to mail out promotions and newsletters 24/7, on total auto pilot!

3) Andrew, are you a millionaire?

In this post I go back in time and give you an overview on how I started making money with eBay and eCommerce in general. Also, I reveal more about my financial principles, investment strategies and the overall lifestyle decisions I’ve made during the last 10 years of my online career.

4) Which shopping cart is the BEST?

There isn’t one! There really is not any one single best shopping cart out there, but in this review style post I analyse all the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular shopping cart solutions and pick a winner. If you’re just starting out and plan to build an eCommerce Shop, this post will be hugely important to you and you’ll find tonnes of tips on how to choose your cart wisely and avoid the most common shopping cart pitfalls.

5) How to Start an eBay Business on a budget!

Many people who want to start an eBay business have a very limited budget, as low as just a few hundred quid and sometimes even less. In this Question & Answer blog post I answer John’s question and talk about some of the best strategies to get you started on eBay with a shoestring budget.

6) NEVER copy directly from Word again!

I wish I could show this tutorial to every eBay seller out there! And it’s not only eBay sellers who are affected by this “glitch” of copying directly from Word and other sources. If you’re having problems formatting listings on eBay or Turbo Lister, chances are you’re making this silly mistake which can be easily avoided, if you just know HOW!

7) 15 eCommerce Blogs to Follow!

If you want to know what blogs I follow on a daily basis, check out this list! Blogs really are the best and easiest way to stay updated with industry news, learn new things to improve your business, take part in a community and so on. If you’re not currently following any eCommerce blogs, you should definitely check out my list and add at least a few top picks to your RSS reader.

8) Why I DON’T Deal with Designer Clothing!

In this blog post I cover some of the COUNTLESS PROBLEMS attached to the designer clothing industry. As a new eBay seller, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot if you start off with a niche like this. There are thousands of other less risky and much simpler niches out there! Don’t make your first eBay experience miserable – stay away from the designer clothing market at all costs!

9) eCommerce Magnates goes BACK ON SALE!

Finally, after 7 weeks of silence, eCommerce Magnates was re-launched and is now available for sale on this website. The one and only eCommerce training course you’ll ever need to build, manage and promote a highly successful online shop. I have already received glowing testimonials from people who bought the course on launch day and all I can say is – get in now while I haven’t changed my mind on the pricing as at the moment it really is a steal!

So that’s 10 posts for September including this one.

Not bad for the first month after summer! I’m still slowly trying to get into full working mode after the busiest summer of my life but I’m sure I’ll get there soon. I just hope it happens before the Xmas madness kicks in, lol

As for the next month – I have planned something very special for you…

In October, I’ll publish a series of blog posts (4-5 lengthy tutorials) covering nothing but PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY! Yes, I want to finally get it done as I get so many individual questions by email all related to product photography.

This is something most eBay sellers struggle with – and for good reason – there are so many things you have to keep in mind to create stunning product pictures. But don’t be afraid – these won’t be highly technical tutorials only photography aficionados can follow! No, I’ll keep it very simple and effective, and cut out all the tech stuff to just give you a workable formula you can follow step by step.

As this topic is so huge, I’ll split it into sections and publish one post each week and then inter-link all of them so you can easily follow each section.

Also, in October we’ll continue doing Q&A posts on Fridays so if you have a question you want to ask, feel free to get in touch with me here.

Lastly, I’m currently awaiting one very interesting book called: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More by Perry Marshall.

I LOVE all of Perry Marshall’s books and can’t wait to see what’s in this new publication. If I get it on time (it’s sent from the US), I’ll make a review and publish my thoughts on this blog. But from the reviews I have read so far, this book is brilliant! You can find out more about what it’s all about by clicking here.

Ok then, that’s it for today – I’m heading on a business trip to Berlin on Thursday and will be there till the end of this week so please be patient if I don’t reply to your emails as quickly as I should.


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