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Mondays – Perfect Days to Motivate Yourself!

August 13, 2012 by Andrew Minalto
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I LOVE Mondays! And you should too!

Yep, for most people Mondays are worst days of the week, especially for those who have a boring  9-5 job. But not for me – I really like and enjoy Mondays as each Monday is a beginning of a new week – an opportunity to re-focus and be more productive than ever before!

I have read countless books on motivation, goal setting etc. but nothing works for me better than a good, inspiring video. Ideally, a video created by a successful entrepreneur. Today, I want you to introduce such a person – multimillionaire, owner of several successful online businesses and simply nice guy – Eben Pagan.

I have been following Eben’s success for years now, bought several products and have always been amazed on quality of information he provides. You can go on YouTube and simply search for “Eben Pagan” to find dozens of FREE videos where he shares business ideas, motivational tricks and many more.

These videos are really AMAZING and they do wonders with your productivity! Just try it for yourself and watch this short video:


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