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Amazon Associates Cheque Pays for My Car!

July 6, 2012 by Andrew Minalto - 32 Comments

As simple as that! This cheque (worth around £300) will cover this month’s car payment for Jonathan.

Jonathan was one of early customers who purchased my Second Income Generator 2.0 video course, only few months ago. After watching all 10 business concepts, he decided to stick with Amazon review websites as it was perfect for him, working a full time job and having very little money to invest in business.

Even though Jonathan didn’t have much experience with WordPress, by outsourcing some fundamental tasks, he was able to create 2 websites based around 2 different niches. After that, it was all about creating content and publishing it online. (anyone can do it!)

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Jonathan with his first cheque attached (scanned, not the real one!)- $471.43!!! (that’s combined for first 2 months of starting promoting Amazon.com products). I was really impressed how fast Jonathan achieved his first income goal – earn extra money in spare time to pay for his car!

So Today, I decided to share this with you as a motivation booster and give you a quick introduction on how this Second Income Generator business model works…

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