November 9, 2011 by Andrew Minalto - 2 Comments

How to Handle Black Friday’s Orders?

Wow, it’s already November and Christmas is right around the corner!

Before we start gift wrapping up our Christmas orders, another important day of the year is coming along – Black Friday (this year it’s on 25th November). If you don’t know what Black Friday means to online retailers, check out Black Friday’s page on Wikipedia. Obviously, this is more important for people selling to the US market BUT I believe that anyone can learn a thing or two from year’s hottest online shopping day.

For us, online retailers, it’s important that we’re well prepared for Black Friday and can handle un-expected, large volume of orders. I can’t imagine a bigger disaster than to see customers who want to buy something from you but you can’t serve them for one or another reason! So let’s get started and prepare our online shops for Black Friday’s & Christmas shopping madness!

As an example, I can use one of my online shops – recently, we got some un-expected media coverage and from usual 10 orders a day, we went to 80+ orders, in a matter of few hours time. This is how it looked in real time:

Now, we were totally prepared for this so it didn’t cause any problems for us That’s why I want to share with you a list of things that you should implement in your online business to be ready for such large number of un-expected orders. It can happen to any of you – someone could mention your online shop in a blog or your press release could get featured in Yahoo News or Google News. If you’re not ready for this, your reputation can suffer greatly and you can waste great, FREE marketing campaign! (more…)