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How To Choose a Good Shopping Cart?

August 25, 2011 by Andrew Minalto - 0 Comments

With shopping carts it really is – You Get What You Pay For.

Free or open source shopping carts will never offer you range of tools and features more sophisticated, hosted solutions offer for a reasonable monthly fee. Even then, how to know, which cart is best for your situation?

What you expect a shopping cart will do for you? This will be a unique list, based on your business specifics, size, location etc. There are hundreds of functions to think about. However, I believe these 13 are crucial to ANY online shop:


In this month’s eCommerce Magnates video newsletter I undercover 13, must have shopping cart features! Yes, there should be 23 or even 33 but we have to start somewhere, right? If your shopping cart lacks any of these 13, you should seriously consider alternative shopping carts.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend!!!