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What’s the best way to BRAND a Temporary eBay Business?

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Welcome Back!

Let talk about BRANDING!

You all know how much I love to talk about branding – it’s no secret that branding is my passion! With the recent launch of the dedicated Chat With Andrew website, I now offer Branding consulting services to everyone.

But today we’ll be talking about a specific branding situation when you only need a temporary solution. It could be in cases when you haven’t yet decided on your business model or the products you’ll sell. This will also apply to all people who have very small budgets and people who just want to try out selling on eBay.

Sometimes you already know that you’re only going to be selling products for a short time and then you’re going to change your eBay business concept, just like Mo explains in his recent email:

Hi Andrew,

Since I am planning to get branded products from USA (temporary), is it still important to come up with a branding strategy and name? Especially since later on I will buy a specific niche product from China?


Hi Mo,

Thanks for your question, it’s a good one! 🙂

Your situation is a perfect example of a business model that will be used temporarily – just to make some profit and build up your budget so you can start importing directly from China. So in cases like these – should you completely ignore BRANDING? Or do you need to do everything as normal, with a custom logo, template, packaging etc.?

The answer lies somewhere in between those two approaches.

I don’t think ignoring branding completely is a good idea, even if you’re only going to sell those products temporarily. You still want to gain that customer trust, ESPECIALLY if you’re selling BRANDED items! People are afraid of buying branded items due to there being so many fakes being sold so a good looking, reputable brand/listing gives that confidence that the item they will receive is real and genuine.

But I also don’t think it would be wise to spend hundreds of pounds on a custom logo, domain name, hosting, template etc. It’s just too much expense, especially when these temporary business situations will mostly occur for people with small budgets.

So what I recommend is:

  • Come up with a brand name;
  • Get a cheap logo done;
  • Customise a pre-made template for listings!

Let me give you a bit more detail on each of these steps…


As this will be a temporary brand name, you can basically pick any great name you like! You won’t be registering domain names, so you don’t have to check them. Simply come up with a suitable name for your niche and use it!

If you’re going to sell all kinds of unrelated products, use a generic name that looks/sounds suitable for such an All in One eBay business, like:

  • Discount Party
  • Warehouse Sale
  • Super Deals
  • Value, Value & Value!
  • Superstore For You
  • Etc.

The name really isn’t that important here as you’re not going to be investing a lot in your branding and will change it in a few months anyway. Just try to stay away from anything too specific – keep it generic and you’ll be fine.

Don’t forget that you can change your user ID on eBay every 30 days and if you have an eBay shop subscription, you can change the name of your shop whenever you want. So there is no long term commitment!

Speaking of user IDs on eBay – often you’ll face situations when your desired username is not available (someone else has already registered it). Don’t worry about that too much! If it’s a great name, a name that you really like – just use it! Simply add a small word to it to make it unique like:

  • 24
  • direct
  • uk
  • online
  • etc.

You can add any short word at the end of your user ID, that’s fine.

The only time that I wouldn’t recommend doing this is if the original user ID is used by a popular seller, with lots of feedback etc. as then it could create confusion. But if the user ID holder is just a regular eBay buyer or an account with zero activity (often the case), this is perfectly fine.


This is very easy – just get a logo done for your new brand name on fiverr.com! For just $5-$10 you’ll get a logo you can then use in your listings, eBay shop and anywhere else you want.

When ordering a logo service on Fiverr, make sure to read reviews and most importantly – look through the designer’s portfolio so you see whether the designer’s style matches what you’re looking for.

Obviously you won’t get premium designs there, like we offer via Spicy Auction Templates Custom Design services, but for $5-$10 it will be perfect for your needs.

Make sure to order gigs that offer the final logo in various formats, especially in PNG format with a transparent background, as that will be very important when you reach step no. 3 which is…


For a temporary eBay business you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on custom designed templates. What you should do is use a pre-made template and simply customise it with your logo, contact details and other information you want to include.

If you have purchased my Spicy Auction Templates package (or got it for free when purchasing the EAB course), you’ll already have access to hundreds of templates to choose from. If you don’t have access to SAT, you can still download 5 FREE eBay listing templates here.

Then just pick which template you want to use and customise the header image for it – add your logo, contact details, maybe an image of a product you sell. There’s a step by step video explaining how to do this inside the SAT members’ area.

And that’s basically it!

If you do these 3 things, along with decent (if not pro) quality product images and good descriptions, you’ll greatly increase your trustworthiness, conversion rates and overall sales!

Just don’t spend too much time on this – you can literally get this all done within 1-2 days, if not sooner! Just get it DONE!

For image hosting you can simply use postimage.io – no need to open a hosting account and pay for a domain name as you’ll be changing your name in the very near future anyway. Just use free image hosting for the product images you include inside your listings’ description block (template) and you’ll be fine.

And that’s about it for today!

As always – if you have a question or two, please get in touch with me via my help desk here. I will personally answer all requests within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. And yes, it will be ME answering them! I do not outsource this process!

Every week I pick one question/email for the weekly Reader’s Question post (just like this one you’re reading now) so I can give a more detailed answer and help other people with similar problems/questions. But even if I don’t pick your email for my blog, don’t worry – you’ll still receive a personal reply from me, so there’s really nothing to lose!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


P.S. I don’t know about you but it seems that this year time has started to run even faster! March is just a few days away and that basically means – summer time is almost here! 🙂

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