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“eBay is dead”

Those are the words I never thought I’d say! But after more than ten years of focusing my online businesses on eBay, it’s finally time to accept the inevitable truth and move on. And while eBay might not be quite dead right now, it’s certainly headed that way and one big part of being a successful businessperson is staying ahead of your competition, spotting things and reacting before they do and that’s exactly how I view the eBay vs Amazon battle now.

But this brings me to an important question – if eBay is dead, then surely Terapeak is too? After all, it is a tool for researching products to sell on eBay, right?

And my answer to that is an emphatic NO!

Terapeak may be the world’s best eBay research tool – but does that mean its data is now useless? Does that mean you can only use it to find products to sell on eBay itself?

No, of course not!

While all the data you get from Terapeak is based on actual eBay listings, the RESULTS of that data can be applied to any marketplace – Amazon included!

Just think about it for a second. At this point in time, in the UK at least, eBay is still the top dog, it’s still the number one marketplace for consumers to buy the products they want online.

And that makes it the ideal place to do our market research! Just think about someone standing outside Tesco asking consumers about their shopping habits, what they’re looking for, why they choose certain brands over others etc.

Are the results of that market research only applicable to people shopping at Tesco or anywhere selling such products?

Anywhere of course because those consumers are indicative of consumers in general and it’s exactly the same principle with eBay. I mean it’s just common sense really, if a product sells well on eBay, it will sell well on Amazon too (there are some exceptions of course, but I’m talking in general).

And that’s why I still view Terapeak as an integral tool to my business, even though I’ve stopped selling on eBay completely. Many of the products I sell on Amazon I found using Terapeak and these products have been extremely profitable.

The real beauty behind using Terapeak to find products to sell on Amazon – you can uncover some hidden gems!

If I do my market research and find products that sell well on Amazon, then that’s great – provided the competition isn’t too heavy and the margins are right, then I can enter that market and make some good money.

BUT, if I do my market research and find products that sell well on eBay but for some reason aren’t yet being sold on Amazon, then I’ve potentially food a popular and profitable product with NO COMPETITION.

I don’t think I need to tell you how powerful that is! To be the first mover and to be able to dominate the market from day one.

And that’s why I think using Terapeak and eBay data to find products to sell on Amazon is a real goldmine and will be for a while to come.

Terapeak is an online based tool so you don’t need to download or install any buggy software and can start using it right away.

I’m not going to talk too much about the features of Terapeak and what it can be used for, because I’ve done that extensively in the past. Feel free to check out some of my blog posts on it here (please note that these were written with eBay in mind but they of course do still teach you how to use Terapeak to find profitable products that can be sold on Amazon):

The truth is that I could go on for pages and pages about Terapeak and what you can use it for. After all, it’s been the basis of my own product sourcing system for many years now and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been as successful without it. It doesn’t matter how good of a businessperson you are, you have to make decisions on cold hard, data and that’s precisely what Terapeak provides:

Every product I’ve found and sourced using Terapeak has been a success. I’m not saying this to brag or to make myself feel good, and I’m not some kind of business mastermind. No, my success has been down to the fact that every business I’ve launched has been based on accurate and detailed data, all brought to me by Terapeak.

And it’s exactly this data that you can now use to uncover hidden gems to sell on Amazon – products that your competition haven’t discovered!

And don’t forget that you get a 7 day free trial which allows you to fully test Terapeak and all of its features before you pay a penny, so there’s really nothing to lose here. After a week of using the tool, I’m fully confident that you’ll see it as a terrific investment for your Amazon business and one that will pay you back countless times over.

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