peteI have just been through the 2017 version of “Easy Auction Business” and wanted to say a big THANK YOU!

I actually purchased the course a few months ago prior to the most recent update and after going through the entire course I was mighty impressed not just by the excellent content but also the way the information was presented. Every video was excellently produced and the resources, links and tips were great.

After receiving your email the other day to say you have updated the course with new content I was interested to see what you have changed, removed and added. First of all …. the quality of the course production has got even better. I know how time consuming it is to produce quality courses because I have produced computer programming courses in the past I know from experience a course like yours must have taken months to produce.

Secondly, the content has got even better. It’s fully updated with what is relevant today. What is really nice to see is that at a high level not much has changed. The business models you cover are still relevant today because they are real business models. This new version of the course though delivers additional quality step by step procedures on how to go from A-to-Z even better than before with examples of choosing products, how to contact suppliers, what questions to ask etc.. Excellent stuff and a great reminder for me to get back on track in a few areas that I need to improve.

If anyone is sat on the fence about taking your course, get off it now and make the decision to give it a go. I think it is the best course I have come across on the Ebay.

Best Regards,

alistairAfter searching the web at length to find a step by step guide to selling on ebay with a view to wider e-commerce activities, I came across The free information given there gave me the confidence to purchase Andrew’s Easy Auction Business Course and I haven’t looked back.

I will admit to being a risk-averse person and generally do not buy into any get-rich quick schemes so it was the free information that made so much sense that galvanised me to go ahead with the course. For £67 you really can’t go wrong! The free access to Spicy Auction Templates is a huge help in the beginning with many more detailed videos on using ebay-related software and makes the IT side of running your own ebay business an ease.

With the release of EAB 3.0, everything is more detailed, broken down into bite-size chunks and helps with prioritisation without becoming overwhelmed. I sat there watching the first few videos while packaging up items to send to customers-how cool is that!

Even if you get stuck or are uncertain about something, as a customer Andrew is always there for you to answer your questions. I’ve got a long way to go, but without this course, I wouldn’t have been able to start at all. So thank you Andy!

Strangely, the best advice Andrew gives, is to ‘take action’, otherwise with even all the knowledge in the world, you won’t get anywhere and purchasing course was my first action 🙂

Kind Regards,

paulThank you Andrew for such a great influential product. What can i say? This includes everything you need to set up an online business. This product really gets to the meat of business identifying how to really get your online business off the ground. So much is covered and so many resources of information for reference.

If it wasn’t for Andrew I very much doubt my online business would have been so successful. I found that the importing resources a very informed document providing me with exactly how to order from China, avoiding scammers and fake items, without this information I feel I would have most likely been done out of money.

This product is such great value for what you receive. Highly recommended!!!

Thank you so much Andrew!


mikeSo I bought the Easy Auction eBay course and completed within a matter of weeks. I enjoyed every minute of it. This course has 15 hours of information packed into it.

I have been selling on eBay for over two years full time and thought I knew everything about eBay. Was I mistaken after doing this course. Yes I knew some points of it, but this course has given my business a true professional direction and I can’t wait to implement the parts I have learnt. This is not just another useless eBay guide, you see on the internet. This is an actual course to set up an eBay business and make some real money.

The course is very well constructed, breaking each step down in a logical way. Not only do you get the eBay course, you also get access to eBay templates and other marketing material. You also get access to a members only forum to talk to other like-minded ‘eBayers’, and an invaluable hour live chat with Andrew himself.

£67 is nothing for all this information!! What’s £67 for something that could change your whole financial situation??

The course has been constructed by someone who has been there and done it and is still doing it now. It’s for experienced ‘ebayers’ and people starting out from scratch. There’s something in there for everyone and it’s been put together but a real business man and a true professional.

I really wouldn’t hesitate buying the EAB course. Highly recommend it.


roshanI have purchased Andrew’s Easy Auction Business course last year and it has given me very thorough understanding of how to profitably run an eBay business. As someone who has been there and done that, within the Easy Auction Business course Andrew offers very practical advice in a very simple understandable manner.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seller, you have something to gain from this course, especially with Andrew offering a Skype chat lasting an hour and also free access to his Spicy Auction Templates website. The money back guarantee gave me the reassurance that he was confident of delivering great value, and he sure did.


eoinI was curious about selling on eBay and came across Andrew’s course which I bought on impulse. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. This is an outstanding introduction to selling on ebay and to selling online in general by a real authority in the business. I don’t know how he finds the time but whenever I had a query Andrew was quick to offer real and insightful advice.

Fantastic value for money – a great investment!


brezhnevAfter a few months of research on eBay tutorials I came across Easy Action Business site. From the onset I was impressed not only by the sites professional look but more by the valuable information in Andrews blog posts. Andrews also post very informative videos on youtube – available to everyone for free. It was after reading the blog posts and watching videos by Andrew that I decided I will buy the training program and give it a try. At this point it was clear – without a doubt Andrew Minalto knows his stuff!

The program is well organized with option to download video, mp3 and pdf thus catering for users that are constantly on the move and suitable for the different learning styles. Andrew covers all topics that a vital for ones success selling on eBay, the course is broken down such that it is easy to understand without any information overload.

Some topics are a little technical however Andrew’s teaching method makes it easy to follow and understand especially for those without the technical background. I enjoy Andrews’ teaching style – he does not assume you know things – everything is explained well. Having the lesson in different formats (media) is and added advantaged for example I can watch videos when im in front of my computer or listen to mp3 when driving or out jogging.

Along with the training you have access to listing templates (Spicy Auction Templates), these are very helpful and I have personally seen my listing do better due to these listing templates. Easy Auction Business training is suitable for new and experienced users because Andrew gives tips that are very helpful, from making listings easy to making listing attractive, that you will not get anywhere else. Tips from the course makes your listings look professional and trustworthy.

I have been using Easy Auction Business for over 6 months and to this day I still go back for reference and I am still learning from the material. Six months down the line and have not found a better program.


First of all I would like to give a very very big thanks to Andrew! Without him none of this would have happened!

I have been a member of the The Wholesale Forums since summer of 2008 and first seen Andrew posting around the forums giving out helpful information on a daily basis and this is where I first came across the Easy Auction Business video course.

This was Andrew’s first Video DVD I purchased and what can I say? The £67 was well worth the information which Andrew supplied, but I wanted something more and this is where it all started.

I seen Andrew advertising his 60DayBlueprint Program and after first giving it a read I was very interested – I thought about it overnight and then went ahead with purchasing this program the next day!

It was the best money I have ever spent, Andrew is true to his word and I can promise you that if you go ahead and buy this program you will not be disappointed! He gives you information and ideas that you wouldn’t think of yourself as he has done it all before and knows all the ins and outs of creating a business.

The logo’s, designs and templates are all top class and he will work with you to get the best set-up possible near enough everything is done for you. I mean he even has a list of niche’s waiting for you to choose, this is one of the hardest things finding the product and it’s all done for you.

If you’re really stuck and can’t find that product or need help with marketing or just need a sense of direction and you are 100% committed this will get you that business you have dreamed of, not only that but Andrew will give you bonuses  and other information which is a great help and its FREE!

That’s just what sort of bloke he is! I won’t go on forever as I’m sure I could write another page of this but I would like to give another BIG thanks to Andrew for the opportunity he has given me it was well worth the money.  What he says is what you get and MORE!

What Andrew has given is a substantial amount of information, top class design’s, created a profitable business within 8 weeks and puts you in the right direction of setting up your own website and other business plans which would normally cost you thousands of pounds! In the near future I’m sure I will donate some extra money into his PayPal account to say thanks!

Once again Thanks! I couldn’t do it without you.


For anyone wishing to build an Ebay business with genuine growth potential there cannot be a better start than this course.

I had been selling in a haphazard way on Ebay for some time, making money but with no real direction. The chances of my business growing were minimal but with Andrews help I am now focussed on one business which I believe has enormous potential.

I was unaware of the complexity of Ebay marketing but Andrew has explained the strategies needed to be successful and helped with their implementation. Andrew is always there when you need him which is so important when you may feel things are getting too complicated.

At the end of the course I feel I have learned a huge amount and it has given me the belief that I can succeed in creating and progressing a brand new business venture.

I have enrolled in the Website/eCommerce course and can’t wait to get started.

Thanks Andrew!



DON’T Take My Word For ANYTHING!

See What Others Are Saying 🙂

(All Testimonials are Genuine, Unedited & Taken from Actual Thread on TWF)

From: ScottRose

I would just like to add that I myself have just become self-employed and doing this full time using Andy’s video.

I made my highest profit last week of £275 which is more than I ever made in 1 week at any other job I have had (I am 36).

I started this whole thing with just £40.

Put the work & effort in and you’ll reap the rewards

From: Bartek

Hello to everyone!

I write just for confirm, that EAB working in 1000%.

I received EAB about 20.02.2010 and I watched DVD couple times.

I spend many hours thinking: What I can selling on eBay? Then idea came: Sell this,what you like in your live and what you interesting.

I found very specific niche and I started. I spend many, many hours with my laptop and EAB ,SAT and everything else and this time give me back my profits at the moment.

Today is 18.07.2010 and my weekly profit is about 300 pounds just from eBay and still growing.

Last week I opened new eBay shop for my wife with different (her) niche and I start selling straight away.

I still didn’t use 1 hour chat with Andy,cos I don’t speak English very well (maybe I will try in the future),but just EAB course and tools are worth thousands pounds.

Thank You Andy again,cos my life changed 180 degree.

My future look at the moment very colour full!!!

From: Kev123

I have just finished watching this fabulous DVD and got to say WOW. I really fort tat this was just a way for Andy to make money off the poor people who are stupid enough to pay for it (I have never brought information of any sort before, as I always believed they were all scams). However, after reading reviews on here, I fort I would give it a try and if it was useless I would get a refund.

I have got to say, that this is truly a great product and maybe even under priced! Its a small investment that is really going to save you a fortune.This has taught me more in business than my business degree and is taught in a way that everyone can understand.

At the end of the course, you can really see how Andy has implemented the marketing aspect into this product advertisement alone. Many thanks Andy and I will be taking up the offer of logo designing very soon!

From: Ade704

I purchased Andy’s product about 10 days ago and after much anticipation it arrived on Tuesday. Here is my story and opinion.

I have run a number of different businesses over the years but thanks to the recession I have been looking at expanding my Ebay activities. I have dabbled over the last 3 or 4 years mainly selling personal items for me and my family & friends. I have a good business head on my shoulders and frankly, if there are people out there making a living at Ebay then there is no reason why I can’t too!

I saw Andy’s product on the forum, noticed that it had been very well received and after a brief MSN chat with Andy to answer a few questions I decided to buy.

I have spent the last 2 days glued to the screen taking notes and can say without doubt that this is well worth the money. In fact I would go as far to say that if a member of my family was looking at Ebay I would advise them not to do so unless they bought this product.

Like everyone I was worried about the supplier problem – just where do you get the products to sell on Ebay for a profit? And of course, the temptation is to ask Andy to do all the work and lay it on a plate. But he does much more than that and I am convinced it is better that way. Frankly, if you can’t follow the steps he lays out, then this is probably not for you anyway.

I am completely sold on his advice and am in the lucky position that I can dedicate myself pretty much 100% to this from the beginning. I will let you know how I am getting on in a few weeks.

From: justwotiwant

Recieved your easy auction business DVD on friday, Thanks………My head is still spinning it gave me loads of info and stuff I would not have thought about previously.

All I can say is it’s great, I fully endorse it and cannot wait to get going on all the strategies I have planned.

From: Rodrick

Many Thanks for the fast shipment of easy auction DVD! I have watched it twice over the weekend and I’m simply speechless! I knew that I’m not the smartest guy on eBay but your videos really opened my eyes on how to do a business on eBay! (well, my girlfriend wasn’t over the moon exactly as I spent all time in front of computer, lol, but she’s very supportive).

I have so many ideas spinning in my head now! Really – this is the best online business related material I have ever seen! All your real life examples, step by step tutorials are really helpful.

From: gibo993

Just recieved Andy’s DVD and listened to the first 2 hours, I think its the best £67 I have invested.

I have 5 pages of notes already, redundancy could be the best thing that has happened to me !!!

From: Alex1271

Well finish the dvd (saw it twice in fact!), Time for some feedback:

I have to say this DVD is full of valuable information! Theres a Lot of great tips in there.

It’s great to get those idea’s going. As I’m new to this field of business it was most helpful! + Those bonuses are very useful! (Makes a nice change).

Thanks a lot Andy!

(Still saving my 1 hour chat with you so maybe talk with you soon.)

From: payney1802

Hi bensda. I was in the same position as you, asking all these questions about 2 weeks ago, but then i read everyones feedback on the product and thought i might as well go for it.. let me tell you it was well worth it!

In terms of starting up capital, andy shows you concepts where you can start up with no intitial investment! but buying your own stock, you can really start up with as little as you want, but obviously the more the better. I myslef am only starting out with £150 and building it from there, just reinvesting any profits i make.

In terms of products we wont all be competing, as andy shows you places where to get lots of different products from, its just a matter of what YOU want to sell, and what YOU will enjoy selling. Even if you buy he same products as me say, then i doubt my profits will be affected, as andy shows you how to source ‘hot’ products, where there is already a lot of demand for them.

I strongly urge you to go for it, you will not be dissapointed.

Hope this helps!

From: trureddevil

To any members thinking of buying andys cd i bought this cd over 6 months ago and for me the money i paid for it i have made over and over again this cd is well worth the money for any newbies or just anybody requireing some decent information to put you on the right path to starting a successful business but you have to understand that this cd points you in the right direction and gives you very good ideas and some decent contacts but you still have to do alot of the hard work yourself nobody is going to hand it on a plate to you they can give you information to point you in the right direction which is exactly what this cd does before i bought this cd i was makeing next to nothing on ebay but i can definitely say after 6 months hard work i am doing a hell of a lot better i would certainly recommend this cd to anybody and thanks andy for all your help.

From: bluesale08

This info is the best I’ve ever bought, I bought a useless list for £350 from a member on this forum, and lost heaps.

The £67 you pay really will be the best you have spent in terms of info and value for money.

Make sure you do your research though, I dived in head first at the shallow end after I got the info and made a slight loss because I forgot VAT and I bought a few, big items which knocked out the profit I made selling them…but that was my fault!

Great DVD, great info, great buy!

From: Zak

Today I must have made ten times the investment of EAB, based on only one concept. The other four concepts are very viable, but I decided to stick to one – the one I thought I’d do best in.

The amount of extras provided is alone worth the cost of the £67. You have lifetime access to SAT, consistent contact with Andy – and he’ll usually respond pretty quickly, but by far the best bonus is the weekly newsletters. The newsletters contain even more ideas and strategies to making money on Ebay. Just a couple of weeks ago the two part newsletter regarding importing stock from China, in which Andy gave three of his Chinese suppliers which he has used personally, as well as ideas for the types of products to import.

The protected EAB forums within SAT are also great, it presents the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. I’d also like to mention very recently Andy anticipated a potential problem with one of the contacts he gives out (turned out to be a false alarm), so he provided us with a better, cheaper alternative. To me that is why the £67 is peanuts for the information your getting, I see various members saying Andy is making a lot of money from this program, where I partly agree with that what you need to understand is what you get in exchange for the £67 is much more than what the sales page on Andy’s EAB site says. You will get up to date information in the form of newsletters and forum threads.

I would certainly recommend this product!


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