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Do you need to look for Turbo Lister alternatives?

April 3, 2017 by Andrew Minalto - 16 Comments
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Happy Monday everyone!

A short message to all people who are worried about the future without Turbo Lister:

Since eBay has discontinued Turbo Lister, more and more people are sending me emails and asking about the best Turbo Lister alternatives. But do you REALLY need to look for one?

In most cases you don’t – let me explain why.

There’s simply no need to pay for complicated listing tools IF you don’t run a business where you have hundreds and thousands of listings. The new Seller Hub, within eBay itself, is good enough for creating listings and good enough for managing them. It is limited in listing formatting but as I showed in my recent eBay listing formatting video, you can easily do this using free 3rd party tools and still be fine.

I’m talking here about most common situations when you need to list 5-10 items at a time, usually even less. Most people nowadays will import just one or two products from China at a time and then list them on eBay. And for this you don’t really need any extra tools or software – you can simply use Seller Hub.

IF you’re doing some kind of dropshipping scheme or say liquidation stock and need to list 10+ items each day, then yes – you may want to look into some kind of bulk/automated listing tool to use.

But here’s the thing – they will create crappy looking listings. I see them all the time on eBay – the listing looks exactly the same for all products, with some small description block and stock/Google Images.

Well, if you’re trying to get as many listings up on eBay as possible, this is probably the only way to do it. For example when you sell car parts or a large selection of DIY accessories (like bolts, screws etc.) – then I guess the only way to manage this is to create your listings in an automated way using large CSV files/databases.

And in these markets you could probably make decent sales like this.

But in most cases, you really want to create beautifully formatted listings that almost look like sales letters/landing pages.

These are the sort of listings that get the majority of sales in competitive niches and this is what I have always taught you to do. And to create listings like these NO AUTOMATED SOFTWARE WILL HELP YOU! You simply can’t automate this process! You need to work on each listing manually, in a proper HTML editor (like htmleditor.in) to create such beautiful listings.

So you don’t even need dedicated listing software.

As for listing management – copying, re-listing, scheduling and other tasks – the New Seller Hub basically offers the same functionality that Turbo Lister did, so again – no need to look for any additional software or listing tools.

The only real downside of using Seller Hub is that it’s all ONLINE of course. For me it’s not a problem really as I have a very good, hi-speed internet connection but for people with a less stable connection this could be a problem. Unfortunately there’s not much I can advise here as most 3rd party listing tools (like auctiva.com) are also online based. But if you want to work on creating your listing in an offline environment, there are alternatives.

In the video I did I recommended using htmleditor.in, which is an online HTML editor. BUT there are desktop based editors too, many of them. And some are even free. So what you can do is get a desktop HTML editor and work on your listing in offline mode and only when you’re ready to put the listing together, you go to Seller Hub and paste the HTML code there.

Unfortunately (I hate doing this) this type of set-up comes with one huge disadvantage – these tools are usually quite complex and are simply too difficult to master for the average person. I haven’t yet found a simple WYSIWYG editor like htmleditor.in for desktop use. (if you have, please share it with us via the comments box below this post).

I have personally used Coffee Cup (a free editor) in the past and it worked all good for me BUT I’m not a total newbie when it comes to such software, so for some it may be too difficult to master. Anyways, you can download Coffee Cup editor, the free version, and play around with it to see if it’s something you’re comfortable with:


Most people though will prefer the simplicity of online tools, like htmleditor.in – as they’re really nothing more than the Word equivalent of editors, very easy to use, very intuitive – even for people with no programming/HTML skills. So really I’d suggest sticking with them.

OK, that’s it for today – just wanted to make it public that in most cases you don’t have to waste time looking for Turbo Lister alternatives.

Just use Seller Hub and free html editors to format, create and manage your listings.

IF you deal with hundreds or thousands of new listings each month, you probably didn’t use Turbo Lister anyways as it was terrible with bulk processing. You should probably use dedicated software for inventory, cross-marketplace stock management, order processing etc., like Linnworks, Brightpearl, Sellbrite or other such tools with an expensive monthly fee.

This week on Wednesday we’ll have a rather funny story/post about the never ending eBay VS Amazon fight and on Friday we’ll take a closer look at UK fire safety regulations that apply when importing furniture, fabrics and other products from outside the EU.

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. The articles never answers my qurstion i have all my propr items from years ago on TL And i want to exort them to seller hub. I use to be with ebay but i hated dealing with them so i cold turkey my 3 accounts well i would like to come back before i do. I need to take the items in TL and export them . sounds like all my pictures which is hard work ,they wont export. Will be talking to advanced team soo. I heard that TL is going down in usa in March and they said about the middle. Help me on what to do

    1. Andrew Minalto

      I’m sorry Catherine but I don’t know what to suggest… I don’t sell on eBay anymore and have completely moved over to Amazon.

  2. You did not mention one more thing. When someone, called “rights owner” informs ebay about some trademark problem with your listing, ebay will remove your listing immediately, and not just end active listing, but totally remove from ebay history. This can happen even with already sold item. To resolve what was wrong ebay give only one advice: contact rights owner for more information, which is useless, because this request normally won’t get answered. And so such seller have no chance to figure out what exactly was wrong with listing and why exactly it was removed. It was not a problem if listing was created and stored offline, like in TL. So Seller HUB is neat tool, but absolutely useless in resolving such sort of problems.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      You wouldn’t resolve that issue using Turbo Lister either….

      So there’s no real difference in my opinion.


  3. I have over 800 listings, each with 9 or 10 pictures, so approx 7 or 8000 pictures that has been put together over the last 10 or 12 years. Like someone above, list them infrequently, Pictures don’t export from Turbo lister I’ve tried. So time to say goodbye to ebay.
    What I find really annoying is that you can still use Turbo lister in many parts of the world, but not in the UK.
    AND a 36 p listing in Turbo lister for the same listing becomes a 75p listing if you use Sellerhub.
    Nuff said.

  4. Paul Johnson

    Hi and your info sound nice but actual practice with seller hub and my dsl internet resulted in a listing ONE item took 20 minutes. That is totally unrealistic so your comments did not take into account the slower internet that many many people have. Can you imagine how long it would take for dial up? You may want to add that to this site.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Do you know anyone who has a dial up internet nowadays? 🙂

      Slower internet can be problematic of course but the actual listing creation/formatting process does NOT require use of internet as such, you can even do it offline with a desktop HTML builder so can’t see why it would take you longer than using Turbo Lister.


      1. Err yes, there are part of the UK where you still can’t get broadband, I have a friend with Broadband that even BT engineers can’t get to run faster than 66K, BT et all need to stop concentrating on Faster and Faster in Cities, and get decent broadband to rural areas.
        we get rubbish broadband, rubbish ( non existent ) public transport, and in places no mobile signal

  5. Kris Baker

    No. You are completely WRONG. The best feature of Turbo Lister is the ability to download and store large quantities of pre-written listings. I have over 1,500. I’ve re-used them for years.
    I do not sell Chinese garbage.
    I sell quality items, but each infrequently. They are not purchased in bulk.

    Those online tools do not provide storage and neither does Seller Hub.

    1. Chrissy Ortman

      Kris, I don’t know where you are located, but if in the U.S., you can still use Turbo Lister. And you will be able to for a while. I plan to keep it on my computer indefinitely. It contains info for many listings and I can just save it there, and draw from it when I need to.

      1. Andrew Minalto

        Yes, it seems so that in the US it still works.

        BUT I’m starting to receive emails from people in the US with problems starting to appear, probably due to no recent updates/compatibility issues etc.

        probably it won’t last that long before it’s unusable.

    2. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Kris,

      Yes, if you’re dealing with thousands of listings, you’ll need to look for an alternative solution.

      This was more geared towards sellers with less than 50-100 active listings.


  6. I list several hundred new, unique listings per month and have been getting by just fine using the standard Ebay Seller Hub. I have Turbo Lister and only use it for 2 things. First I use it to download backup copies of all my Ebay listings. I am paranoid about Ebay screwing something up and losing hundreds of hours of work I put into my listings. I like having a backup copy of everything just in case. Second I sometimes use Turbo Lister to transfer listings between my 2 different Ebay stores. Do you have any suggestions to handle these 2 important tasks after Turbo Lister is done? I have both Mac and Windows computers that I work with.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes, you can do this for free using the File Exchange tool:



      1. Andrew, since when could you export ‘backup’ copies of eBay listings using File Exchange?

        In File management centre you can indeed download your active listings but this isn’t a back up as the one thing you want when backing up listings is the description, nevermind things like shipping, item specifics, Image URL’s etc. Making changes often on eBay is part and parcel of dealing with suppliers and customers so having the ability to ‘backup’ listings is what made Turbo Lister worth putting up with. If File Exchange doesn’t ‘backup’ listings are there any packages that do? I’ve been trialing Sixbit (when I say trialing, I mean swearing at it for over a week, so the less said about that piece of software the better, it’s bobbins.


      2. Indeed. There’s a huge gap now with the backups. It is unreal how ebay is able to do this. It creates so much problems for the larger sellers, it is unimaginable.

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