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Wholesale Insanity/P90X DVDs from China!

Hello Andrew,

I hope my message finds you in good health. I am still not finished watching your EAB DVD on guiding me to start my business. At the moment I am just risking with a few bucks to see how it goes on Ebay.

Anyways, I am contacting you to ask you regarding Insanity DVD. I found some wholesale websites but for some reason I don’t trust them. I read about them when I Googled them and some people have stated that they are a scam.

I am trying to order Insanity in bulk from Popotrade.com or Micmarketplace.com I would like to ask you if you are familiar with these websites and if they are secure? If not, do you know any other wholesaler I can buy Insanity DVDs in bulk. The wholesalers you have listed don’t sale insanity.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Nauman,

Thanks for your email and questions.

In two words – STAY AWAY!

Both of the websites you asked about sell FAKE/Chinese copies of Insanity, P90X and other DVDs. They’re simply bootleg copies which are obviously illegal to deal with.

And unfortunately that will be the case with ANY China based online retailer – you can’t get genuine DVDs from such sites, you simply can’t.

How can you tell if a website is based in China? Easy:

  • Prices. If it looks too good to be true, it is. If you see a DVD box set that retails for 50 pounds being sold for $20 ‘wholesale’ on such a website, it’s a sure sign that it’s FAKE!
  • Payment options. If Western Union or Money Gram is listed as an accepted payment method, it’s a Chinese website. And of course, if they have bank account details published and it’s a Chinese bank account they’re obviously China based.
  • Shipping methods. If EMS is listed, it’s a Chinese website as EMS is a Chinese courier company.
  • About Us/Contact Us pages. Some companies (like Popotrade.com) don’t even hide the fact that they’re based in China so no spying or research is really even needed if they openly have this info on their About Us/Contact Us pages.

As you can see, it’s very easy to spot such Chinese scams. It took me just 30 seconds to check both websites and realise they’re selling fakes.

The old adage “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’’ really applies here and unfortunately it won’t be possible to get Insanity, P90X or any such similar programs for such low prices so just forget about that. The margins on these branded/premium programs can reach 30-50% max and that is if you buy in good quantity, directly from the company who produced those DVDs.

If you want to buy Insanity or P90X in wholesale, you should get in touch with Beachbody directly and ask for wholesale opportunities. I believe they have a reseller program which gives an instant 25% discount on all of their fitness training programs but it could be that you can get higher discounts with bigger orders.

Hope this helps Nauman!


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  1. Hi Andrew
    I have a business account with ebay which has been restricted as my performance level was not up to scratch over 99%?feedback and i post on time etc I am still allowed to buy on this account but not sell. Am I able to open a desperate personal ebay account with a new email address as i will only be listing about 7 items per week ? Regards sarah

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your question.

      No, eBay will link those two accounts and restrict/ban any new accounts you create.


  2. OK I found a chinese wholesaler off alibaba. the guy has a paypal account and I asked him ok if it was ok to buy samples. Here was his reply tel me what you think? This sounds sketchy to me read below. But if anything I can get my money back its paypal right? or can he just be hopping from email to email using paypal. Here it goes?

    The total price is $85 for you. 1 sample p90x and 1sample T25

    We havenot any link to buy them and pay. So you just need send the total
    Payment to my paypal: woner988@hotmail.com

    But pls don’t remark any words on paypal in order to avoid any trouble

    And show me what is your phone number that I can send them by DHL today. Thanks

    发自我的 iPhone

    在 2013-11-1,16:43,”feedback@service.alibaba.com” 写道:

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Did you actually read my post? You CAN’T buy P90X (and similar DVD sets) from China – they’re all FAKES and illegal to deal with.

      I hope you haven’t sent him any money yet.


  3. The 25% discount/reseller program is their Beachbody Coach business. I’ve been doing it full time for 4 years. If you want a discount on the products or to make money then it is the best way to go. Trust me when I say that if you get caught buying fake copies and trying to sell them on the internet that their lawyers will catch you.

    1. Andrew Minalto

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I totally agree – selling FAKES is a CRIME and one that can get you into serious trouble – even jail time.


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