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My September 2018 FBA Update: 
£22,215.97 in RECORD Sales! + NEW VIDEO!

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Another month of EXCELLENCE has been achieved! 🙂 This was another record month for me with sales of more than £22k on the Amazon UK platform recorded for my FBA business. In my August income update, I shared my thoughts on how excited I am for the 4th Quarter, and it seems that, for me, it has started early since I’m already experiencing this boost in September!

It was like magic. Once August hit, my sales started to pick up, and by the first days of September, I could see that the month would be a good one for me! In fact, in the second week of September, it looked like sales of £1k per day would become the norm. Unfortunately, later on in the month, that momentum dropped off a bit…

Aside from sales, September was no ordinary month—it was also my one-year anniversary! Last year, on September 7th, I started selling this new product from a brand-new Amazon account and began sharing my journey with you via my monthly blog posts and videos. I’m very happy to report that the progress made throughout the year has been amazing! It could have been even better if the Amazon US selling experiment worked out, but, hopefully, that can still be fixed with the updated version of the product. We’ll talk more about that in the Amazon US segment later in this post.

Unlike other Amazon FBA bloggers and course sellers, I use my REAL-LIFE business as an example. It’s the exact same business that I openly share with my Amazon Sharks students. This is not a hypothetical business and it’s not an invented example of what could be possible—it’s a real business, selling real products on Amazon using FBA. I think it’s important to highlight this point of differentiation.

I don’t try to impress you with rented Lamborghinis and exotic holiday shots; I share an everyday, down-to-earth approach to the FBA business. The results I share can be achieved by anyone using my Amazon Sharks system since they are based on the reality of my business—not a fantasy! NO fake screenshots or photoshopped sales numbers from YEARS ago! All the information I share with you is factual, actual and 100% genuine. (more…)

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How to CRUSH your Amazon competition with CUSTOM product packaging!

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Let’s talk about product packaging! Packaging is something that may sound super simple but actually carries many different challenges, rules and knowledge that you, as an Amazon seller, should be aware of if you want to create outstanding packaging for your best-selling Amazon product!

However, before we dive into the technical aspects, you might be wondering why custom packaging is so important? Is it important at all? Can’t we just go with plain, brown boxes that suppliers offer by default? Can’t we just skip using packaging at all?

You can, of course, do that. Many sellers don’t pay attention to this; they don’t think it’s important or they don’t want to invest any extra money on top of their product cost and everything else. But, if you ask me, that is a BIG MISTAKE!

I am personally a HUGE fan of custom packaging, and I always, always put extra work into creating the most attractive packaging for the product in a niche I’m working in—as well as making sure it’s practical, of course!

And it’s actually NOT that difficult to do because you will be outsourcing most of the work to a professional anyway. There are no good excuses to avoid doing this, so let’s take a closer look at WHY Amazon sellers with custom product packaging have a much HIGHER chance of winning that sale over someone who hasn’t put in any effort.

Why Does Custom Packaging Matter?

There are many important reasons why you SHOULD DO custom packaging for your product, including (but not limited to):

1) Visual Presence

I’m sure you’re already aware that people who shop online buy with their eyes. Logically, until we have more advanced virtual reality technologies, people shop online primarily by looking at images. They search for a product on Amazon, VISUALLY pick the one that looks the best (in their perception) from the search, click on that listing, and then possibly make the purchase. It’s all a visual experience, and it’s mostly based on product images.


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My August 2018 FBA Update: 
£15,068.33 in Sales + Inventory LIQUIDATION 
on Amazon US!

Welcome back!

Oh, don’t you just LOVE this time of the year!!! 🙂 The time of year when the kids go back to school and you’re lucky that you’re old enough to just be the driver or sandwich maker in the morning. YES! I don’t know about you, but for the most part, I hated being in school. I didn’t like it at all—well, apart from the partying and hanging out with friends. I was lucky enough to be born “smart”, so I didn’t have to put in much effort at all to sail through those school years. Looking back, I almost never did any homework and still, somehow, I magically made it through.

Anyways, back to the present day with my own kids, and I obviously look at the whole situation from a completely different angle. Still, in my mind, September is the clearly defined line when summer ends and the real work begins. These next four months in the lead up to Christmas are always the most productive for me—and the most exciting, of course! Anyone who is in the retail business is excited for the 4th Quarter because we all hope to break new sales records and end the year with tons of profit to splash out on unnecessarily expensive Christmas presents.

And this is the first FULL 4th Quarter for my new Amazon business—the one that I have been covering in these monthly posts throughout 2018, which makes me super excited! If you haven’t been following my earlier posts, you can find them all here.

There are three big reasons why I’m excited:

  1. Starting from October, I will have the previous year’s sales data for comparison, so I can see whether or not I have made any significant progress with this business.
  2. I have been extra careful this year. I have prepared double the stock amount I had last year. Hopefully, unlike last year, I will not run out right before the busiest shopping days!
  3. I have two new Christmas variations of the product prepared, so I am hopeful that this will also help with sales and reaching a wider audience of Christmas shoppers.

And, of course, there’s ongoing work on the Amazon.com site too. The new product is in production right now, and I plan on starting to sell it in October. Even though it’s not a product directly related to the holiday season, I do hope that I have finally managed to crack the correct version and price point, but more on that in a moment. (more…)